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  2. I remain unconvinced that the Cain we see in these promo photos isn't CGI
  3. I love this show. Michael’s fire squid monologue was great, especially how it was shot. So was them having Derek briefly show up just to remind us about evolving after being rebooted in a way that seemed completely natural, in part because they were distracting us with all the sex toys. I also see now why Schur decided to end it. He’s talked about the show being influenced by Damon Lindelhof, so I can see him wanting to avoid dragging things out and having to do twists just for sake of doing them.
  4. Being a prog fan (I have more ELP albums than anyone actually needs, the number of which is probably actually 0) I of course enjoyed that, but his writing of some of the most cloying, irritating pop hits of the '80s will forever make me want to strangle him, I don't care how good his fills and accents are. This might make me pull out my beat up copy of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway though
  5. I'm sorry. Didn't they try to cripple a guy this show?
  6. I watched almost all of The Fog and was reminded why it's my favorite Carpenter movie. That one casts a spell. Meanwhile, Poltergeist is the same Spielbergian claptrap it's always been. I switched to The Silence of the Lambs on Logo with the quickness.
  7. That's the only time where that Floss dance would be acceptable. But if he's supposed to be a face like I said before he needs to drop that shit (I may have a semi-irrational hatred for that "dance" so bear with me)
  8. In DC we saw a few. Not as many as WWE would have but they were still around if you needed something. Did they have the Elite Fleet table(s) nearby them? You sign up for their emails and screen print the logo somewhere on your shirt/jacket. We did that for the shirt and jacket we got which looks pretty neat. Thankfully the emails aren't a lot/annoying as of yet.
  9. Looks like someone's been drinking a little bit of the bubbly.
  10. I should've clarified my statement. As I said above in my reply to Rippa, the short answer to your question is Yes. If you level up your Gate Lord's Eye artifact, you can unlock the Unstoppable Rounds weapon mod mod for Hand Cannons and you can also unlock the Unstoppable Melee armor mod that you can equip on chest armor. You have to run an Arc sub-class in order to proc the stagger ability granted by the armor mod. Your mileage may vary when it comes to whether or not you can survive the ground slam or zerg rush of a charging Unstoppable Champion and get close enough to punch it. I normally run the Loud Lullaby Hand Cannon (Unstoppable) in my Primary Slot and the Arc Logic auto-rifle (Anti Barrier Rounds) in my Energy Weapon slot and some Arc heavy in my Power Weapon slot during Nightmare Haunts or Ordeal Nightfalls lately since the devs seem to love adding modifiers that buff Arc damage, both incoming and outgoing. That's why I also run my Dreambane armor with as many elemental resisters as I can in addition to Dreambane / Nightmare Crusher armor mods. Now, if you arbitrarily leveled up the GLE with no rhyme or reason and don't have access to the mods, you can reset the perk tree for the artifact at a cost of 10K Glimmer. There is also a top-tier armor mod for your class item called Arc Battery that grants you an overshield and reduced cooldown whenever you activate an Arc sub-class ability, so I would recommend investing in it for the set of armor you use for PvE stuff like Nightmare Haunts and Ordeal Nightfalls. I'd use it for PvP but I hate using Arcstrider in the Crucible. No one falls for the okey doke of the spinning Arcstaff anymore.
  11. Is that Oney Lorcan getting squashed? If so no wonder he tweets in all caps.
  12. Bill Macy (Maude) has died at 97.
  13. I know. I mentioned this earlier. You can either fit a Hand Cannon with Unstoppable Rounds or mod your armor with the Unstoppable Melee mod and run an Arc sub-class to proc the stagger. Unlocking the mods requires a decent amount of leveling up for your Gate Lord's Eye artifact. I've got the Recluse, so I'm all good with that.
  14. Cain has those Morticia Adams powers with the way he’s able to keep his eyes out of the shadows.
  15. The brilliance of the story lies in Karswell's arrogance. He has no endgame strategy or a master plan. He's simply using his command of diablerie to commit murders because he can. The beauty is that if you are going to investigate such a string of crimes, coming to the proper deduction hinges on FAITH, not methodology. You either need to have an intrinsic belief in the supernatural (or at least a healthy respect or fear for it), or you need to have your mind open to the idea of the existence of such things as demons and angels...….. which also means acknowledging a belief in or accepting the existence of God and Lucifer. I enjoyed how this movie entertains the idea that belief in the preternatural and in science don't have to be mutually exclusive. It fully embraces the logic of Occam's Razor and applies it to the netherworld. To paraphrase Sir Arthur Conan Doyle speaking through Sherlock Holmes, when you remove all incredulous possibilities, the variables you are left with, albeit seemingly impossible, are the most likely choices. If the murders are committed by the work of a demonic force, then the demonic sorcerer is the obvious culprit. Naturally, a protagonist the likes of Professor Harrington will needlessly struggling with that and waste precious time that could be spent on thwarting Karswell's next crime.... and Karswell EXPECTS THAT~! because no one in their right mind would suspect that the murder weapon is devil magic! Rational people don't believe in such folklore bullshit, right? And all of this comes bundled in a movie made in the fucking FIFTIES~! This is the kind of plot for a movie you'd expect to see made as a modern day Netflix film or maybe in the sixties and seventies during the golden age of Satainc horror films, not a classic scary joint from even the late fifties.
  16. There is an Unstoppable Melee mod that makes your Arc melee Stagger folks
  17. Just to clarify - you still have to get the SMG kills. Its the Grenade Launcher kills on the last step that auto completes
  18. I think the most impressive part is that he’s supposed to be a heel in that promo.
  19. If that’s the case, then you people are monsters. YOU DON’T DESERVE WHAT NATURE HAS GIVEN YOU!
  20. Had a Nightmare pop up in the Anchor of Light when I was fighting the Vex. Seeing that I was able to beat it I don't think it was the 970 version. That said, it was nice using the Vex Overlord to help me beat it. Some day I will murder its 970 cousin. So when I got that step I actually did get the Swarm of Raven. None of my GL kills of course were counting, and I realized this was the screwed up quest step only after they made the quick change since this was something that happened to me late night/early morning. I think they killed it because they couldn't fix it quickly and didn't want players needing to use SMGs for kills in a quest again along with those poor people who rarely or never look anything up never understanding how to complete the screwed up step. I'm sure the step will be back come next IB. Is there an armor mod for dealing with Unstoppable Champions? I noticed for the the artifact I only had access to an unstoppable mod for HCs. It kind of annoys me since I've been kind of going crazy with SMGs and Arc Logic.
  21. Because some people (like me), just prefer to have a full buzzcut, especially if some of it is going gray, which given the streaks in his beard, is very possible.
  22. Today
  23. Even better... Why the fuck does HHH shave his hair down? Most people would kill to have a hairline like his. It looks like he’s trying to save a buck at Supercuts, or got tired of his barber wanting to start a conversation with him.
  24. Because it looks far better than the Verne Gagne or Arn Anderson looks?
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