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  2. The women's division will never have consistently as long as Vince has any creative input at all.
  3. THey at least had Salina pissed at Havoc for that, and I think some other reason.
  4. I don't want Orton anywhere near AEW. I truly despise him on every level, including personally (deserters don't sit well with me). I consider him worse than Elgin (another guy I want nowhere near AEW). That said, if NJPW-USA becomes a thing, AEW is going to have some problems finding folks to fill out the lack of depth in their midcard.
  5. This was that amazing period when WWE was pretty much trying to fuck with Corny/OVW and he did just about the most incredible job of coming up with a logical reason to explain why the guys who were mortal enemies were on Smackdown as a tag team. Also led to one of the greatest tv episodes in wrestling history as well.
  6. Maaaaan. Reading these comments and replies from him is like going down a rabbit hole of someone on a break from reality.
  7. Yeah, this guy is either crazy, full of shit, or both. Just looking at his comments and his argument with Sean Ross Sapp tells me all I need to know. His whole thing hinges on no one leaving the #2 wrestling company for Impact and then when Sapp brought up Rhino and others leaving WWE for other companies it was hand waved away. This guy is coming across as a creep. Fuck this guy. What an asshole.
  8. I believe there’s multiple sections that were never put up for sale either because of the (lack of) demand. That’s just for the sections opened up.
  9. He's an indy wrestler. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157733333267164&id=817207163 "I want to stress, this is to help Kylie, not to cause her issues." The fuckin' balls on this guy.
  10. I have no idea who this is, but a Google search isn't turning up anything.
  11. Today
  12. I thought the ref clearly caught Zelina pulling off the rana, until I realized during the replay that she is three feet tall and there is no way the ref saw her behind the apron. Fell asleep during this one (again) so if that says anything...
  13. Shigehiro Irie slaughters a couple of guys in Singapore.
  14. @D.Z has himself on ignore. 3 great matches and a solid debut for the Profits just made up for Rusev and Lashley having the worst pull-apart I've ever seen.
  15. Easily the best thing on this show. "Where we at, Cleveland? Kansas City? I'm talking this weekend I know where we are tonight!" About the only other thing I liked was Zelina's flip rana off the apron, that was cool. The rest was almost as dull as SD.
  16. "Maybe something happened, but it was not something terrible, it was not something horrible, it was not a scandal. But something did happen. Now it's nothing bad like that but something happened and it's very personal but it's not a scandal and nothing horrible or terrible but we will never know what happened, just that something happened." I already hated this "i'm retired. lol jk 3 weeks later im back"
  17. A professional would put it on the video.
  18. If I can get done with work early enough, I'll probably grab a solo ticket on Stubhub and drive up. Can't imagine it will be that pricey day of show.
  19. The impromptu Ric Flair ringside promo was laugh-out-loud funny. Good on Rusev for (at least temporarily) shutting up the "WHAT?" idiots.
  20. You really must read the Watchmen comic book. It's one of the best comic books I've ever read, top five at least.
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