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  2. It always blows my mind when I discover who all of these Ant workers were in Chikara.
  3. Of the guys I’ve met in person, Jeff Hardy is the ultimate “dude surprisingly bigger than you think” and Warrior is the opposite. Kofi is also not-a-small dude thread contribution:
  4. Rick Martel's WCW comeback run was mentioned in another thread and I wanted to relive it, but there isn't much online. Damn you Vince. Booker T vs. Rick for the TV title is above. There are probably other big matches where he made the card on DM too, just stuck in the middle of full cards like this.
  5. Yeah, Rude having the perm and the mustache was definitely a hat on a hat.
  6. It’s a shame that Martel’s poof perm was going out of style around after his debut. I thought he pulled it off better than Rude, but not better than Garvin.
  7. Excited for Pocket Rockets in action, with possibly DeMarre Carroll and Jeff Green showing up. Love RoCo and PJ on the floor together. And Russell Westbrook is great. I've always loved his game. Total MVP Candidate.
  8. This is all I read before I clicked on the thread. You can’t tease a guy with a good time like that. (Note to self: Come up with pitch for VOD Running Scared sequel where Seagal replaces Gregory Hines and Travolta sleepwalks through another mob boss role.)
  9. This weekend at the misfit cinemas, a cornucopia of flicks that may be coming to our theaters and only our theaters. First off, Billy Crystal joins Steven Seagal and John Travolta in having one of his films inexplicably premiere here ... STANDING UP, FALLING DOWN We also have ... 10 THINGS WE SHOULD DO BEFORE WE BREAK UP When the entire plot is revealed in the first 25 seconds of the trailer, it's a hard pass. SWIFT (MANOU THE SWIFT) It's about a swift adopted by seagulls and I'm getting a headache just trying to write this sentence. OLYMPIC DREAMS A rom-com set at the Olympics and, per IFC, "the first film ever filmed on location during the Olympics in the Athletes Village." Nick Kroll is joined by actual Olympians in the cast.
  10. I’ve been watching a lot of Martel’s WCW comeback run (one of my favorite things ever in wrestling) and I never noticed his jacked old man body where his torso is insanely out of proportion with his arms.
  11. When I saw a bit of him in the Austrian Bundesliga in fall I was just amazed. That speed combined with the way he can control and cover the ball is just astonishing. I heard he did a 60 meter sprint against PSG in something like 6.64 s, which is just amazing (the track world record is not that much fast, though obviously he did not a cold start, so the comparison is not 100% accurate).
  12. While at the same time running Cody v MJF as 1990 Sting v Flair. I can’t wait till Tony Khan re-runs the Dangerous Alliance or Studs Stable angles. AEW is really on a roll going into this PPV
  13. Martel was the greatest I-C Champ that never happened.
  14. hilarious, Matt did this to knick and brendon, last week, and 2 cold Scorpio this week on BTE, had me rolling. Shitty Barista/wtf.gif
  15. I always remember an Apter mag article about the midnight rockers that said "small guys" like shawn and marty were guys you would apologize to if you bumped into them in a bar. (Cue Syracuse marine jokes)
  16. Yesterday
  17. Animal Crossing Direct was this morning with a pretty decent amount of new info. 1 month...
  18. Well, yeah, I guess his overseas tax shelter schemes are another shitty thing about him, sure.
  19. Depression sucks. I dealt with it for a lot of last year after my grandma passed away. If painting can help pull you out of it, get going man! In case you're struggling for inspiration, may I offer a suggestion for your first work?
  20. I'm really looking forward to Loma Lookboonmee vs. Angela Hill on the prelims. Even though Loma is undersized even for strawweight, her muay thai is 10 out of 10. I think part of the reason Angela Hill has had her recent success is she's facing some of the newer UFC roster members like Cifers and Carnelossi who aren't use to someone who not only has competent takedown defense but also striking integrated into her entire game. Hill struggled with doing that when she came back into the UFC from her Invicta run. If you disrupted her flow or never let her get going in the first place, you could beat her. Now, she can slice you up from top position the same as she can on the feet. However, against Loma, I don't think it's going to be that easy. Maybe Hill could use her size advantage which she hasn't had the luxury of doing in her second UFC tenure and muscle Loma around. What I see potentially happening though is an exciting back and forth battle waged on the feet. Hopefully, we can get that or close to it.
  21. Kyrie is going to have season ending surgery.
  22. Everyone was so much bigger back then. When I was a kid, I thought DiBiase was scrawny. Now I realize he was actually really big dude, it’s just that everyone else was so jacked.
  23. I think the one thing that I've seen with the ignore feature besides the quote thing obviously is initially when you a load a thread and get the next new post, the reply of the person you have on ignore shows up especially if the person you have on ignore is the first new post. Then, after a page refresh, it doesn't show up.
  24. Is that when Soldier Ant fell on the grenade to sacrifice himself?
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