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  2. To say that some unexpected things happened on this show is probably understating it.
  3. alstein

    NJPW 2020 NJ Cup

    Will, that main event was something. Dean's gonna be happy for who popped up mysteriously.
  4. Can I just take a moment to introduce you to a tradition on a Japanese game show I watch called Gaki No Tsukai? Every year Chono enters with his entrance music, and entraps one of the comedians into taking an open handed slap to the face, if you like crazy, surreal, farcical humour, you'll enjoy their stuff immensely. It can be found with English subtitles quite easily.
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  6. Have to say its kind of shitty of them to give a masterworked Militia's Birthright as one of the quest rewards for these early Exodus missions knowing its sun setting with this season. Also could they really have not afforded to to hire the voice actors for some lines in these? Feels kind of cheap to not give us at least one last listen to them speaking lines when we know this stuff and the upcoming exotic version of the Exodus quest will be the last time we likely see any of these characters.
  7. Remember Batista visited him after he Retired the first time? Two of the most fashionable wrestlers. Both holders of the Big Gold belt
  8. I'm super excited about this match simply because it means at least one local talent will get a win and become the second to get a victory!
  9. Technically it would be basically the same length with two extra rounds because they always kill time on the PPV. It's an extra 12 minutes at most (5 5 5 3 3 as opposed to 5 5 3 3 3). Remember they always show more movie trailers and shit if fights end earlier. So it's pick your poison.
  10. Exactly. So adding three title fights on top of that potentially adds another hour if not more. Some of these cards could stand to lose a few fights to spread them around more. Look at a card like Kattar vs. Ige now that it doesn't have Munhoz vs. Edgar.
  11. All these cards are 6 1/2 to 7 hours save for the few exceptions where you get guys get finished left and right.
  12. A UFC PPV event doesn't need more than two title fights. Two max is a good amount. Three is generally asking for trouble
  13. How in the hell are people complaining about that card when it gave us two classics back to back, Amanda Ribas, and a close title fight in Holloway/Volkanovski? I don't even mind watching Usman pressure the life out of his opponents because I'm watching true greatness at an aspect of the sport. I can get it if you're on the east coast or pulling a Natural but it ended at around 12:30 or 40 central, no?
  14. They're usually better than the Brazilian cards on FS1 back during the Fox era. Man, you want to talk about dragging. This one had four entertaining fights. I will take 4 out of 5.
  15. I remember all of them. That's why I don't want it to happen again. Having three title fights just drags the pacing of an event and you risk having three five-round fights or decisions. It's just a bad idea in general.
  16. It's only the sixth UFc event to ever do it. UFC 217 is one of the best MMA shows ever. Only show to have all three titles change hands: GSP, Thug Rose and Dillashaw.
  17. Apparently you don't remember some of the first three title fight cards. All those went well into the night. I'm totally use to it now.
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