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  2. That's that Fury guy right? Why is he wearing one of The Rock's shirts from 20 years ago?
  3. It should also be noted that he did a lot of community and charity work. He and Noah were two guys that really stood out during that time period, trying to do good in Chicago. And he was always doing work back in Africa. It just seemed like he never stopped working on or off the court. That class of 2004 is a weird one. There's not many left from that group. Iggy, Dwight Howard, is JR Smith done?
  4. When did you get into MMA really seriously? UFC 40 was kind of the point where I started actually paying attention, but UFC 45 or so is when I decided I'm going to watch all of these. By that time, Randy Couture felt like he was unbeatable, and Tito was just the loudmouth dude beating up Ken Shamrock. Tito was the star, but I would have taken Randy, Chuck, and probably Vitor (I still think Vitor won their fight) over him as the "real" contenders. Tito's antics were hilarious to me and my friends mostly unintentionally. Him and Ken Shamrock's feud was two grown men trading goofy ass cracks about each other like they were in the 3rd grade, and we loved it. Ken telling Tito he was going to beat him into living death is one of the most nonsensical things I've ever heard. Tito crying like a little kid after Randy literally spanked him was everything I had to see to make me not take him serious as a championship contender. He was just too one dimensional and he wasn't even the best at that dimension. I laughed at Matt Hughes tucking his t-shirt into sweatpants, but I took that dude serious as a fighter. Randy's ears freaked me out at first, but that dude kicked ass. Tito was the dude who was funny for all the wrong reasons. BJ Penn never struck me as charismatic, but he chocked out Matt Hughes who was a certified bad ass in my book. MMA doesn't have a ton of dynamic personalities, that's why people like Conor and Ronda look like superstars when their acts are paper thin. If you take the thinly veiled racism from Conor, what exactly does he have going for him personality wise? Ronda is one of the most unlikable people on earth, and her feud with Becky Lynch kind of made her look silly. Brock didn't get over on personality, he got over because he was a massive dude who mauled people. GSP is a personality zero, but he was a dominant champion who beat a bunch of super credible challengers. Jorge Masvidal is pretty good, the Diaz brothers have a certain IDGAF charisma, but most of these people aren't getting anywhere on the basis of personality.
  5. MOAR BELT PARTS! The in game belt editor was a big disappointment to me. I might pay 20 for this.
  6. Never forget that Chicago's training staff almost killed him by having him get an unnecessary, botched spinal tap. Dude was a beast in college, had a long and profitable career, and apparently invested his money well so he pretty much won the game.
  7. http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2019/10/wwe_2k20_looks_like_an_unmitigated_disaster_on_ps4
  8. I neglected to mention how fucking BOSS Pentagon's PDM slashes mask was as well, so I just wanted to throw that out there.
  9. I'm going to post more after I watch the show OnDemand and see how things came across on tv vs. how they came across live. There were very loud CZW chants for both Janela and Moxley, both of whom bowed to the crowd and seemed genuinely moved. There was also a very loud ECW chant for Taz when he came out for Dark before and after the show. I thought Darby Allin should have gotten more offense in. At times, the title match almost felt like a squash. Rather than Darby shaking his head and verbally giving up, his head should have just hit the mat as he blacked from pain and Aubrey call for the bell. Either way, Darby was very over with the Philly crowd. Prior to the Leva Bates/Nyla Rose, Peter Avalon brought up the Washington Nationals going to the WS while Bryce Harper and the Phillies failed to make the playoffs. He also brought the American forefathers moving the capital from Philadelphia to Washington. That and SHHHHHHHHH'ing the crowd got the Librarians HUGE heat. Brandon Cutler also got huge heat. He didn't do anything in particular other than being a "squeaky clean nerd" that plays D&D and being against an area favorite in Janela. It was surprising that there was a squash match, but it absolutely worked in making Santana & Ortiz look like killers. They are very over as well. MJF teased a dive to the floor, but ended up flipping us off. He and Brandi were great trying to interfere. The negative: There were a few groups of schmucks in the upper deck that were seemingly there just to heckle. It wasn't creative, funny heckling. It was chanting nxt, 'We want Brock", chanting Goldust during the 8 man tag, "Lets go Cena", and other dumb shit. They were shouted down several times. They did get the Brutus Beefcake treatment and have "Kill Yourself" yelled at them amongst other things.
  10. WWE is gonna need to figure out which puro legends (that aren’t already in the WWE HOF) own vanity feds. Find one of them who’ll be willing to turn their feds into 2000s OVW for NXT Japan trainees.
  11. Luol was a good dude. People thought he was a bust for several years, then he and Thibs got together and he got an All-Star game out of it. And several good contracts after that.
  12. Still one of my faves, its not everyone who can claim to have invented an entire style but him and Marty Jones can. I always wondered how his career would’ve gone if he didn’t have to retire early. Can see him following the Finlay route into WCW... then mixing it up with Malenko and the cruiserweights?
  13. I think it was Bruno but they smoothed it out. You'd think I could remember all this after reading the damn thing twice, but it's packed with so much information and so many stories that I won't blame my shot-to-shit memory for once.
  14. Luol Deng signed a one day contract with Chicago and retired a Bull
  15. I hope those people lose their remotes, and never find them again.
  16. 0.44 rating in 18-49, 1.01M watched last week was 0.46 and 1.02M (Without adding the people who were watching TruTV) first week was 0.68 and 1.41M so the upside is that as long as they can stay consistent around the week 2/3 numbers.. that’s not bad on cable. Basketball Wives won 18-49s with a 0.54. Tucker Carlson won the overall viewers night with 4M (0.32 18-49 and 3.17 50+) with Hannity and Maddow over 3M.
  17. As said above yes, to Cambodia. Somebody reposted on here earlier an unidentified talent's Twitter post complaining about OWE and Cima in particular, saying the talent weren't paid and were put in debt to OWE, that China was entirely a bust, Cima was a racist that hated Occidental wrestlers, etc. It was scathing.
  18. AHAHAHAHA I’m listening to the Meltzer interview, and Fumi Saito said that Rossy almost sold Stardom to the WWE because they said they were willing to put him in the Hall of Fame. He ultimately went with Bushiroad because, like the WWF buying WCW, they had no fucking plans to do anything with it anytime soon.
  19. Damn, man. Why'd you have to point that out?
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