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  2. The discount DVD company? (Where my movie board peeps at?)
  3. Right now the only thing Oklahoma is doing wrong is the sooner schooner completely falling off the rails leaving a trail of bodies and torn up field behind them. Cue the Jim Ross sound effects
  4. As of right now, week 2 has fewer views though it's close.
  5. I liked the randomness of Cody having his own sit down chat segment. The randomness and title screen of this segment along with the tacky control center green screen demonstrates a nice post Tim & Eric vibe which everyone seems to be enjoying. But again, I really hope they stop with these tacky sentimental scores. They need a good music supervisor. The stories have enough emotion, you don't need to slap the audience in the face with that music. Also, I generally have dug the WWE swipes (mostly by Runnels), but Audrey's story of not being hired felt a little like pulling straws. I really like Joey, but he's better suited to fit himself into a more traditional hardcore style uniform. Non-trad wrestling gear. Just rocking a cut off t-shirt would do wonders in masking Joey's slight shortcomings while accentuating his bad boyish beauty. I really badly want to see Joey playing Michael PS alongside a pair of free birds. He's got exceptional charisma and I gather he'd be a pretty strong promo. His storytelling from that recent BTE was nice to listen to. If this big bout was to test viewership, which may very well be true, why is this show not being promoted on Dynamite? It's especially frustrating when said Janela-Omega match catches a buzz and they show not a single highlight. Just a 5-20 second recap highlight package as Kenny walks to the ring would suffice. Or take a minute over at the announcers table to present a showcase of Dark highlights. Dark has been good, why not make it more important and reward those who do watch. Make it seem more in continuity with the A show. Small complaints, it's early, I just hope they adjust and make Dark feel more meaningful in the grand scheme.
  6. I suspect the “ways to make the Wrestling industry like 1998” again would involve a few ideas that would go directly against the conventional wisdom of Internet hardcores.
  7. They need to tap into that audience that embraces the plague. Horror and Halloween themed stuff is a good start.
  8. Welcome To FOX Sports. touchdown, commercial break, extra point, commercial break, live read of promo copy, ensuing kickoff, commercial break, pan to celebrity in audience as a promotional tie-in to another show on FOX, 3 and out punt, commercial break, run a play and call a time out, commercial break, injury on the field, commercial break, end of quarter, VERY LONG commercial break, run a play and now it's 4th down again, COMMERCIAL BREAK, come back for the punt and change of possession means another COMMERCIAL BREAK. FOX is gonna want to bring back six man tags so they can take an ad break between each introduction. just you wait.
  9. Would Smackdowns ratings been better if they were a lead in for Blue Bloods?
  10. I just watched Amityville and I dug it. Rod Steiger acting in his own separate movie, Margot Kidder is hot as hell, Brolin punching his friend in the face and his friend being like "okay, ready to talk?" A Nun vomiting on the side of the road. Blood pouring through the wall practical effects You know what I really didn't like was the "GET OUT" voice. Once you give the house a voice it becomes extra corny. Not a great movie, but there's enough to like for me. House and House 2 are fucking great though. I'd watch them over Amityville
  11. WTF? that's weird, giving how much it playedin te whole show. I do hope Baby Billy is still around for season 2 James
  12. Convince us that the WWE and Universal Titles aren't only the concern of whoever currently holds those belts and their number one contenders. Break the cycle of three month programmes where you can predict the outcome after month one. Don't have your champion lose a huge title match in five seconds and go back to pancake nonsense the next week like nothing's happened. Call up Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, Dominik Dijackovic, Shayna Baszler, Toni Storm, Tyler Bate, Bianca Belair and Pete Dunne and strap the rocket to them. Stop working with Tyson Fury because he's a hateful anti semite and misogynist who has used his comeback from depression to deflect from backwards views that he's never convincingly disavowed. That'd be a start.
  13. There might be a ratings niche to being the only network show on Friday nights whose average age isn’t 50+. as for how much was spent. It seems like networks will drop a lot on live sports purely to try and boost one of their cable channels. See: FOX airing most of the ALCS on FS1 excited to see how the rating on FS1 will be spun as a bad sign too.
  14. Stranger than Godzilla's Revenge/All Monsters Attack is pretty strange.
  15. In case you didn't hear already, the first 41 episodes of Saint Seiya from 1986 are up on Netflix with a new awful dub (not to worry, there are subs with Japanese language available). Hopefully enough people watch this so we can get the rest of Sanctuary completed and fuckit would miraculous to get Asgard and Poseidon subbed finally! James
  16. Today
  17. "They gonna be clubbahrin theyselfs all thuh way to thuh py-ray-mids, Tony!"
  18. This just goes to show that old ass looking 1-hour NWA Powerrr on CBS can probably rake in those olds. Who cares if Arm & Hamner, and Denture Cream will be your top sponsors. Thomas Magnum(Young, and old), and the NWA will be laughing all the way to the bank with a stable income.
  19. Well, if you didn't like that, you're really going to hate this:
  20. Yeah but NBC isn't spending billions on Dateline.
  21. Put it in front of Hollywood Studios to create foot traffic for the park since Star Wars isn’t cutting it as anticipated.
  22. “Smackdown is doomed because they expected 1.0s in the money demo” well looking at that chart, everything airing on Friday night is gonna get canceled for sucking in that demo.
  23. FUCK the J-E-S-T. . . https://deadspin.com/jets-in-feud-with-offensive-lineman-refusing-to-play-th-1839190445
  24. Disney needs to buy the company and let Kevin Feige book it.
  25. Still above average for the 18-49 demo which is good but they have dropped significantly 3 straight weeks.
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