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  2. The best and, at the same time, worst part of the whole Eliminators saga is how it gave us the expression "shoot retarded."
  3. I think I would feel about as uncomfortable playing MK on the bus as I do watching something like Berserk
  4. How nice of them to give older fans a reason to stop buying single issues a week after Universe's comic library becomes worthwhile.
  5. If the Warriors lose in the first round, if anyone but the Clips win it all, all the media will be like “but they didn’t beat the Warriors!”
  6. Well again - the thing people pointed out (at least based on Page's initial tweet) was that Game Changer Wrestling (which is bigger and just as local as AAW) wasn't name so it came across as AAW punching down. (Basically knowing people will pick GCW over AAW)
  7. And I'm supposed to believe they'll also get the new SWTOR expansion out in September without a hitch? *laughing sobbing*
  8. Yeah, this doesn't seem as unreasonable as Page makes it sound. He's not trying to control where his talent works. On the other hand, I'm not sure it's very smart. Working in other local promotions can help talent get over and build a fanbase, which helps everyone.
  9. tbarrie


    Like most people, I'd like to look back on my life one day and say I've eaten one of every animal. Reading this thread makes me realize how far behind I am.
  10. I think the only potential problem with Kenny being clearly on a higher tier than the rest of the roster is that--to my taste--he's always done way better work with the Okada/Tana/Naito/Ibushi tier guys, who were presented as being similarly superheroic. When he wrestled guys on the SANADA/ZSJ/Page tier, I always felt they came away looking a little worse for losing. The caveats here: I'm a big fan, and I think he can get better at this. But I also think he probably needs to.
  11. Shazam was perfectly OK - not sure about Home Alone or Big so much as Spy Kids. But why on earth they chose to bring it out in between the 2 big Marvel films was just insane.
  12. MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL (second trailer) Con: Especially combined with the first trailer - you know the whole movie. They did restrain themselves from going full Terminator Genisys but still Pro: MISSY ELLIOTT MUSIC ALL UP IN THIS BITCH~!
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  14. I’m half expecting Becky to win a long, tough match against Charlotte, then just barely comes up short against Lacey, then lose the Smackdown title to the MITB winner... Charlotte (who inserts herself into the match Becky style after Bayley is found injured in the back).
  15. I got two of the retro rings. One I have for display and other is stashed away. I saw Kurt's tutorial on making a custom but I'd rather keep it as is for when I stock up on more Hasbros. Not sure if I need more than that unless I want to stock up for when the value goes up. But for now that seems kind of pointless to me. The WWE retros are good but I just don't feel a big need to go crazy with them. And there's no point me getting a newer Savage or Flair when I'd rather get the Hasbros instead. As for the stands I'm cool with them though when you put them in a ring they are displayed higher than the others. So if you want to keep it uniform then I can see why they'd forego the stands. I have them stashed away somewhere and have used them before, may use them again if I spread them around the house instead of the ring. And just my luck I get Series 1 Hulk and the seller mentioned everything works great. I get it and the arms are not working properly and looks like they're ready to fall off. I'll have it as a placeholder for now but will need to get another one.
