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  2. And still WWE Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions.
  3. We're on the same wavelength. I referred to those earlier.
  4. The food wasn't that good, the place was a converted 7-11 or other convenience store from the look of the interior. It was also in a really sketchy part of town, so bad that cabs would not be dispatched there after dark (as we discovered when we tried to get back to the hotel). It was a memorable evening although the great man himself wasn't there (I use "great" in all senses). Our party of twelve included the convention's Art Guest of Honor (we were on hand for the World Horror Con), and Alan had a midnight presentation to do, fortunately a cabbie stopped in for some grub and agreed to take five of us back to the hotel (and why not, it was like a $40 fare!) That left seven of us stuck at Abdullah's with no way to get anywhere. To the rescue, the lovely Asian woman who was the hostess (and turned out to be Mrs. Abdullah), offered to give us a ride in the Abdullah van if we didn't mind dropping off the cook and dishwasher first. Hell no, any ride's a good ride! We made it back to the hotel and mentioned that there was a party the next evening and we would be delighted if ABdullah would come as our guest, gave her our room number and figured a 80% chance of hearing from him as wrestlers tend to respond well to free food and drinks. Sure enough, next day about noon the phone rang and it was the great man himself, Kathy was the one that talked to him and he asked if he could bring a couple of friends, Cactus Jack and Teddy Long. She said of course, the more the merrier and told me he kept calling her "sweetie" and had an oddly high-pitched voice for such a big guy. Well party time came and I went outside to meet the trio when they showed up, wouldn't you know it, they no-showed... RIP Abdullah's House of Ribs and Chinese Food, the world needs more places where you can get fried chicken gizzards, babyback ribs and a plate of chow mein.
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  7. Back in the day, it was hard to distinguish a Madman logo shirt from a Mage logo shirt, especially since graphitti made both of them.
  8. Yes, extra points for sleeve knives, I concur... While I think 5DV is the still the best kung fu film, my personal favorite just for sheer batshit insanity will always be Shaolin Prince (or Deathmask of the Ninja, as it was retitled for US sales despite not having anything to do with either ninjas or deathmasks).
  9. FINAL BONUS!!!! Film: Drunken Master II (Hong Kong, 1994) Golden Harvest Reviewed by: J.H. Drunken Master 2 You can ask 1p0 different people what the best Jackie Chan movie is and you might not get 100 different answers. This is because Chan’s output in Hong Kong from 1978-1996 has so many incredible movies that trying to pick “The Best” is daunting task. Add to that you are always going to have matters of personal taste to factor when discussing such things. In my case, I know what I think are my 5 favorite Jackie Chan movies are but there is one that stands head shoulders above the other 4. That movie is Drunken Master 2 Chan starred in the first Drunken Master back in 1978 with Simon Yuen as Beggar So. It was simple Kung-Fu comedy, as well as Wong Fei-Hung movie. Drunken Master 2 is barely connected to the first movie. In fact the only real thing connecting it to the first film is Jackie Chan is, once again, playing Wong Fei-Hung. Now, it is 16 years since the original, Simon Yam is long dead, having passed a year after the original Drunken Master was released and Jackie Chan is 10 times the star in 1994 that he was in 1978. Being the biggest star in Asia allowed Jackie to attract a pretty great cast and crew. I mean look at this supporting cast man: Ti Lung as Wong Kei-Ying, Anita Mui as Ling, a cameo by Andy Lau and of course Lar Kar-Leung (aka Liu Chi-liang) as Fu Wen-chi. In fact, Lar Kar-leung directed the majority of the film and he and Chan were noted for disagreeing on the tone of the fight scenes. Kar-Leung wanted a more old school approach to the fights with more wire work, something Chan was opposed to since his films relied more physical stunts with little wire work. That isn’t to say that there isn’t wire work in the movie but its kept to a minimum. The disagreement between the two led to rumors of Kar-leung’s character being killed just past the mid-point of the movie. The final fight scene was directed entirely by Chan while Kar-Leung left the production to make Drunken Master 3, taking Andy Lau with him (Lau was supposed to have a bigger role in DM2 but the part was reduced to a cameo). Drunken Master 3 has nothing to do Drunken Master 2 story wise, save for the fact that Wong Fei-Hung is a character in it. Kar-Leung still got the director’s credit for DM2 in the end. I might have read that there was a court case over the final Director’s credit but I could be wrong. If true that’s a very “Clint Eastwood directed The Outlaw Josey Wales” argument for HK cinema. I’ll say this much for DM3, it gets a bad rap, mainly because it was marketed as being part of Chan’s Drunken Master franchise. It’s got some fun fights but it is missing the incredible cast of DM2. I mean DM3 has Gordon Liu in it so I can’t totally hate on it. So, let’s get to the movie itself and why it is so damn good. The story is two-pronged. The story of why Wong Fei-hung using Drunken Boxing isn’t a good thing and the story of the British plundering China for ancient artifacts to smuggle on the black market. Fei-hung uses Drunken Boxing as his main form of offense in a fight but the problem is that unless he is actually drunk the form isn’t strong enough to beat a foe down. The idea is that after drinking the user of Drunken Boxing will increase their power because they won’t hold back because… well… they’re drunk. The point about how weak Drunken Boxing is comes across in the first fight where Wong Fei-hung squares off against Fu Wen-chi. Fei-hung has mistook Wen-chi as a thief on a train and chases him to underneath the train wear the first fight starts. It starts cramped until they get to more open space and Fe-hung can let loose with Drunken Boxing versus Wen-chis’ spear work. When they end their fight on friendly terms Wen-chi straight tells Fei-hung that while his Drunken Boxing is good it just isn’t powerful enough and most importantly can’t kill in a fight. Fei Hung was on the train with his father Wong Kei-ying getting medicinal supplies for the family’s apothecary. Specifically, they traveled by train to get some fresh ginseng root for one of Wong Kei-ying’s regular patients. The problem is, the box the ginseng was a dead ringer for a box Fu Wen-chi was looking for that had a smuggled Chinese artifact in a British diplomat’s suitcase. Fu Wen-chi stole the artifact back but then got in to his little brouhaha with Wong Fei-hung and… well its a Jackie Chan movie and fuck if Jackie Chan isn’t above using old comedic tropes like a switcheroo. There is your McGuffin for what a semblance of a plot there is in this movie. Otherwise this movie is a collection of incredible fight scenes built around the myth of Drunken Boxing. Mind you, it is also a chance to see the late great Anita Mui practically steals the whole movie as Ling, the wife of Wong Kei-ying. Seriously, Anita Mui is so awesome as a comedienne in this film she actually is funnier than Jackie Chan. She steals every scene and situation she is put in and the movie might only be ½ as good without her in it. Look I could go on and ramble about the plot of the movie but this movie is all about the fight choreography and that in itself is incredible. Mind you Jackie Chan’s big stunt in this one only rates a 6 on the “Crazy Shit That Jackie Chan Has Done Onscreen”. I mean, that stunt in this instance is Jackie letting himself be kicked into burning hot embers from a steel mill. Of course, it comes during the final fight between Jackie versus Ho Sung Pak and Ken Lo. Christ, what a fight that thing is! Jackie as Wong Fri-hung is getting his handed to him by both Lo and Pak (Lo’s kicks are incredible in this movie) that Fei-hung resorts to drinking industrial strength alcohol to make his drunken Boxing more effective. It’s essentially Wong Fei-hung becoming a Chinese version of Popeye, where you sub spinach with booze that potentially make you go blind! Fuck I love this movie. I can’t do it enough goddam justice describing every fight. Every fight is good, even the “Show me how strong Kung-Fu is and you don’t have to pay for this fish” fight early on, to the “Mid-Boss” fight in the factory to Fei-Hung v. 2 guys fight at the end. Christ just thinking about all the fights brings a smile to my face. Thinking about how great Anita Mui is makes cackle in delight. I love this fucking movie and I can’t think of one person that has seen it in its original version that doesn’t[ii]. It never gets old and just blows me away every time I watch it/ To me, it is, without question the definitive Jackie Chan movie of the 90s! Film: Martial Club (Hong Kong, 1981) Shaw Brothers Reviewed by: Execproducer Martial Club opens with a prologue where director Lau Kar Leung explains the rules and etiquette of Lion Dancing, particularly what you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT DO if you wish to avoid strife with rival Kung Fu schools. Then the film proper begins with a Lion Dance being performed by Zheng school student Yin-lin ( Mai Te-lo AKA Robert Mak). The dance is quickly interrupted by the Lu school lion dancers who do all the things you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT DO!! Lion sniffing the other lions butt!! Unprovoked blinking!! It seems the Lu school is the Cobra Kai of the city, wanting to be #1 no matter what. Naturally a huge brawl breaks out. Later Master Zheng (Wilson Tong) and Master Lu (Tiet Wo Chu) have their dispute mediated by Wong Kei-ying (Ku Feng), whose son Wong Fei-hung (Lau Ka-fai AKA Liu Chia-hui AKA Gordon Liu) witnessed the fight and backs his best friend Yin-lin, much to the chagrin of his father, who is trying to restore harmony. Master Lu has no interest in harmony and much of the film will be taken up with his machinations to supplant all other schools. Meanwhile, friends Fei-hung and Yin-lin are constantly trying to prove who has the superior Kung Fu. Since they won't fight each other, they seek out bouts with local fighters to see who can prevail in the least number of hits. They both scheme to have these bouts fixed, Fei-hung through his fellow student Chen-huo (Hsiao Ho) and Yin-lin through his sister Chu-ying (My Young Auntie's Kara Hui). As a result, they end in a draw. Both declare themselves masters and move their belt knots to the front as an indication of such. Trouble strikes when they meet a real master in the street and are quickly exposed. This master was on his way to see Wong Kei-ying so Fei-hung is soon in for an earful, something familiar to the fans of Jackie Chan's Wong Fei-hung. Gordon Liu's version lies somewhere between Jackie's juvenile delinquent and Jet Li's younger version of the Kwan Tak-hing sagacious Hung Gar master and medical healer. It is also the second time around for Liu, having portrayed a younger, less experienced version of the character in Lau Kar Leung's Challenge of the Masters. Yin-lin convinces Fei-hung to accompany him to a brothel. There Yin-lin displays his Martial skills like parlor tricks to get free services from the courtesans. Since they never resolved who was better, they once again seek to rig a bout. Unfortunately, they pick a Northern fighter who is actually in town to work at the Lu school. He doesn't understand these strange Southerners trying to give him money but he is more than happy to have his skills tested. During their bout Master Shan (Wang Lung-wei) injures Yin-lin's throat though he holds back from doing critical damage. When Chu-ying happens upon the scene, she believes Fei-hung is the culprit and vows revenge, going after him a couple of times before the misunderstanding is cleared up. Yin-lin soon recovers. Wong Fei-hung and Yin-lin both take very different lessons from the confrontation with Master Shan. Yin-lin, though very good, is not a serious person and is more concerned with wine and women. Wong Fei-hung however, steps up his training and sharpens his focus and is soon making huge strides. When Yin-lin invites him back to the brothel, Fei-hung tells him he is done with all that. On his next visit, Yin-lin is set-up by the courtesans and is easy pickings for Master Lu's son, Shan-hou (King Chu Lee). This time he is seriously injured and Fei-hung and Chu-ying go to the Lu school to confront Shan-hou. When they have to face the whole school, Master Shan steps in to prevent an unfair fight. Though Master Lu and son plot to use him as a weapon against the other schools Master Shan is no dupe. He is constantly correcting Master Lu and chastising Shan-hou. While he backs his employer, he does so within the bounds of his code and he recognizes a budding Master in Wong Fei-hung. After inviting the other schools to view their opera Master Lu attempts to frame them for entering without tickets and another melee occurs. After the dust settles, Master Shan convinces Master Lu to apologize for the misunderstanding and invite Masters Wong and Zheng to the Lu school to accept gifts. Wong Fei-hung and Chu-ying show up in their stead and the "gifts" are used to test Fei-hung's skill. Suitably impressed, Master Shan invites Fei-hung outside for one final test. They have their contest down an increasingly narrow alleyway in one of the best fight scenes ever filmed. The issue with the schools is never definitively resolved but that isn't realy the story of the film anyway. The larger story is Wong Fei-hung's journey from callow youth to Master and that is actually just the framework that Lau Kar Leung used to create a love letter to the Martial Arts, particularly his family's Hung Gar style, learned from Wong Fei-hung disciple "Butcher" Lam Sai-wing. Martial Club is essential viewing for anyone that considers themselves a Kung Fu movie fan. Hey, let's do it again next year.
  10. Two weeks for me to catch up on; because I usually watch this stuff with a mate, and that jerk was at Donnington Park last weekend. Give me thirty seconds garbled intense nonsense over Travis Banks' whole sentences any day of the week. To be fair Mastiff is also someone who just needs to shut up and look hard, and just let Joe Coffey talk all the shit he wants to, whether there's a microphone near him or not. Speaking of promos, I dug the Dar & Williams stuff. I didn't think I'd like Kenny, but he's got some decent babyface charisma, and he's come off like a decent chap in all his promos. Dar vs. Williams should be fun when it comes. (Cardiff?) Matches were all fun, really dug Williams vs. Ohno, but whoever said that those BR finishes need to go away was spot on.
