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  2. I agree, if the refs are going to have different styles and standards for their matches, they need to make that clear quickly. Make Aubrey the tough ref and Knox a little looser, then it can be part of the match's story rather than a distraction. JR could say things like "That's Referee Edwards in there, she'll make sure this match is done by the books" or "Rick Knox is known for letting wrestlers bend the rules a little, and like it or not it makes for some incredible action" instead of crapping on the product on national TV.
  3. Freddi Cougar would be a great milf porn parody.
  4. Jim Cornette is also, not President of the United States. And this thread is done.
  5. I'm not sure even Jim Cornette is claiming he would make a good President.
  6. Georgia went down to 10 on their loss. So, new top 5 means Rankingz~ #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Penn State can send Jim Harbaugh halfway to DC with a win this weekend in Happy Valley.
  7. That's correct. Knox is also the ref who never enforces tag rules and basically lets matches devolve into tornado tag rules. In addition, he rarely, if ever, enforces countouts. And I'd appreciate some differences in the refs if the announcers or wrestlers would call attention to it. It's like when Steve Mazzagatti would ref a UFC match and the fighters and fans would know that, shit, someone's going to die.
  8. Just wanted to piggyback on this and add one more thing. Cornette frequently shittalks President Camacho Cheeto, which, ok, fine because I don't like the prick either, but Cornette does the same exact shit that Cheeto does. Corny is the biggest hypocrite. He constantly dog whistles, is a bigot, doubles down when he's clearly wrong, etc. So I don't want to hear some this shit about how smart Corny is. He ain't. He may know how to work the marks and may know wrestling history, but that's where it stops. If he were so smart then he'd be self-aware enough to know that he does the exact same shit that he hates Trump for.
  9. Today
  10. I was shocked to read about this And good lord thank you for THIS. We had to learn that fucking song in music class at school. I'd rather have been waterboarded. As I posted in the horror thread I had a blast rewatching this recently. However I remember the sequel being better (despite that goddamn song) and wish some channel would play it this month.
  11. Take this for what it is worth since WrestleVotes is right about as much as it is wrong
  12. For a split second I thought "D.X." was actually being played by Sean Waltman.
  13. Yes They also said there is more to announce And for visual learners
  14. Speaking of... Best episode in forever.
  15. They seriously tweeted those ONE AT A FUCKING TIME?!
  16. Here is the complete list of launch titles (reminder - it is in chronological order)
  17. My main exposure to these movies was video boxes before seeing them on TV. When I was in kindergarden I would run around tormenting girls pretending to be "Freddy Cougar" all because I saw the cover of part 2 at the gas station or possibly saw a commercial on TV, who knows.
  18. Okay - the career mode stuff is so trash that I actually want to play it now
  19. AEW Dark and NWA Powerrr are going to be weekly viewing for me on Tuesdays. Don't expect much out of Sonny/Sabian/Librarian, it's fine but the promo Librarian cuts beforehand is pretty good cheap heat stuff. I don't know if it'll make air.
  20. Impact has been on AXS on Tuesday, but it's all reruns. This Tuesday is Slammiversary from 2017. It is double funny that they would pixellate Santos' face but do a super tight closeup of busted open Bonnar (how did that happen anyway, a clash of heads?). Like it zoomed in once, and that wasn't close enough so it zoomed in closer.
  21. The thing that I found weird is the Impact actually pixelated Melissa Santos getting piledrived by Sami in a photo. Like of all the things that happened on the show this is something you need a warning on? I thought Impact was on AXS for the last 2 weeks on Tuesdays. I don't know how long they will show the Pursuit shows on a Friday night. Since I don't get AXS (thanks Cox communications) it has been helpful
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