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  2. Goddamn Jurassic Express is fucking over. Moxley/Allin next week!!!!!!
  3. Here is the template for this week: EVENT #135 Bellator 234: Kharitonov vs. Vassell (11/14/2019) - Tel Aviv, Israel (Menora Mivtachim Arena) Sergei Kharitonov vs. Linton Vassell - Roger Huerta vs. Sidney Outlaw - Austin Vanderford vs. Grachik Bozinyan - Haim Gozali vs. Artur Pronin - Aviv Gozali vs. Zaka Fatullazade - Olga Rubin vs. Sinead Kavanagh - Vladimir Fedin vs. Adam Keresh - Robson Gracie Jr. vs. Ameer Bashir - EVENT #136 LFA 78: Yanez vs. Estrada (11/15/2019) - Belton, TX (Bell County Expo Center) Adrian Yanez vs. Kyle Estrada - Hailey Cowan vs. Lisa Mauldin - Nation Gibrick vs. Brant Moore - Vernon Lewis vs. Tra'Von Butler - Jose Johnson vs. Rafael Costa - JP Buys vs. Chris Rodriguez Jr. - BONUS EVENT #1 ShoBox: Ortiz vs. Palmetta (11/15/2019) - Sloan, Iowa (WinnaVegas Casino & Resort) Erik Vega Ortiz vs. Alberto Ignacio Palmetta - Marcos Escudero vs. Joseph George - Amilcar Vidal vs. Zach Prieto - Jonathan Esquivel vs. Bryant McClain - Antonio Woods vs. Kassius Holdorf - Rayshaun Thomas vs. Ginno Montoya - Aaron Quintana vs. Lawrence Subelka - EVENT #137 UFC Fight Night on ESPN+ 22: Błachowicz vs. Jacaré (11/16/2019) - São Paulo, Brazil (Ginásio do Ibirapuera) Jan Błachowicz vs. Ronaldo Souza - Maurício Rua vs. Paul Craig - Charles Oliveira vs. Jared Gordon - Antônio Arroyo vs. André Muniz - Markus Perez vs. Wellington Turman - Sérgio Moraes vs. James Krause - Ricardo Ramos vs. Luiz Eduardo Garagorri - Francisco Trinaldo vs. Bobby Green - Warlley Alves vs. Randy Brown - Douglas Silva de Andrade vs. Renan Barão - Ariane Lipski vs. Veronica Macedo - Vanessa Melo vs. Tracy Cortez - The Event #135 deadline is Thursday, November 14, 3:15 p.m. CST. The Friday events deadline is November 15, 5:30 p.m. CST. The Event #137 deadline is Saturday, November 16, 4:00 p.m. CST.
  4. Mox and Omega suffered hardway cuts that quickly stopped. Dustin gigged deeply and hit an artery. Big difference. AEW is going to be a little more giving but they have sponsors and rules. They are not intentionally going to have a total bloodbath.
  5. I think the nitpicks are fair but I don't even think about them because for the most part the shows are very logical and well constructed which I am not used to seeing.
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  7. I think Marty may actually have been the most coked-up guy in that one. He couldn't stop moving.
  8. I hope Luchasaurus can stay healthy, the dude looks like money. Those kicks alone got me jazzed up.
  9. Got a soft spot for Mark (can't imagine why,) and I really think that he found his calling being thrown around by Wolfie. Someone told me that Nina Samuels needs to be managing Pretty Deadly and the more I think about it, the righter that is. Loved the Trent vs. Dar feud apart from that one DQ finish. The idea behind it was solid, but the actual DQ they went with was weird because that's just not what referees usually seem to do in that situation. One minor gripe though, the rest of it was great stuff.
  10. Back on the music doc tip, this is on Night Flight Plus. Since the trailer doesn't give it away and I kind of don't want to spoil it, I'll say that it "explains" him well. For a person I had admiration but not much if any real respect for due to some of his beliefs and behavior over the years, this helped me think much better of him. Even if he thinks I'm a demon. They also have a solid Circle Jerks doc on there too with tons of live material. Night Flight Plus is really a treasure trove of music docs period. I think I only pay what, five bucks a month for it?
  11. Janela is a goof with his ever careful tipsy toe down the ramp in his new cowboy boots and his inexplicable seizure while mugging for the camera...nothing about him screams dangerous, yet they’re trying to present him as some kind of threat.
  12. BTW, what kind of lousy friends are Page and the Bucks, Wardlow's out there hanging their friend and they're nowhere to be found?! Should have had the Bucks beatdown before the Cody-Jericho segment and you can explain away Page's absence because of his impending match. But NO one coming out to help Cody makes it seem like MJF was right about him. Another bone to pick on an otherwise decent show that had maybe too many beatdowns in the last hour (Again, could have fixed the above logic-hole and the two beatdowns so close together by opening the show with Bucks-LAX (I don't want to call them Proud and Powerful)) is that it was weird how the announcers really undersold the fact that Nakazawa is Omega's friend/protege/annoyance who was standing up for his friend/mentor/annoyee by throwing down his oil to try to avenge Omega's maiming. Instead it was like "He's throwing away the oil" "Blah blah baby oil?" "Blah blah stuff is happening later." It just seemed like very obvious storytelling details that the announce team completely whiffed on. Every time I see people complaining about the Dark Order, I always find myself thinking that they're pretty cool, but every time they wrestle, I completely lose interest/get distracted and realize after the bell rings that I have never actually watched one of their matches in full. The whole masked cult leaderish guy with unnamed masked disciples totally appeals to me, but I feel like Dick Grayson's (I know!) whole get-up and name don't work with the gimmick and Evil Uno's wrestling style doesn't really work as the leader of the group and it should all be right up my alley but just never comes together. It's missing something. A third member might tie it all together. Or maybe just Kevin Sullivan to manage them. You know who would have been great as their muscle/heater? Punishment Martinez. I love Sammy Guevara. I think he's going to be a big, big star. He just seems like he has it. Character-wise, he reminds me of early Miz where you just want to see him get the crap kicked out of him with his posing and smirking, and the tongue thing, and the chewing gum thing, but he's a better athlete than the Miz. As long as he stops landing on the crown of his head on Germans (That was nasty), I think he could be big. One more nitpick: why is nobody else coming after the World Title? You've got Jericho winning a contentious World Title match against an opponent who says he won't challenge again if he loses, and all these guys coming off major wins like Moxley and Page aren't declaring themselves as coming after the world title or even wanting the world title (Moxley basically challenged people to come after him instead of saying "I want to be the champ!"). It makes things a little too storyline-y or pre-scripted if NO ONE talks about wanting to win the World Title because they're planning on Scorpio pinning him and doing a mini-program in the main event. All that aside, I DID like the show, honestly. Just a handful of things I thought were handled poorly that could have made things a little better.