  11. Mike Allred has a Teepublic that has logo shirts for literally every character he owns plus some cool original stuff like the Aladdin Sane cover with Frank. So after 20 years I finally have a Madman exclamation bolt shirt which guarantees having to try to explain Madman to coworkers at some plint.
  12. Corbin will win the title here. Just like Sheamus 'accidentally' winning and Alexa Bliss 'getting lucky' in a table match, Rollins will slip and Corbin will win the title in a fluke.
  13. I can't believe Callaway hasn't been fired yet.
  14. Robot umps can't get here fast enough. I don't care about the "human element" when more often than not, the human element fucks up the game.
  15. From the ESPN article: The dustup with beat writer Tim Healey of Newsday occurred after the Mets blew a late lead in a 5-3 defeat to the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. There was no physical contact. In a story published by Newsday on Sunday night, Healey said Mets chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon called him "to apologize on behalf of the organization." The incident followed a tense postgame news conference, when reporters asked Callaway repeatedly about his decision to stick with reliever Seth Lugo during the eighth inning instead of going to closer Edwin Diaz. Lugo allowed a go-ahead, three-run homer to Javier Baez. After the news conference, Callaway walked past Healey and other reporters in the clubhouse. Healey told Callaway he would "see you tomorrow," and Callaway responded by calling Healey an obscenity. Callaway walked away and then returned, cursing at Healey again and telling him to leave the clubhouse. "I thought he was leaving for the day, so I said, 'See you tomorrow, Mickey,'" Healey said. "And then he said, 'Don't be a smart-ass.' "I tried to tell him, I didn't mean anything by it," Healey added. "I was just saying, 'I'll see you tomorrow.' And then he said, 'Get this guy out of here,' and that got the attention of Jason Vargas." Vargas stared down Healey and eventually tried to charge him. Players stepped in to restrain the veteran left-hander. Healey left the clubhouse moments later. He said Wilpon called later in the evening to apologize.
  16. IDW is supposed to reprinting everything (fantagraphics, mirage,DH) in color, eventually.
  17. The Dead Don't Die was a lot of fun. Hilarious and prescient without being preachy, I'd put it up there with Shawn of the Dead but think it works better as a horror movie while Shawn is a better comedy, if that makes sense. I also liked how Jarmusch decided to be openly meta because he just doesn't give a fuck. It feels like at the end of the movie he said "we don't have an ending for this, who cares?" Which is kind of the point.
  18. Speaking of Usagi... I thought I'd get some of the Usagi Yojimbo Saga volumes for the early stuff but sweet fuck Vol. 2 is way above original cover price on every site. Its like Robotech Art 1 expensive! James
  19. I just very recently started buying comics again and I really enjoyed this. Fun comic.
  20. Some random thoughts... - The show exceeded the admittedly low expectations and turned out to be decent entertainment. - There was a moment where Becky was visibly irritated where Lacey Evans was out of position for a top rope kick. I also hadn't noticed til recently how loud Becky is when calling spots. - Before anyone blames Vince or the writers, I think that Ali video was all his idea. I seem to recall him having a similarly shot video on his social media a year ago. - Kayfabe wise, Corbin is the dumbest wrestler ever. How do you not get a win tonight when you're stacking the deck that much. Why did he pull in a regular ref at the end? Or make it no DQ? I can't stand him on my TV but I like the idea of WWE's Most Hated Couple so I hope they continue that team. Just further down the card would be nice. - If you've decided to run Corbin v Rollins, I'd prefer it to be the angle stuff we got tonight rather than a straight up match so no complaints there. This held my attention at least. - The ending made me wish they hadn't announced their relationship previously because it seemed like it would've been a really good moment to have their two top stars gradually fall for each other and then do the kiss celebration after a save like tonight.