  16. I watched day 13~! of the Champion('s?) Carnival. Thoughts~! Good to great matches, here. The story with Redman throughout the tournament has been that he is a riddle each wrestler has to solve. For AJ guys, wrestling is smashing your body into your opponent's body until one body fails; for Redman, wrestling is slapping your thigh and doing head stands on the turnbuckle. He might as well have gotten off a UFO and started wrestling. So, each match is the AJ guy getting frustrated by Redman's bizarre style--either they lose their cool and take the loss, or they solve the riddle and get the pin. But not Yoshitatsu. He's like "oh you like goofy shit brother I live in goofy shit land lets do some goofy shit" And Redman is like "no that's not goofy shit that just kinda bad wrestling" Like why does Yoshitatsu insist on doing moves that he botches 50% of the time. Just replace them with like your standard X Firepro moveset. But actually I'm being hard on Yoshi who really brought his work boots to the CC. Also, I haven't been paying attention to the score, and it kinda feels like he's in the lead? Anyway, YT does this move that is kind like a gogoplata. And they treat it like a sleeper, so that the ref raises the hand three times, and if it falls the third time--uh, the opponent is out, so the ref suggests a pin? Just weird stuff. And he never gets the pin. But LOL, no one told Redman, and the dude taps out like it's a submission. What a dork. People are saying Redman's a great technical wrestler, but I think like this is more of a judgement on quantity than quality. Like, is he good at technical wrestling or does he just do a lot of it? We don't say Hashimoto is good at scream wrestling, even though 63% of his matches is just screaming. Speaking of Hashimoto, Doering smushed him. This is good. OK, so Zeus and Okabayashi is *the match* of this tournament that I've been waiting for. It is a battle of practical muscles vs glamour muscles. Zeus *points at Okabayashi*: Where is your neck, motherfucker? Like Oka/James, there is a lot of chopping. Unlike Oka/James, the chops aren't just killing time, and there's a definite destination for this match. Zeus *taunting Okabayashi*: You may be strong but look at my slender waist. I wear like a 30" in the trousers. Suck it fatboy! Okabayashi: My muscles are a testament to my hard work! Your muscles are a condemnation of your vanity! Honestly, as long as they didn't get injured, I'd have given this a million stars. But it's worth it. Zeus, you are the champion of my heart. And the main event is Suwama vs Lee. Both have been a bit underwhelming this tournament, to be honest So the story here is that Suwama is maybe reaching has-been status; he's tag champ, sure, but he's been locked out of the finals of the singles tournaments and he just got put down by Miyahara. He's got Fat Elvis jowls now. But he's also prematurely morphing into Tenryu before our very eyes. And Jake Lee is the sexy tall Korean who's hoping to ascend to the pinnacle of wrestlehood [if this were the WWE, Lee, Zeus, and Sai would be lumped together in an all-Korean stable. They'd dance to the ring to Gangnam Style ] Jake Lee *points to Suwama*: How much gas do you have left in the tank, old man? Suwama to Jake: Enough to fuck~! your~! mother~! <Dramatization: May Not Have Happened> This is very much a Suwama match, which is to say plodding but in sort of a good way. We start with Lee working on Suwama's arm, which he probably oversells to be quite honest, but he's a generous soul. And Suwama makes a comeback on the outside by lifting Lee up and literally ramming his back into the ring post. Ouch. So now they're both gibbled. And the match seems to meander a bit until a really exceptional part where Lee manages to unload his first running knee to Suwama's chest. I think this is called the Giant Killer (or Giant Killing), but maybe that's a special kind of running knee? In any case, Suwama sells the first one like it's caved his chest in. And he sells the second like his sternum has been split in two. And this is where things get gripping, because though the pace is slow the drama is HIGH A third running knee! Suwama wants you to know his rib-cage has been shattered! His lungs are filling with blood! Though it's a two count, Suwama then---passes out from the pain! We get a close up of Suwama's dead face and Wada checking him for a pulse. I actually think they're going to end with a KO, and that this seems credible says much about Suwama's selling. But anyway, he's too manly for that shit. Suwama is back, but his one arm is clutched to his side while the other attempts vainly to hold the wreckage of his torso together. And from this disadvantage of age and physical condition, Suwama mounts his comeback~! Anyway, very good for drama and maybe less so for actual workrate. The win-loss records of this CC have been wild. Pretty sure everyone's in a big clump in the middle. Prediction: Ryuji Sai beats Okabayashi. Complete and Objective Match Rankings:
  17. Cheers. I'd prefer Kevin Owens as that babyface and either use someone on Smackdown Live or bring over somebody from RAW to face Kofi Kingston instead of what's transpired.
  18. So is the stories about stockholders wanting to pull the Bray Wyatt Firefly Funhouse gimmick already just some "NEWZ" guy trying to start something or does this bullshit have any legs to it.
  19. Like how Marty Scurll always used to hang around with the Bullet Club even though he wasn't a member?
  20. Dave slowly backing away and Lance looking like he wants to be anywhere but holding a mic for Terry Funk is the best.
  21. Someone of you need to think for more than a half a second before hitting post
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