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  2. I am not normally a big fan of pop songs, but this sweet little downtempo track has been stuck in my head all day ever since I heard it on the radio this morning on the way to work. It's that song that plays for your life soundtrack when you're sitting on a park bench on a warm July day and that cute girl from Apartment 201B smiles at you and starts walking your way and suddenly the world is moving in slow motion in a good way.
  3. Honestly a bit surprised they released this piece of shit. Realize 2K only cares about money but even delaying the release would have at least given the impression of pretending to care.
  4. Let's not go comparing miseries, my friend. Everyone's struggle is real and significant. Yours included. Let's just support each other so that we can overcome our adversities. Have you talked to your instructor about your writer's block? Perhaps you can get an extension?
  5. I've had trouble focusing for a paper this week(turns out its my blood pressure-long story on that), and I turned in a incomplete "rough draft" on Sunday. No repercussions as this is only for peer review, the real deadline is Sunday. Not a biggie, except I'm pretty embarrassed as I normally can bs 1500 words like nobody's business, but the writers block has been nasty. Made some progress today, as I'm at a middle school with nothing to do(the kids have worksheets). Just a bit frustrated. I have a chance at a emergency job-the principal goes to my church and he asked me to apply for it, but I haven't heard anything about the interview and this week was when the other teacher was supposed to be leaving. Trying to stay positive, but my natural pessimism is making it hard. Not that my issues compare to you guys stuff. . .
  6. Emmanuel Sanders and a 5th round pick in 2020 to the 49ers for a 3rd and 4th round pick in the 2020 Draft per ESPN.
  7. supremebve

    30 For 30

    Has anyone listened to the 30 for 30 podcast about Donald Sterling? I knew Donald Sterling is/was a creepy ass racist, but I had no fucking clue how much of a creepy ass racist he is/was. Some of the court transcripts made my skin crawl. He was just saying creepy ass perverted answers to yes or no questions.
  8. I fully endorse any thread critiquing the look/gear of wrestlers. I'll throw in: David Starr is an excellent wrestler but he looks like Xanta Klaus on a diet.
  9. My son and I were really hoping for the gym. Slightly disappointing it's not the open one with the people sitting on the floor, but this one has a little charm too.
  10. I hope someone else wins the title from Amale before then. Bringing Satomura over to wrestle her would be a waste, she's... not good.
  11. Even if you know nothing about the Raiders, you will always remember him for three simple words; OLD MAN WILLIE . That interception will be still be awesome to watch in 2040.
  12. I need to follow up on some people on Twitter that were doing the "So what, it's just previews, I'm dropping $90 for this and it'll be amazing and all you shitting on it are just clowns" routine are still crowing.
  13. They should tell him Volador Jr. wants his top back, and that you're not supposed to wear long pants with it. EDIT: Actually I guess he has wore long pants with it
  14. It's JJ Abrams! Not having a map for where they are heading is his best and only idea!
  15. I am sorta hoping that Midnight Sons will be the Avengers / Endgame that begins with MCU Blade and Dr. Strange 2.. Some of Marvel's more iconic horror IPs like Man-Wolf and Morbius being hemmed up with Spider-Man / Sony does not help. The release delay for the upcoming horror themed New Mutants joint do not fill me with the confidence that it will be good.
  16. It was actually "Hola, chicas!" And yes, they popped. Also, this.
  17. Yeah, really fun movies Really surprised we haven't gotten a Nightstalkers/Midnight Sons movie yet. They'd have to rehab Ghost Rider pretty hard but they can do that if they put their minds to it.
  18. That last hour of Raw was as good as anything WWE has put out in a while. I really enjoyed the last hour a lot.
  19. Raiders legend Willie Brown has died at the age of 78 (at least per the internet)
  20. Great, now I'm imagining Val intoning "Hola, senoritas" into the mic. The CMLL ring girls wouldn't work though, he'd have to go get some ladies that looked busted up like him for the gimmick to work. Maybe just come out to the ring with Jasmin St. Claire.
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  22. No. You know what happens when you start using space as a setting for monsters whose original setting was not in space.
  23. Oh he’s Reese Witherspoon in Election. That fits pretty well.
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