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  2. I watched day 14 (April 23) of the CC. Thoughts: I haven't been watching the undercards, for the most part, but I wanted to see if Lee/Iwamoto vs Suwama/Okada built on the previous show's Lee/Suwama match. And it didn't. It was also super short, so I'm guessing they're still pretty beat up. I did get to see Iwamoto judo-flip Suwama, though. Yoshitatsu vs Hashimoto is actually a pretty good match. Maybe even a quite good match, but it’s really hard to get emotionally invested in either guy. They start with a lot of pretty good mat/chain wrestling, like they’re worried Redman is watching them and going to go back to England and be all like “lads they don’t know how to wrestle there, it’s all chops and clotheslines and very few drop toe holds or spinning wristlock escapes!” No one fucks up at all and Hash doesn’t look lost, so a real win in everyone’s books, even though the ending seems quite abrupt. Aoki vs Valetta: thanks to lostintube, I now know that when the wrestlers are brawling outside the ring, the announcer is saying “oki o tsuke kudasaI” or “watch your butts, fans!” So it’s delightful to realize that they say the same thing when Valetta is just coming to the ring. Like, “watch out, this mediocre Bruiser Brody clone is too crazy for us to control!” What if AJ didn’t make Valetta a Bruiser Brody clone but a Tiger Jeet Singh clone? I think I’d be down with him waving a sabre and spitting fire at people. Fuck yeah. Side note (to that side note): A chain is actually a pretty shitty wrestling weapon, because it doesn’t look like it hurts, but I bet it probably hurts. Though admittedly this chain seems very light and jingles a lot, like it’s made of tin or something. Or some other light metal. Fuck it, I’m not a metallurgist. This is … also pretty good? Valetta is perhaps learning how to grow into this very limited role he’s been given. Absolute best-case scenario is that he improves enough to kind of make room within the role for his own stuff, like how Doering is meant to be Hansen and still does a lot of Hansen stuff but has definitely become his own guy. But I’m not saying he’s there or even close to getting there. He is doing the right stuff in this role, though, like kicking at young boys and threatening the ref with a heavy chair beating, etc. He also shakes Aoki’s hand at the start, and looks over his shoulder to give the camera a greasy smile, which was a nice touch. Honestly, I think this was Aoki’s chance to do something, like take the chain himself and shit kick Valetta with it. Instead he just wrestling him, what a waste. Sai vs Okabayashi: Sai keeps threatening to superplex people out of the ring, and I gotta say that, on top of the fact that no one is going to take that bump (maybe PCO), shouldn’t it like actually be illegal? If hitting people with a chair is bad, why would I be allowed to throw them off the turnbuckle and into the audience? Anyway, this gets off to a quick start, and other than some very standard weird Sai posturing on the top rope, mostly stays brisk. Good match, but there’s not enough weight to it to be anything memorable. James vs Ishikawa: actually kinda similar to the previous match, in that it was good but they didn’t really put enough into it to make it next-level. Ishikawa is having a great CC, though. I think better than last year’s. It’d be hard not to just slap the triple crown on Ishikawa. He’s always good and he’s incredibly convincing as an unstoppable monster. Dylan James is only 27! If this dude sticks around he’ll be TC champ in a few years for sure. He’s the ideal foreigner: big, beefy, and capable of going 30 minutes if necessary. Though he was looking pretty beat up from that Okabayashi match. Whole show was solid without being great. Complete and Objective Match Rankings: [Ishikawa/Okabayashi might be overrated at this point. It was the first top-tier match of the tournament. I'm probably not going to go back and revisit them anytime soon, though]
  3. Now that I'm thinking about it, I think the correct answer is Priest Holmes. He was the best player in all of football for about 3 years.
  4. Not sure which video you're referring to, but the one from the South of Heaven video looks like a BC Rich Wave.
  5. If someone looks over my shoulder at shit they deserve to see a bug lady puking in someone's mouth and a giant bug exploding from their body and the boner I got from watching it
  6. Interesting snapshot of the first round through the player efficiency lens: Top 5 in PER: 1. Embiid - 39.4 2. Giannis - 31.6 3. Durant - 29.7 4. Kawhi - 28.9 5. Bledsoe - 28.7 Tells me two things. 1. The Nets going super small wasn’t a great idea. 2. Embiid doing this on a bum knee should terrify the rest of the East. If his knee continues to improve I think they can pull it off in round 2.
  7. I'll be there in GA someplace. Gotta get there early to make sure I get an actual seat. Can't say I'm excited for anything besides the tag match, but Slammiversary was so good last year that they deserve repeat customers.
  8. 21 Bridges Chadwick Boseman, JK Simmons, Sienna Miller, Taylor Kitsch and most importantly Keith David
  9. Would Kenny be better off as a heel world champion that the faces chase after? I was thinking that after thinking about Kenny chasing Jericho for the belt, but then realizing having Kenny as the heel champ that not all mainstream fans know about would be a fresher angle to sell to them.
  10. Only way it could have been worse for NBC was if the Canadian teams all advanced. Sportsnet is going to take a bath (again) up north with all of the Canadian teams being eliminated.
  11. Please tell me more about being there for that. Even watching on tape that show was cringe inducing
  12. Eventually it looks like battered spouse syndrome.
  13. The best and, at the same time, worst part of the whole Eliminators saga is how it gave us the expression "shoot retarded."
  14. I think I would feel about as uncomfortable playing MK on the bus as I do watching something like Berserk
  15. How nice of them to give older fans a reason to stop buying single issues a week after Universe's comic library becomes worthwhile.
  16. If the Warriors lose in the first round, if anyone but the Clips win it all, all the media will be like “but they didn’t beat the Warriors!”
  17. Well again - the thing people pointed out (at least based on Page's initial tweet) was that Game Changer Wrestling (which is bigger and just as local as AAW) wasn't name so it came across as AAW punching down. (Basically knowing people will pick GCW over AAW)
  18. And I'm supposed to believe they'll also get the new SWTOR expansion out in September without a hitch? *laughing sobbing*
  19. Today
  20. Yeah, this doesn't seem as unreasonable as Page makes it sound. He's not trying to control where his talent works. On the other hand, I'm not sure it's very smart. Working in other local promotions can help talent get over and build a fanbase, which helps everyone.
  21. tbarrie


    Like most people, I'd like to look back on my life one day and say I've eaten one of every animal. Reading this thread makes me realize how far behind I am.
  22. I think the only potential problem with Kenny being clearly on a higher tier than the rest of the roster is that--to my taste--he's always done way better work with the Okada/Tana/Naito/Ibushi tier guys, who were presented as being similarly superheroic. When he wrestled guys on the SANADA/ZSJ/Page tier, I always felt they came away looking a little worse for losing. The caveats here: I'm a big fan, and I think he can get better at this. But I also think he probably needs to.
  23. Shazam was perfectly OK - not sure about Home Alone or Big so much as Spy Kids. But why on earth they chose to bring it out in between the 2 big Marvel films was just insane.
  24. MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL (second trailer) Con: Especially combined with the first trailer - you know the whole movie. They did restrain themselves from going full Terminator Genisys but still Pro: MISSY ELLIOTT MUSIC ALL UP IN THIS BITCH~!
  25. I’m half expecting Becky to win a long, tough match against Charlotte, then just barely comes up short against Lacey, then lose the Smackdown title to the MITB winner... Charlotte (who inserts herself into the match Becky style after Bayley is found injured in the back).
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