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  2. It's a great game. Just wrapped Chapter 1, and that seems like the tutorial chapter, as the sidequests and more stuff is opening up in Chapter 2. Still getting used to the fighting controls and I'm not a fan of the drone controls, but all in all, the Noir feel to the story has me hooked and I'm not going to stop. I'm also wondering when the hell the VR Arcade opens and what's in there, because I blew a bunch of time playing Virtua Fighter 5 last night and I think they fixed the Fantasy Zone bug.
  3. Without a doubt, my answer to this question is Kelly's Heroes. I can't not watch it if I stumble across it, which usually results in my better half saying "But you've got the DVD!"
  4. You mentioning Shawn Michaels reminds me I got to thinking last month about championships vacated by Michaels' avoiding the job. WWF Tag Team Titles when Michaels' and Diesel couldn't get along. November 1994. Shawn Michaels wins the WWF Tag Team Titles with Diesel but result is overturned next night on RAW. September 1995. WWF Intercontinental Championship after the Marines not named John Cena and the Miz got him in October 1995. WWF Championship when Shawn Michaels infamously loses his smile. February 1997. WWF Tag Team Titles with Steve Austin due to Bret and Shawn's backstage fight. May 1997. The way Shawn Michaels dropped the WWF European Championship to Triple H. December 1997. Missing any?
  5. Rollins has been doing this schtick for a while. He criticized fan reactions after one of his main events, and he even defended RAW's writing by complaining about the difficulty of putting on a 3 hour show each week. I kind of get why he's on this tear now. He's seeing week after week people just tear down WWE and seemingly finding nothing positive in their output right now. I'm sure it's frustrating when you're "the guy" in your mind.
  6. Did someone say sumthin about Terry Fugging Funk TUESDAY?! Can't pass this day up without your very own image of a Terry Funk baseball card.
  7. What do you mean? It's not like Shawn one time jumped off the top rope, landed on his feet, and exposed the business by screaming for the world to hear something that would let the unsuspecting viewing audience know his opponent forgot the spot. I mean Shawn is a reasonable human being who would hit his move and carry on like a true pro, surely.
  8. Once again Ring of Honor gets fucked by the Bullet Club and Elite by having to continue to push Flip Gordon as a title contender. They spent almost a year with this goofy hazing gimmick with the Bucks that they can't just put him back in the mid cards where he probably belongs.
  9. Bob's salary and his worse than usual out of touchness with what is going on in the sports world plus Sportsnets bloated on air roster and the huge losses from that ridiculous NHL broadcast deal Rogers signed equals doom
  10. That’s right, and pre-24/7 guys would run back to the ring from the snow/bar/pool to celebrate.
  11. Right. Rollins is NOWHERE near the petulant, tantrum throwing, unprofessional shit that Shawn was.
  12. Sorry if my suggestion annoyed everyone, I just see it being a possibility. I was the first one to suggest on another forum about WWE turning Sami Zayn heel but that was to have him as a Pro Syrian Anti American heel. I wasn't trying to troll anyone, sorry and I wont suggest anything anymore.
  13. That was pre 24/7 rule The 24/7 rule was announced when Crash Holly was champ and his 22 reigns. And Raven's 27 reigns. And Stevie Richards 21 reigns.
  14. Why imitate teh Buzzsaw Kick when the Buzzsaw Kick is in the game?
  15. More fun with the Mets The front office has made in-game decisions https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/27048818/mets-front-office-making-game-moves
  16. ZSJ's post-match promo and backstage talk was fucking awesome, comparing defending the title against Yoshi Hashi to a Man United pre-season friendly against Barnsley or Dagenham. I fell out.
  17. Dusty made Ricky Morton submit to a Boston Crab in 25 minutes 39 seconds. 94% match rating. Tajiri pinned Sabin with a Superkick (which is imitating the Buzzsaw Kick) in 31 minutes 24. 100% match rating.
  18. You do realize that umps do far more than balls and strikes right? Robots will able to make zero of the on field calls. Not to mention the game management piece like substitutions, pitching changes, etc...
  19. It was surprisingly pretty prestigious during that time. Like Road Dogg really elevated it in his reign in my eyes. It also didn’t hurt that the matches were good.
  20. The Natural

    NJPW G1 2019

    Be nice to get a music video like last year's:
  21. Brooks Orpik has announced his retirement
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  23. Well this isn't remotely close to Misawa tribute anymore plus it had been dormant for like a week and a half. Y'all can decry the downfall of society in all the other threads it is happening in.
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