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  2. Beatles reference. “A Day in the Life.”
  3. About a wrestling show that made the grade.
  4. I believe he said he was going with the Alucard look in an episode of road to DoN.
  5. Cody might as well have been a Beatle, since there were two Freddy Mercurys on the show. Nakamura needs to step his game up. If the Battle Royal proved anything, it proved that even now, in 2019, Tommy Dreamer will take any spot from any Wrestler. Sonny Kiss could have done his headscissor stinkface spot with anyone. He did it with Dreamer. Jimmy Havoc could have done the staple gun elimination with anyone. He did it with Dreamer. Orange Cassidy* could have been lackadaisical with anyone. He was lackadaisical with Dreamer. * Presumably he was the original Joker card. And they didn't want to un-book him, so he just showed up apparently at random. I hope he's signed, they could do something with him.
  6. Total PPV buys for DON? Has it been made public yet?
  7. I think Cody has been listening to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band a lot.
  8. I did appreciate Jericho bringing back the OG Walls of Jericho with the shin bridging over the back of the head - and I appreciated the fans in attendance catching that and cheering it on.
  9. First NBA Finals game in Canada, I believe. Happy for Toronto fans and even our own Lawful Metal for getting a win this postseason with Giannis' exit. There's your gift. Hot takes on Giannis have begun. Hope the Raptors grab both of these Durantless games in Toronto. Their best shot.
  10. Honestly nothing wrong with having a personality through your outfit as a lead guy. Gorilla had his colorful jackets, and tinted glasses. Jesse looked like a Long Beach pimp. Vince had those Cosby sweaters. King wore his gear. JR wears a hat. Just because today’s WWE has sterile looking announcers, doesn’t mean everybody has to follow there lead. That’s Vince’s fault for forgetting the need for individuality between lead commentators.
  11. Today
  12. Watched this with my 9-year old son and had a good old time. He played with toys half the time - he tunes out on any tag team matches, though... says he "just can't get into tag team stuff." Marvez seemed uncomfortable in the pre-show but once JR got there you could tell he loosened up and got more comfortable. Excalibur is really, really good. I still think it would be great to take the mask off and do commentary as a person and not a worker but whatever. Like you said, JR seemed really enthused and while I'd like to see him step back from the booth sooner than later I think he was good to have around for this show and likely the next. I was happy to see the production quality where it was and definitely a step up from All In - all signs seem to point to these guys at least making a real push at being competition. I'd be wary of directly competing with Vince, though, as we've seen where that's headed. The Khan's got dough but still not so much that they can compete *everywhere*. They need to take the right risks and aim for the right audience and grow the brand organically. Nyla Rose does nothing for me. My son calls Kylie Rae a "Bayley" rip-off and he's right but I actually think she might be better than Bayley. It was obvious that Baker was going to win since they've been pushing her since the beginning but this start of the women's division is decent. Also - have I been sleeping on Scorpio Sky? Dude seems to me to be the best dude in SCU - Daniels and Kazarian are still good but Scorp seems to be great.
  13. Bless R-Truth with the way he’s working this waiting for the okay from the office to do anything with this thing. I wonder if the undercard guys got a huge list of things right now on what not to do with the belt on non-TV days. “No title changes unless the office approves of them” etc... I was half expecting this to be worked with carte blanche in mind at times as long as they stay PG, and in the comedy spirit.
  14. The thing is HHH went to bat for Dustin and convinced Vince to let him go when Vince was keen on keeping him if the reports are to believed - which makes Cody's entrance even more bizarre. That Lucha Bros/Bucks tag, man. The worst kind of Will Ospreay vs. Will Ospreay inside a steel Will Ospreay match. Talk about overkill. Hopefully when the Revival get there they beat some of the bad habits out of the Bucks. I can't remember who said the production was better than WWE's but you are mad. WWE is the gold standard, AEW are nowhere near.
  15. I can understand why DP is not everyone’s cup of tea. I mean, what percentage of your average comic fans would get the Brotherhood of dada?
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