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  2. Cody mentioned something about another "prize" back in November and discussed his dislike for the stigma attached to the term "midcard." Have we heard anything since then? Surely he wasn't just talking about the diamond ring.
  3. I'm disappinted this is not actually John Henry vs the Steam Engine. Clickety-clack
  4. Right now he could be their IC/US title level guy but in a traditional sense where it's for top guys who are just about there but not quite. I hope he gets a storyline other than whining ass kicker. Still think Tully should ditch the dork and team up with Pac.
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  6. I like this. In last week's thread, it was all about the "weak criticism" permeating AEW threads. This week, we're celebrating our differences. That's a lot personal growth in a few days time, and I commend you for it. Something for all of us to model ourselves on and strive towards. Re: PAC's "ass-kicking ascent," it's not as though he's so clearly setting the AEW world on fire that he requires tippy-top guy booking or protection right now. The eye-patch thing is a non-story to me, as it helps the narrative they have going with Moxley and PAC didn't look like a pushover. I'm fine with him taking falls like this, especially since (IIRC) he's only done so thus far against actual tippy-top guys (Moxley, Omega), or guys being positioned to become such (Hangman). I expect he's not thrilled with the possibility that he might be settling into an uppercard gatekeeper position, but it probably beats getting clowned by Enzo...
  7. EVENT #3 POINT TOTAL: 59 CES 60: Bessette vs. Cheeks III (1/24/2020) - Lincoln, RI (Twin River Casino) Matt Bessette vs. Charles Cheeks III - Bessette TKO R3 Johnny Lopez vs. Blaine Shutt - Lopez TKO R2 Richie Santiago vs. Giorgi Kudukhashvili - Santiago TKO R2 John Gotti III vs. Marcos Lloreda - Gotti DEC William Knight vs. Rocky Edwards - Knight TKO R1 Greg Rebello vs. Jordan Mitchell - Rebello TKO R2
  8. First update of 2020 BONUS EVENT #1 (ShoBox: Shishkin vs. Sierra) Hail Sabin: 15 Elsalvajeloco: 14 DreamBroken: 13 EVENT #1 (LFA 80) Elsalvajeloco: 12 Hail Sabin: 10 DreamBroken: 9 BONUS EVENT #2 (Top Rank Boxing on ESPN+: Alvarez vs. Seals) Elsalvajeloco: 17 DreamBroken: 14 Hail Sabin: 13 BONUS EVENT #3 (Premier Boxing Champions: Williams vs. Rosario) Elsalvajeloco: 15 DreamBroken: 14 Hail Sabin: 10 EVENT #2 (UFC 246) DreamBroken: 14 Elsalvajeloco: 13 Hail Sabin: 11 2020 POINT TOTALS: 1. Elsalvajeloco: 71 2. DreamBroken: 64 3. Hail Sabin: 59
  9. There's nothing he can do to stop you from taking it now. He was legitimately one of the scariest looking dudes in wrestling ever.
  10. I have been mostly FF past this feud, but the little I saw of the mixed tag has me somewhat interested in that match
  11. Jim Brown refused to pass block. That might be a problem in the modern era
  12. I was amused by the censored spelling. I’m also amused by its pronunciation as B tard. I hope that isn’t offensive. I don’t have a problem with Mox overcoming the odds. Just a bit disappointed that it continues to put the brakes on PAC’s asskicking ascent. Not complaining tho. Willing and happy to wait and see. I think it’s a pretty fair statement. Let’s celebrate our very slight differences of view, yeah?
  13. You say that as if it's a bad thing.
  14. Premiering today at our islands of misfit cinemas, we have The Gentlemen, The Turning and, well, this ... JOHN HENRY Terry Crews realizes being muscular means starring in your own B-level action flicks, while Ludacris looks …. different.
  15. Agreed. There is a certain guy in Juryo who seems to be on his way back to the top division... It will be interesting to see what Terunofuji will do, he looks a little bit like that strong MFer that overpowered fools at the top of the Card a few years back named... Terunofuji. Seriously, if that man truly has recovered, it will be interesting to see how far he can go. He still has a few years ahead of him... Also, there is a promising Hoshoryu, Asashoryu's nephew, who seems to be on a slow, but quite steady progress. He is still a pretty lean fighter, but his throwing techniques are quality. Seems like a new guard of Mongolians is on the rise. Lots of interesting Japanese young Japanese kids aswell... Transistional period, and a very interesting one at that.
  16. Nowadays, all I think about from this is the cringeworthy beatdown Maven got, which I'm guessing also acted as some crazy, carny initiation for him too.
  17. Picked up tickets to see Rammstein in Minneapolis again in August. They're going through North America on a mini-version of their stadium tour that they ran in Europe last year. The Mexico City show sold out so quickly that they announced a second show. Now to wait for seven months. *twiddles thumbs*
  18. Caught The Gentlemen and I was thoroughly taken aback by it's wanton use of the C-word. The amount of violence was also off putting, it's flagrant promotion of the illegal drug trade was also quite shocking. The most shocking thing of it all is It's not Snatch Part Deux and it shouldn't aspire to be. If you're a fan of Guy Ritchie then this should be right in your wheelhouse.
  19. It's cute that Disney thinks Jedi Mink Tricks work in real life.
  20. Don't know why they're giving away a huge Mania match on free TV.
  21. my first attempt at rebooking video so any suggest what i could do next and what else youd like to see please feel free to add and if you dont mind subscribing itll help me loads cheers guys
  22. Finally bought a Switch with Animal Crossing preorders beginning pushing me over the edge. I have to remind myself that I can't play every game at once so I don't need to buy $300 worth of games on the first day I own the console. But it's really hard not to.
  23. I didnt look for more. Once I found one, I stopped looking.
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