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  2. She's tough as nails, but JJ was on point. God, that upkick was filthy. I loved it! I feel that Anders did enough to win that fight. I love his heart, but he needs to be more serious about his training if he wants a satisfying career in the fight game. I would also like a ticket for the I Heart Kron bandwagon, please.
  3. Ugly it's worked out that way, would be a shame if this is the last of the Death Rider in NJPW. Maybe Juice vs Moxley happens at WK now.
  4. I ran Forges for infusion fodder, but there was no reason to grind Ada-1's WC after I made max light. Now that it's light grinding time again, the time and effort it takes to get the Hammerhead frame is worth it for a weapon upgrade where the infusion cost is only 1K in Glimmer
  5. You might have met the requirement while you were working on Luna'Howl this season. I didn't think I'd play in a game mode I hate more than Mayhem, but Team Scorched can eat a bag of shit. I'm pleased to announce that since people aren't as picky this season about Heroic Menagerie now the both modes are 750 LL, I finally made the cut and got on a fireteam. The roll I got on my Goldtusk was pretty good but not a god roll, so I may try again at some point. You get plenty of chances to make the score minimum so as long as you're not with a bunch of muppets, you should be fine. You should also have a Masterwork chalice by now so once you beat the final encounter, you'll get the catalyst for the Izanagi's Burden. I've got mine up to about 60% and will grind a bit more since I'm off today for Columbus Day. I finally met some helpful blueberries on the moon. Unlocked the Lunar Fashion triumph as well as the one for repelling the Vex overlords during the invasion waves. I already had a completion for Archer's Line; I needed clears for the Hellmouth and Anchor of Light.
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  7. Bizarrely enough they're still going strong fella, with this same crew, and even with the resurgence of promotions in the UK. You tend to see them in coastal towns once a year, kids seem to love it which is weird as none of the 'characters' are relevant.
  8. Shock horror: Man changes slightly over time. I've been on this forum for many years and this is probably the best picture ever posted. Or at least the most intelligent and sensational
  9. In a TV thread 3 (now 5) days after the fact, talking about peer reviews doesn't seem completely outrageous or off-topic to me - but I acknowledge the feedback.
  10. El Camino was about 45 minutes too long but a great send-off and epilogue to the series. I saw Ad Astra at the cinema this weekend and really enjoyed it. It felt very book-ish so I was surprised to see that it wasn't an adaptation, it was a meditative character study that brought to mind Apocalypse Now to me in the sense of a quest leading to a slow decent into an awakening. Also, the film stars Tommy Lee Jones and Donald Sutherland... who both played astronauts in Space Cowboys... so I was a bit gutted to see they didn't play the same characters haha.
  11. As much as I love Corny talking old school and don't take his views on the modern product very seriously, I do like him breaking down tv shows from a technical standpoint, given his experience writing, formatting and producing wrestling shows.
