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  2. I think they dropped the ball a little with the presentation of Wardlow. They've built him up as this unstoppable, stoic monster.....only to bring him out doing Steve Bradley cosplay in his tights and undercut. I felt he showed too much emotion at times too. Him coming out in gear similar to say, Mr. Hughes/Big Bubba would have been far more on point for what they were trying to get across. But credit where credit is due - great swanton.
  3. For those who don't know, the other PBC vs. Top Rank match on this card is Sebastian Fundora vs. Daniel Lewis at junior middleweight. Lewis is billed as 5'10". Fundora is billed as 6'5 1/2" at least.
  4. I have no idea who or what Eli Roth is. Guessing that might be a good thing, from Rippa's response.
  5. I know of 2, one in CHIKARA vs. The Colony, and one on Ciampa during that BOLA.
  6. Did Chucky T ever even do a second invisible hand grenade? Because to the best of my recollection, it was a spot he tried once on a PWG show, it didn't get over, and was almost completely forgotten for like 4 years before it suddenly started flying around Twitter and people started tagging Cornette.
  7. This is probably how our opinions differ, but my argument is not directly contrarary to yours. Both are unrealistic, but never in the same vein. One is a move with instantly hurts, knocks out, makes one tap in a fight, milked & drawn out for dramatic purposes. The other is a move that would never work in real life. If the overworked Kimura is more unrealistic to you than the Penis Suplex, that's definetly your cup of tea, but you yourself laid out perfectly while it is still perfectly reasonable to differentiate the two. My point is that I don't agree with the sentiment of "Wrestling always had unrealistic stuff in it, there is no difference between invisible handgrenades and an Irish Whip or a Sleeper hold!" What breaks ones immersion is subjective. But if the Taken movie all of the sudden has a scene with a dude grabbing Liam Neesons crotch, then sommersaulting it would be a different way of portraying unrealism than Liam Neeson fighting out of a choke in 20 instead of 10 seconds.
  8. Love this. Let’s conveniently ignore his community work in Bermuda, the youth rugby team he set up there, piloting a programme to provide meals to impoverished kids in Malawi and setting up a sports facility there too for stuff that possibly happened decades ago instead
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  10. Sid was part of the Studd Stable in Memphis in 88, so I guess his relationship with Fuller did go back a while.
  11. As I said in the movie thread - Fuck Eli Roth
  12. Yeah, he wouldn't come into WCW in 93 without him. According to Schiavone during the Slamboree 93 WHW episode, it was also because Sid kinda had a "roid rage" issue. So I guess Parker was his handler. From that though, Parker kept drawing a check from being on the booking committee long after he wasn't on the booking committee. That's so WCW. So weird hearing Sid talk about "the man" and it not being about his own wrestling persona. I want a TED talk with Sid on institutional racism and how the prison system in the 21st century is symbolic of that.
  13. Eli Roth is going to direct a Borderlands movie for Lions Gate.
  14. Washington has officially released Jordan Reed
  15. Well if the Revival are still potentially coming in, then they’ll have to make some room for them. So whatever they might think of doing with the Bucks will have to be put on hold until they know they can’t get those guys.
  16. Y'all are looking at it backwards. JBL is a shoe-in for the WWE Hall of Fame for all the reasons he is a Hall of Fame candidate for Lifetime Asshole. He's a Fox News talking head who sexually assaulted people in the locker room and beat up a guy for no reason while drunk on the job. Going by those reasons why shouldn't he be in?
  17. 893k. Up from 817k last week. .31 demo. Even if he didn't draw as well, Wardlow definitely looked better in his prime-time debut than Bloomberg.
  18. I think Kenny and Hangman retain at Revolution with The Bucks throwing a HUGE hissy fit, Kenny finally sees what Page is talking about and starts distancing himself from the Bucks. From the Rhodes Brothers angle last summer Matt Jackson has a heel in him. He can be a prick with that I need my brother mocking shit Matt has a heel turn in him. Young Bucks as heels could be money.
  19. Colonel Robert Parker was his idea!? ...And you guys say this man isn’t a genius.
  20. I did not remember Martel being THAT huge!
  21. Has Kenny hit Page by accident yet? I assume all of the instances of Page hitting Kenny leads to Kenny screwing up once against Page, probably against the Bucks, and Page being all “HOW DARRRRREEE YOU!!”
  22. It was the former since he just tweeted it again a hour ago Fuck Eli Roth
  23. A couple of extra thoughts: 1 - Tag match was also awesome. If he can get the execution down I think the Sliding Lariat could be a good finisher for Hangman further down the road. I actively dislike Bryce as a ref now, he’s awful. 2 - The women’s division is really coming together now. Britt was good on commentary. Statlander and Swole are logical challengers and a three way is a great showcase for them.
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