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  2. If we're going full TNA, they could call Enzo. Imagine the heat.
  3. I read the novellas. Bloodraven (real name Brynden Rivers; Blackfish Tully (real name Brynden Tully; Blackfish comes from his being the black sheep of the family) is named after him) is a may or may not be Three Eyed Crow in the books. But they only just made it to the cave at the end of Dance, so it's too soon. Some people insist Coldhands is Bloodraven.
  4. Sounds like a fun Football Manager save!
  5. Who knows? PAC might have wanted a little extra “Insentive” to work the show.
  6. It totally fits with how much he got repeatedly chumped by Doink, too.
  7. I wouldn't call it a great match, but it is enjoyable and fun and Crush's best match by far. Plus, Savage being like, "Fuck it, I'll just hang this dude upside down" to win was fantastic. It was yet another finish in a line of them where Crush got outsmarted by a far more intelligent opponent, so it fit right in with the narrative (or at least the narrative that I'd built in my head) that what was holding Crush back was that he was too dumb to beat smarter competition in big matches.
  8. I know. Still just a bit wild that the only woman in the original six missed the big team up.
  9. Today
  10. Apparently you can add Scarlett Bourdeux to the list of people trying to get out of TNA/Impact as she asked for her release. I assume this has something to do with Killer Kross who they are currently dating. But the idea that they have spent almost 5 months pushing her to the moon and the best you get out of her is a team with Fallah Baah and a match against Disco can't be good for them
  11. I will defend Crush/Savage Falls Count Anywhere with my dying breath James
  12. Classic rudo style right there. Stevie wasn't even the worst member of Harlem Heat. Never forget Big T and Kash.
  13. I don't think there's much of anything to disagree with what you said. That's a pretty even keeled take on matters.
  14. Might have been a timed upload they finished editing weeks ago.
  15. I don't think Stevie really needs rehabilitating. Booker being as good as he is doesn't make Stevie bad. Until today I hadn't heard that take in years. There are plenty of great Harlem Heat matches, one great Virgil match (DiBiase at SummerSlam 91), and zero great matches involving Crush or Horace.
  16. Very odd of AEW to tweet this out right now. Another minor mistake.
  17. For what it's worth, AEW just tweeted a hype video for DoN that still features Page/PAC right up front.
  18. DG is more of a very strong niche product, versus RoH (and I guess AJPW)'s status as "de facto best indie that people only care so much about". DG doesn't really do a lot of crossover work, fans of the promotion are numerous and dedicated but they don't get out of the DG bubble much (they have a LOT of female + gay fans, for example). That we-do-our-own-thing attitude is reflected in their booking and is being reflected here.
  19. Not that MORELOCK is even remotely trying to do this, but I am enthusiastic about any tiny rehabilitation of Stevie Ray solely on the grounds that Harlem Heat was my grandma's favorite tag team (and therefore my favorite tag team) and we'd watch them squash dudes on WCWSN together when I was a kid and thoroughly enjoy it. I will always swear up and down that Booker T and Stevie Ray deserve more love for that reason.
  20. Page going over Savio Vega is going to help him more in the long run.
  21. Yeah, DG seems to draw more than the others but to me it's like Japan's ROH. It exists and people watch it but it doesn't resonate. I end up reading more about AJPW.
  22. I just wrote 1200 words on a movie starring a guy I thought I'd never write about.
  23. You are correct. DG has unofficially been the second biggest promotion in Japan since NOAH started deteriorating after Misawa's death and Kobashi's retirement.
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