  13. Fuck, Tom Lawler is no all time great in MMA but he would absolutely crush Suzuki, prime or not.
  14. Poor Kawato. He looked to have all the potential in the world before his excursion. Exquisite selling and fire. His techniques were of course simple but performed at a very high level. But he has to go play rudo oriental in Mexico because.
  15. Man, SCU is kind of flat and I honestly don't blame the crowd for not getting into them. Their shitty take on a tired ass intro from 20 years ago is lame as fuck. The blatant pandering to the audience in said intro may be worse. They're all technically fine wrestlers who have never engaged me emotionally once. None of them have a superstar aura about them. They're trying to do something with Scorpio, and he was obviously the guy Tony was talking about when he was asked about two blonde guys fighting for the title at All Out. However, the crowd isn't really buying it. SCU were booed by a pretty decent chunk of the audience when they went over the Lucha Bros for the tag titles (that was on the booking for trying to make Penta and Fenix heels) and the crowd went mild when Scorpio got the cradle on Jericho. I won't go so far as to say they are to the men's roster what Britt Baker is to the women's but it doesn't exactly feel earned. Scorpio has a lot of the tools but hasn't put them together in a meaningful way. Daniels and Kazarian's technical proficiency but lack of emotional depth has certainly rubbed off on him. This may have been my least favourite episode to date but it was a mixed bag rather than overly negative. There was a real lack of flow in the first hour with several squashes and long angles/promos. Jericho biffed it on the powerslam and that kind of killed the heat of what should've been a huge angle. MJF didn't really say anything memorable and then went into a comedy routine with Jericho. Wardlow looked dope tho. Darby looked faster than he usually does and that's saying something. Accepting Mox's promo pumped me up, I'll say that much. Pac and Page basically cut off the opening third of their matches and did as close of a sprint as Pac will allow these days. I really enjoyed it and I'm glad that they're not putting Pac on the back burner. He's the complete package but unfortunately can't be the top heel in the company yet.
  16. Oh, cool, so he’ll continue to be a big fish in a small pond then. I can’t wait for his feud with David Finlay.
  17. It's not that much different from John Wayne finally winning an Oscar for playing the same character he had played 75 times before. How Green Was My Valley over Citizen Kane is probably the biggest crime, but it's also a pretty good movie in and of itself.
  18. I think he is hospital bound: On a more serious note, this might be a try out for NJoA.
  19. Important, I think, bits were: 1. They are in talks of bringing more NJPW guys to CMLL in 2020. This likely has to do with NJPWofUSA being more of a thing now so once their USA tour wraps some wrestlers might go for a week or two to CMLL. Or something like that. 2. NJPW would be interested in bringing some CMLL talent for more than just a tour here and there. I guess they might want to use Titan as a semi-regular guy? 3. This might be lost in translation, but Sugabayashi said that he hopes that Kawato can become a star in CMLL before he returns to Japan. Now, I might be reading too much into this, but considering that Kawato has close to zero chance of becoming a star in CMLL... to me it kinda hints that NJPW are not really happy with his performance and he is going to stay in CMLL for a while.
  20. Dancing With Wolves over Goodfellas in Best Picture is the biggest crime in Oscars history.
  21. Find a better team than this one.. YOU CAN'T
  22. I really liked what they did with Kenny tonight. He was beat up pretty good and they showed his battle scars, he wasn't cleared for tonight but he wanted to know how beat up Moxley was and when he found out that Moxley was cleared you could see the wheels turning. The match didn't "count" but it actually does count way more than most normal matches either man could have had. They went to war and Kenny was fine with being on the shelf if Mox was as well. But he wasn't and now Kenny has to do some soul searching. On the other side Moxley looked rejuvenated and at the top of his game. The aftermath of a match that doesn't "count" is weighing more on both men than any singles match would have done.
  23. I’m gonna write up a more detailed synopsis later but I wanna say this while it’s on my mind... By the way Jericho reacted at the end of the program this has to lead to a championship defense. They want to make the Thanksgiving Eve show something special and word around town is the tickets are moving slower then expected. Jericho vs Sky at Sears with a build could possibly move tickets. Announce the match on Twitter tomorrow, hopefully they taped reactions from both Sky and Jericho after the show so they can air them on Dark, do a contract signing next week, Jericho can claim it was a fluke over compensates by agreeing to a title defense, Scorp can take it super serious as one should, video packages the works and see if ticket sales move or not. Also if they do actually want Thanksgiving Eve to have a SuperCard feel they should announce either Cody and a returning Dustin or Cody and The Hangman vs MJF and Wardlow.
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