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  2. Semi-related , but the mystery guy against Juice, it's not going to be Chris Brookes, DDT put out a parody video.
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  4. Most people who come out of a nine hour operation, with eight broken bones in their face and head, wouldn't feel 'Blessed'. Sage Northcutt is a man unlike other men.
  5. He's going to be player-manager at RSC Anderlecht, so his career's gone full circle as that's where he got started. See you later, Captain Fantastic. Don't be a stranger.
  6. Page is vital to AEW's long-term success. He's their future ace when Kenny gets too old, and Kenny's already 37. In 4 years he'll be Tana's age and probably almost as broken down. The Khan's don't want a 3-4 year vanity promotion, they want something that can last. AEW's initial survival is going to depend on Kenny, but long-term they're going to have to build new talent, and Page is that talent. PAC isn't going to move the needle much long term, despite being awesome. That doesn't mean Page can't take losses, but they have to build him and smartly, as well as other young stars.
  7. Man, that was a doozy. Also, does he have a one eye pug?!
  8. So sorry. Pets are family who give such love and companionship to you. Animals rock for that and locality too. Best wishes, @Ace.
  9. Finn Balor vs. Andrade for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.
  10. Need another reason to say "fuck this company" and "fuck Vince McMahon"?
  11. There's a reason why every pro Wrestling show is Card Subject to Change.
  12. Does that mean we can all call you "Gramps"? Congratulations. Before he died, my dad said one of the biggest thrills of his life was just getting to be a grandpa.
  13. Manchester United Home and Away: Like the home shirt, away is bad.
  14. I don't understand what grand creative difference there could be. It's not the main event of the show. After a hot, hard fought match between Page and PAC have it end in a shmoz with either a new guy or a new tag team/faction causing a dq, leaving plenty of rematches / bad blood / storyline for the future without either match contestant eating a pin. Fuck...they should hire me lol.
  15. Great way to bow out with the domestic Treble and THAT goal against Leicester.
  16. Kelsey Grammar wasn’t exactly a good choice for Beast either, but people seemed to love that casting choice for whatever reason.
  17. He couldn't even execute a Pedigree properly and that move is easy to make look good.
  18. Just watched the show and came here to say the exact same things. Crazy electric debut and was able to turn it off so quickly once Roberts went down.
  19. If you like kickboxing, the co-main and all of the quarterfinal tournament fights were good with some surprises. If you're not a huge fan of kickboxing, definitely take the time to watch Yod vs. Sana at least. For MMA, definitely check out Saygid vs. Khan as it was the semi-finals of their LW GP and Tonon's fight on the undercard. Dej vs. Miao was a slugfest too. It was a bit of an early stoppage but Aoki didin't complain and he's got a history of wilting to strikes. Lee got out of an early armbar attempt that looked tight so it wasn't like he just walked through Shinya. Odd match-up to make as Lee was coming up in weight and was basically gifted the shot. I'm not sure if that was more about One gifting the Lee family with high profile fights, everyone else tied up in the GP or a combination of both.
  20. I dunno, but I like to think that there is a whole Stunt Granny casting agency, with files full of senior ladies ready to be outraged at the heel and his antics, ready to swing their humble foreign object at that villain and give him a piece of their mind. - dreamin', RAF
  21. The transition from the motivational speaker gimmick to DDP Yoga seems like a pretty natural one.
  22. But all those DDP motivational speaker promo videos make me happy inside. There are so many good ones. I dig a happy rassler. - RAF
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