  21. I was not expecting much from this show. "Classic 90's In your house" was the perfect description going in and then the WWE did the impossible. They rattled off five straight really good matches to start the show. That had to be Lacey's best match. Don't know if it was a combo of Becky willing to let her shine or Lacey finally clicking in the ring, but it was a lot better than anyone thought it would be. I really hope based on the events of the main event, this feud keeps going straight through Summerslam. Bryan/Rowan vs. Heavy Machinery was everything I hoped it would be and than some. Otis looked like a million bucks and so did Tucker. This is another feud that has to keep going. The show hit is peak for me with Bayley/Alexa. Rest of the show was what it was. Why they think anyone would care about a Ziggler title match, in a steel cage no less was confusing. But Kofi diving out for the win was pretty cool. I wish they had the guts to of had Becky as the referee. Force her to be unbiased because if she wasn't, she'd be stripped of the title or something. Corbin isn't actually that bad when he has to have a straight match. They had to of known that the crowd wanted Becky to be the ref. I guess we're getting an mixed tag with them all at some point. Brock needs to cash in all ready.
  22. ALL - Allroy Saves. Not exactly cleaning music. Listen to it afterwards. I'd suggest En Vogue or "The Royal Scam" by Steel Dan for cleaning purposes. Thin Lizzy will git ya fired up, too.
  23. P.S. I'm about to watch Daniel Bryan lock horns with Dozer and I'm stoked. Professional wrestling is the goddamn greatest.
  24. I still feel that he’s useful as a utility guy who can be imposing and is reasonable enough on the mic to fit into the mid card. But you may be right that the goodwill of the people has been burned through with the incessant spotlight. Absence would certainly make the heart grow fonder. An excursion to brutalise the NXT-UK crew perhaps?
  25. As long as Scott Steiner comes into my bar and straightens out middle-aged white boys who take the phrase "No, we don't have Coors Lite" like a bat to the fucking skull and middle-aged white women from the suburbs who can't handle the world "No" period, he can lead the charge and I'll follow him into the breach any day of the goddamn week. Take it from a pro wrestling fan and a bartender: Y'all really don't have a damn clue how exactly punishing this job can really be. I take a lot of pride in what I do, I enjoy what I do, and I bust my fucking ass. I work four nights a week and make great money. I get to leave work at home. There's a lot of pluses to working in this industry and I'm not ignorant of that, by far. At the same time, I get no paid time off. No insurance. If I want to take a vacation, there's paying for it, and then there's losing money on top of it by taking the time off. I'm on my feet up to ten hours straight with no break and in the process of serving one customer, I get hit with something to do by two or three others. Then there's dealing with customer expectations, drunks, assholes, coworkers, bosses, etc. People have a sense of entitlement and flex their "power" over me in a lot of subtle fashions, on top of controlling my wages, despite their shitty behavior. That's regardless of whether they're aware of it or not. Also, I'm not a woman. I ain't got shit to complain about compared to them. To sum it up: We're workers, just like you. This is a REAL job. It's one of the realest jobs you can have, and the fact that I don't have to have a degree to do it and I have to serve people doesn't make it any less legitimate. Never get that twisted and never fucking flex your power over me, because straight up, we're all in the same boat. We're on the same side, and most of us are trying really goddamn hard, a lot of times against circumstances you have no experience with or a goddamn clue about. Don't come at me about unskilled labor, either. You come back behind my bar and make a burger and fries while cracking six beers and making eight shots and cashing out Keno and not fuck any single one of those things up. Do it for ten hours straight. Then get some shit about "You don't smile" or, well, anything, really. It sucks just as much or more as the job you hate and the boss you wanna backhand in the teeth. I'm right there with you. Bottom line is, a lot of the problems can be solved with this: The best thing on the menu is you reading it and making a fucking decision. Yes, there are some maniacs in my line of work, and some of us do suck. They don't last long. The rest of us take care of the rest and far more than you know every damn day. And we come in to your job and make it real fucking easy on you. Don't be Jim Cornette. Be Daniel Bryan. And if you sit down at my bar and say "Genichiro Tenryu", I'm buying you a round.
  26. I'll say it again; Seth Rollins isn't a main eventer. He isn't capable of carrying the load for his company. I thought the Lacey thing was a good idea in theory, but she's just so thoroughly mediocre. Everything about her seems so forced, both in the ring and when she was the referee. Bayley and Alexa have good chemistry. Was it a scientific masterpiece? No. Was it a fun story with some good spots from both women and a finish that advanced the Nikki Cross/Alexa deal? Yeah. That Ali video was weird as fuck. I liked using Kofi's athleticism in the finish. I really hope that's the last meeting for the two, but I have a feeling it won't be. Heavy Machinery/ Eco-Warriors was awesome. Not a workrate spectacle, but a good way to use one super-over performer to get three other guys over, albeit to varying degrees. I liked Ricochet/Joe, too.
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