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  2. Poor Trent Seven (I think).
  3. Man, if the Lions could play as well inside the ten as they do the rest of the field, that would be swell.
  4. I don't think Yuka is supposed to come to AEW full time, is she? Hikaru Shida signed, but as far as I know, Yuka is the same as any of the other joshi besides Shida and Riho.
  5. Oh yeah this is the kind of start in Green Bay I dream of.
  6. Matthew Stafford once again showing off insane arm strength
  7. Not quite at that point yet- we have to catch a home game before we look at going on the road. That said, we're definitely interested in catching a game at MCU next year.
  8. No, you! Weeks later, I'm still thinking about Techno Gatsby and then he hurls this one at me. So many dumb quotes taking up space in my brain.
  9. Once Hikaru Shida (and Yuka Sakazaki) come to AEW fulltime, the Women's division is going to be a lot better. Still rewatching All Out, and Shida vs Riho was much better than I remembered, and better than Riho's match with Nyla Rose was.
  10. Like seriously, did they lose the facial scans last year?
  11. Did anyone go to Evolve 138 in Concord NC? Can't find results anywhere online
  12. How did Maven make it into the game?
  13. Is she butthurt because she got a low rating in 2K20?
  14. Oh boy... If I had to guess, they’ll do one big trade, and then certain guys who were never going to be seriously used on TV will be drafted to different shows than the ones they were initially scheduled for.
  15. Today
  16. It’s not a stretch on their part to guess about a blockbuster trade consider Jay Glazer predicted as much on Smackdown. It really seems like he’s more upset about Lio Rush getting the title push after being sent home than the cuck angle. I don’t feel sorry for him. It seems like he’s playing this just right. They resign, then announce that Maria’s pregnant, now he’s publicly revealing that he asked for his release, which makes it likely they’ll send him home to sit. There could be worse things in the world.
  17. Screw you guys, I'm looking forward to it. Yes, a lot of the graphics look really, really bad, but not all of them. Not having create-a-champion at release is indefensible. And literally no one asked for them to fuck with the controls. But will I create a stable of zombie wrestlers led by '91 Undertaker, and use the Necronomicon against them? Yes. Yes, I will. I will also use Ribbie as my go-to for jobber matches, before inexplicably giving him a push as Hardcore champion. (The empty arena match against Lawler is going to be lit.) I'm still going to have fun with it.
  18. Looks like the Dodgers have decided on their fall guy Rick Honeycutt is getting reassigned Mark Prior (yup that one) is the new pitching coach
  19. Yesterday
  20. You're too much of a contrarian to know when you're wrong.
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