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  2. I doubt it. NBA 2K hasn't changed except for moving more towards monetization on a $60 game and doing more with story mode. As we've all stated multiple times, there's zero incentive for 2K to change what they're doing with the WWE series as long as people keep buying it. This year you're seeing a hit in graphics, probably physics too, because they parted ways with Yukes and then hired a lot of new employees making for probably way too much turnover for a yearly game. So something was going to take a hit and so far it's how visually appealing it is.
  3. 12/9/15 Takeover: London go-home. Enzo and Big Cass Vs Corey Hollis and John Skylar: Hollis and Skylar have their own music now. This is to showcase an aggressive side to Enzo and Cass as they get ready to face Dash and Dawson at Takeover. They don't do their shtick coming out, but do cut a promo after the match, in theory a serious promo, but Cass looked and sounded absolutely ridiculous trying to be intense. Tom is with Dana and Emma backstage. Emma says there would be no divas revolution without her. The highlight of this is Dana making Tom scrunch down so she can pat him on the head. Let me speak on Dana real quick. I was all ready to just mercilessly take her apart, to talk about how worthless she is and how she has no redeeming qualities as a wrestler. Well, I was wrong. Dana is awesome. Super entertaining character, and really good in her role. Yeah, she's no great shakes in the ring, but she definitely deserved more on the main roster, and it's a shame that her only use on the main roster was being the Roadie to Charlotte's Double J (man, that's apt). As an all talk, no action lower card heel, Dana is the bomb. Asuka Vs Deonna Purrazzo: Emma and Dana come out mid-match, but the distraction doesn't work as Asuka hits Deonna with a roundhouse kick to win the match by ref stoppage. Emma looks very concerned. The Hype Bros Vs Blake and Murphy: Both teams have backstage bits before the match. The Hype Bros cut a promo in which Mojo compares Blake and Murphy to 'number twos'. This is absolutely terrible. Then Alexa blames Blake and Murphy for her loss to Bayley, but it turns out she's just trying to motivate them for this match. The Hype Bros are deplorable characters, but I like the energy they bring to the crowd. I miss Blake and Murphy as a competitive tag team. They look good in this match, and I think they might take it a couple of times, but ultimately it's the Hype Bros that get the win. Bayley vs Peyton Royce: Peyton is a heel, and her gimmick seems to be that she comes out with a flower that she likes to smell. Not a patch on Wade Barrett's flower-related gimmick. Short but competitive match won by Bayley. Nia Jax and Eva Marie come out. Eva starts to talk and gets the Vickie Guerrero treatment from the crowd (ie. they boo her so loud she can't continue). Then Nia grabs the mic from her and says she doesn't need anyone to talk for her. I beg to differ, as Nia sucks on the mic. Backstage, Finn Balor and Apollo Crews are getting ready for their tag match. Apollo says that after they win their matches at Takeover, they're going to settle the question of which one of them is that man in NXT. Samoa Joe and Baron Corbin Vs Finn Balor and Apollo Crews: This doesn't get long, but is decent enough. Finish sees Joe trap Finn in the Kokina as Corbin and Crews brawl to the back. Balor ends up passing out. They're really going all out to heat Joe up, and I like it. Takeover has been pretty well built up to, but on paper the card doesn't look too good to me. I think the only match I'm looking forward to, and have any expectations for, is Asuka/Emma. I guess I'm interested to see what Joe can do with Finn. I don't give a shit about Nia or Enzo and Cass challenging. Corbin/Crews does nothing for me either. We'll see, I guess. Episode MVP: Dana Brooke.
  4. Wednesday is going to be interesting as it is supposed to rain all day along the East Coast so you are potentially looking at both games getting washed out. (I am working under the assumption the Nats wont sweep - that could be quite foolish of me)
  5. What if I told you keeping a gun out of a mentally ill person's hand would be a good thing and this movie shows you why that would be a good thing to do?
  6. You can't right now. Now, they're gonna come back eventually for Season 11, but right now, FSTW and Fortnite are both down for this build up event. I'm not sure if I got as many people playing my shitty game not realizing there are better games out there, making my game unplayable for longer than a day so they can go find the better games might not be the best idea.
  7. Late to the party but I finally watched last night and I thought this episode was even better than the first. I understand why those who didn't like Jericho's promo feel that way, but it worked for me very much just because it was something different. The main event was unreal, maybe one of my favorite matches they've run so far on any show. Dustin is still just one of the best doing it today it's mind boggling. The opener was star making in my eyes, but my girlfriend kept calling Private Party "store brand Street Profits" so YMMV I guess
  8. Jared Goff is currently giving me negative points The game is in the third quarter
  9. The Dolphins are insisting that Josh Rosen is still their starter
  10. They weren't great last year but a lot of folks hand waved it away due to all the injuries they had Now why they have some injuries this year too but they remain not very good
  11. Yikes, I hope I can get the Platinum whenever I buy Fortnite Save The World.
  12. What the hell has happened to the Cowboys?
  13. So what happens, storyline wise in thus movie, if the guy in the clown shop never gives Arthur the gun? See, there's so many ways to attack this hyperbolic slice of controversy bait. It being an anti-gun control, pro-Death Penalty movie is just one of them.
  14. You mean how like the common talk before the movie was released was that Joker was basically an incel whose motivation was based on his hatred of women. Welcome to the internet, where anyone who wants a movie to fail will use any talking point possible to push the narrative there direction.
  15. Anyone here keep up with the Falcons? What the fuck happened to that team?
  16. 1000's of streamers and shitty game players losing their shit because Fortnite shut it self down for its event is glorious.
  17. The way the wrestlers look in WWE 2K20 is indicative of the current WWE -- they don't care and they just showed up.
  18. Today
  19. Is there any chance they will change things?
  20. Speaking of Rush here’s him vs Bandido from ROH’s 17th Anniversary Show from March of this year. I was there live and this is my first time seeing the match since. It’s as tight as I remember it being. Imagine watching this on Dynamite in front of a larger crowd. Also ROH is so bad at micing a crowd we were way louder then it comes off on the tape.
  21. Is that Leveon Bell's first TD this year? If it is actually a TD Dak with a possible concussion? Although it looks like it will be a fight to get him out of the game
  22. Actually Smackdown this past week did Way better in the 50+ demo, and were down with the 18+. They still finished first with 18+, but they aren’t getting better there.
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