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  2. The cast in that movie is just so godamn great. The sequel slightly improves the already great cast, gives the movie a way the fuck better story, and gives Ricci more to do and it's one of my favorite 90's movies.
  3. That was the most fun I've had with this game, and all I did was sit on the edge of that precipice in case I needed to do a quick run in to prevent that thing from resetting. I never even saw what he was fighting. I desperately wanted it to go godlike, and I wasn't disappointed.
  4. The actual new moves mostly look great! There's even an Okada-y tilt a whirl tombstone! I will talk shit about this then end up buying it when it's pathetically cheap and fastidiouly update the bad movesets of downloaded edits, without ever remembering to actually wrestle a match!
  5. 1st Tuesday AXS is the October 29th and Twitch will air it Tuesday and Friday for us Comcast people.
  6. Since it appears to be the Jets, I assume Wahoo (for Dont Call It Colimbus Day).
  7. Lmao at their cynical preorder bonus being a load of thrown together gaga shit headed by a character that ended up DOA because Vince can't book and Bray can't wrestle This looks...remarkably bad, and most of the additions seem like they were made by people who don't like wrestling, to appeal to youtubers who don't like wrestling And they took out the ability to make the AEW title, which was probably more out of ineptitude than spite Can u imagine the sheer scale of the day one bugs
  8. I take back all of the bad things I said because they included the original Tombstone with both legs on the one side. Lots of Okada moves too.
  9. Eryk Anders' upside is basically a better version of OSP. However, I think St. Preux is fighting more to his strengths now. Granted, it took awhile for him to do that. However, with St. Preux, you know he is losing big or winning big. You're not going to be trying to figure out if he did enough. If you take out the Rountree fight, Anders either wins big or you don't feel confident he comfortably won on anyone's scorecards. He might lose 30-27 3x in a fight where you can score it 30-27 for him easily if you just parse though everything that happened in the fight. You're not going to be elevated in the UFC if that happens every other time you fight. In addition, he is still fighting guys like Gerald Meerschaert. No slight to Meerschaert, but he is a fringe level talent who at best will be a solid gatekeeper. That should be a clear, decisive victory for him.
  10. I saw Ad Astra on Thursday. It felt like if the current Terrence Malick made a space family drama with a few brutal death scenes thrown in.
  11. Bulgarian fans are doing their damnedest to get this game suspended.
  12. I don't think I've run into one yet, but I certainly enjoyed the "constantly leveling up until it got to god mode" thing Mel was fighting the other day. DALMIT!! MY MONKEY IS DEAD!!!!
  13. Again, can BTE just be Dustin and Greg just being Dustin and Greg shitting on everyone?
  14. Gurley and Hollywood Brown not playing hurt the hell out of me. Plus, I didn't get a good DEF on the waiver wire and had to settle for Tampa Bay who got -3 pts. Amazing.
  15. Speaking of UK promotions. I'll be over there at Xmas. Is SEPW as bad as it looks?
  16. Today
  17. If Mark Henry could sit down with every racist, I'm pretty sure we'd see the end of racism.
  18. I'm not spending any time trying to format this, but I'm sure your cat will enjoy both.
  19. I’m actually looking forward to Shawn Spears getting his first win with an assist from Tully cold clocking Janela.
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