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  2. I could see him joining the Horsemen with Pillman in 95 and going back to the tag division. I don't think Hogan or Savage would've seen money in a program with Austin so the US title run would probably be the highest point he'd reach.
  3. Their new name for whereever they show up next, the Cazztoffz. Not a peep has been uttered about them on ROH tv, so this looks like a good sign ROH wised up and said, FUCK 'EM.
  4. I like Dolph. He’s not my favorite, but I think he’s talented. He’s just stale. And he’s been stale. They had a chance to revitalize him when he had that survivor series moment, but they did nothing. I think he can help the team when motivated, he just never is.
  5. Reaction videos are the cancer of YouTube. Winner! I think that Bran will find some schnook to fill the chair but you don't need a spymaster when you are a fucking oracle. Speaking of schnooks, I agree that Bronn should probably move to Master of Whispers In Name Only since he has an ear in every brothel in Westeros, but he should lave the heavy lifting to Bran and his long distance scrying talent.. TBH, I think Arya has quetly taken the role of Master of Whispers and Bran just isn't telling anyone. She's now gone off to seek adventure AND gather intelligence. Given her training with the Faces, she is the real best choice for the job. I have no idea who I'd put in the Master of Laws chair, so I defer to the choice of Bronze Yohn Royce. It would probably be smart of Bran to earn some goodwill and consolidate his power by offering a King's Guard slot to a Dothraki or to one of the Unsullied or at least honor both factions with protectorate status. Making the Dothraki and the Unsullied wardens in their own jurisdictions will probably drown future aspirations of conquering the whole fucking continent on their Vengeance For The Mother Of Dragons tour. Danerys broke the wheel when she became queen, so people bringing up that Jon should be the new Khal by right of combat are stupid. It's pretty obvious that old traditions were set aside a long time ago once the Dothraki and the Unsullied unified under Danerys's banner and formed one of the more feared fighting forces in recent memory.
  6. Well if he’ll be a more martial-arts focused character, then Donnie Yen would be a better choice. But then this Marvel, and they do love a good high profile stunt casting. So why not Jackie Chan?
  7. I’m really curious about how they’ll “end” the X-Men film franchise. Like I really hope all these reshoots were done to give this series a very bleak End of Evanglion finality.
  8. That was a fun day. Everybody screwed up.
  9. I'd have the same reaction if Finlay was chasing after me. Now if it was Meng, Road Runner ain't got shit on me!
  10. Yeah, there's a more fitting term than cast offs. They are fuck offs.
  11. Got me some first row seats for Summer Supercard! Looking forward to seeing who will be working the show. Given its G1 finals weekend it will probably junior/vet heavy, which is not a bad thing. Would love one last Liger appearance in Toronto too.
  12. This was a fun show (watched the whole thing on our TV with the wife out of town)... a little too heavy on the fuckery in the last few matches but solid overall. I might go with Ospreay/Romero as match of the tournament, but this was really great and the Korakuen atmosphere added a lot. ELP is going to be a star when this is all said and done, and more power to him.
  13. His match with Ohno from last week was fantastic.
  14. All of their title belts are velcro now. Or most of them anyway.
  15. Is Art Deco making a comeback? But seriously, this thing was made on super short notice. It looked like from the clips that the strap used velcro. Probably made by the same person who Chikara’s original tag belts.
  16. It would rule if you farmed it out across different promotions. Sort of like roller derby, where you have different cities/leagues host the qualifiers, regionals and finally the championships.
  17. Yeah man, I used to watch them in the AWS before PWG, so I probably saw them wrestle the Bucks a shitload of times back in the AWS parking lot show days(and finally saw them vs The Bucks vs Generico and London live in PWG). They had a fun evil GNC employee gimmick.
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  19. The final blow for Dolph came in 2015 with that horrible Lana/Rusev/Summer Rae/Dolph love quad of doom angle. Everyone came out looking worse, though Summer earned points for actually trying to make it work. Everyone knew Lana/Rusev were a real-life couple, then Lana doubled down by running to TMZ to announce their engagement. Dolph, supposedly the face, looked like a scummy man whore. Rusev and Summer Rae were weirdos with Summer cosplaying Lana. And Lana was just an all-around dumb floozy, based on booking. All four people looked like sluts, that's an accomplishment that actual soap operas can't pull off. I think Dolph pretty much gave up after that, but man. Just leave. He's single with no kids, there's no indication that he's a big spender. He's probably got a good nest egg. Leave WWE, hit the indie circuit for a couple of years, maybe do a online TV show to see if he can get his comedy career off the ground. He's literally the guy with a top executive job who whines when he doesn't win a worthless Executive of the Year award. He's got a corner office, private parking, and company credit card with a golden parachute waiting for him. Either take the Orton route and enjoy coasting or hit the road.
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