  12. It's a damned shame that NJPW World doesn't have more peak 92-94 Steiners matches uploaded.
  13. My more extended thoughts on the show. The idea that One didn't just double-down on the move into Japan is an understatement. They over-booked and went too big for a company that doesn't seem to have a lot of momentum there. Then the typhoon happens and they've put all of those eggs into that basket and they've backed themselves into a corner.. If it had been pretty much any other show, I think we would have seen a delay but they were unlucky and stuck to running an empty house. Much has been already made of their finances, but I have no idea how they gave away two Lee fights, Aung La Nsang/Vera and Fernandes/Bellingon when those fighters represent some of their biggest markets. I'm pretty sure they lose money running anywhere but Singapore, even with the packed houses, so it really doesn't make sense to not try and run there more often. Not to harp on about it too much, but really which Japanese fans were clamoring for any of those fights? As for the show itself : The Shooto / Pancrase were fun and although a was only familiar with one or two of the fighters, the idea of the two companies running the champion-champion fights was nostalgic/interesting enough to grab my interest. Aung La Nsang is an absolute star in Myanmar and there was a lot of buzz around his fight. I thought it was dangerous the way he was walking into everything but he broke Vera down and gassed him out with the quickness. I guess the winner of Bigdash / Ataides gets him next. That GP was an absolute mess. I had Saygid - Tynanes as the final but after getting through the first round unphased people started dropping like flies. Then the fact that Christian Lee stepped in on 8 days notice and rendered the whole thing null by controlling the tournament favourite as well as he did was somehow fitting. Both Lees looked legit yesterday and it will be interesting to see how they develop / how long One lasts and where they go next. It was nice to see Bibi put the Bellingon rivalry and hopefully we can move on from it. The Janet Todd highlight was great too. All told, it was a great show but way too long. I watched the whole thing live which meant it ran from 6:30 am here until around 8:00 pm with a 3 hour break between the shows. Two of my 2019 predictions were at stake here and it really should have been three. 1- One Fc ends 2019 with only two filipino champions across thd men's mma divisions. Think it was at 5 or 6 when I made the prediction. Right now sitting at two with Vera and Pacio. We've got Pacio's title on the line next month but he should be able to defend against Catalan. Think I might actually get this one. 2- Eddie Alvarez is eliminated from the One gp before the finals (ie. he loses in the quarters or semis - not by injury ooc). I'll leave this up to the judges and am fine if it doesn't count. I actually saw Alvarez winning his quarter and then losing to Tynanes. Instead he lost his quartfinal, was brought back into the semi-finals and beat Folayang ( who wasn't even in the tournament), then dropped out by injury. 3- Tenshin either signs with One or competes in a Rizin-One co-promoted event. If they're going to continue throwing money at Japan, still think this was the move to make. Talked a lot about the Rodtang - Tenshin fight before Rodtang's fight on the show. He might still sign with One, although I still think the co-promotion is the more likely scenario despite neither seeming interested in it. 4- Angela Lee loses in March but wins at least two fights after that before year end. She lost in March but I thought they'd feed her total softballs and build up to the rematch for 2020. I did not expect her to lose again against Michelle Niccolini although that was a close fight and I thought Angela did enough to win. Now she goes and avenges the Xiong fight, which was a much bigger test. Meh, should have had this one. 5- McGregor has a fight announced this year but doesn't actually compete because some type of shenanigans. He does not fight this year. Well, I was right about the last part. Quick note : they've got Lineker's debut coming up in two weeks against Muin Gafurov, who signed for the UFC, had a fight announced then apparently was blocked by his One contract.
  14. Halloween is a virtually perfect film. But by '88 when they brought it back, they were basically doing as much a knock off of Friday as it was a sequel to Halloween. Which is fine by me. The Nightmare movies had so much more budget, so much more ambition. Which was great until it was terrible. I'm young enough I didn't come to any of them until into the 90's (the fact that cable didn't run down our road until 94 plays a role there as well)
  15. Big breaking news: https://www.f4wonline.com/new-japan-news/jon-moxley-njpw-kopw-due-travel-issues-us-title-declared-vacant-294791 Jon Moxley can't make the show due to Typhoon Hagibis. IWGP United States Championship vacated. Juice Robinson vs. Lance Archer to determine the new champion on the show.
  17. Danielle Harris ftw. And that opening at the football game is still one of the most surreal things I've ever seen in a movie.
  18. Completely agree on Hirsch. She has been wrestling all over and has a lot of potential. She gets more polish and refines her style a bit she could be lights out.
  19. Yeah, I think that's nonsense. I think there's a difference between having empathy for some of Arthur's situation and not seeing him as heroic at the end. That's a pretty broad brush to say anyone who has empathy for him thinks he's being heroic at the end.
  20. I will never again accuse Carlos Correa’s Fiancée of beating him again.
  21. Cool behind the scenes Joker photos released:
  22. Draw of Days of Future Past to me was the old and new cast coming together and Bryan Singer's return to the series. Deadpool 2 had its moments but I preferred the first movie by some way, tighter and funnier. Deadpool 2's post-credits scenes were better than the movie. I also liked The Wolverine and disliked the ones you do. Yet to see Dark Phoenix myself.
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