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  2. Yeah pretty much. In retrospect, I think Endgame would have been better as two movies. I think another or hour or so would have allowed them to tell a better story.
  3. two bits from me: Carol was the worst part of the movie for me. thought her solo was pretty damn good, but she really was just deus ex machina in this. not a fan of the "girl power" moment. unless i missed it, Cap never brought back the hammer at the end.
  4. Oh God how did I forget him? Did you see his poor kid who ended up severely mentally and physically disabled as a result of his mom being killed? If he had been given the death penalty he so richly deserved I would've gladly volunteered to stick the needle in his fucking arm. If you see the video of that kid you'd want to see that motherfucker die in the most painfull manner possible.
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  6. It's very much cut from a similar cloth as cellphone isekai, just no harem.
  7. Yep he's on the Mount Rushmore for dumb decision an NFL Player has made.
  8. There is no such thing as a Gene Wolfe book that is not worth reading. That doesn't mean that everything he wrote worked perfectly 100% of the time, when you're that damn good you're going to experiment a bit and not every experiment works. That said, even his failures are so well-written that even as failures, they're magnificent. I'm still in awe that he invited himself in to one of my anthologies. Not five minutes after Vince Harper of Shadowlands Press signed me up to do a Clark Ashton Smith tribute antho (all stories set in his dying earth world of Zothique), Vince was telling Gene about the book (we were all milling about the dealers' room at World Fantasy Con. I heard this thunderous voice behind me and turned to find Gene Wolfe pointing his cane at me "Young man! You're not planning on doing a Smith tribute anthology without me are you?" ME (trying to act far more nonchalant than I felt): "Oh, no of course not!" So yeah, without even writing up a prospectus or discussing payment I had Gene Fucking Wolfe in my book! The whole project was made so much easier by his presence, (we writers are actually a timid lot, it bolsters our confidence when someone we like and respect is already in a project that we're considering, when the person is a living legend like Gene Wolfe, you pretty much have to chase people away with a stick.) In the moments after, I hit on the concept that would make the book a bit different, 50% of the stories would come from folks like me who are students of the game and have read their Weird Tales. The other 50% would come from folks that I knew to be fine writers who had never read Clark Ashton Smith and would thus be approaching the subject matter as an adult with full writerly credentials. (Me, I had read Smith when I was 13/14 when his work was published in the Ballantine Adult Fantasy series and his last two Arkham House books were still in-print.
  9. Wasn't Rae Carruth still on the Panthers?
  10. They played a preview of Rocketman during the Endgame trailers. Even though I knew Bohemian Rhapsody was going to totally bullshit the world about Freddie's life, it still didn't look like a shittily made film. Rocketman, on the other hand, looks like hot garbage. And I voted for that. ABORT ABORT ABORT
  11. The new cinema I mention added some more screenings this week, five are down to the last few. The one I'm going to with my Dad has sold out. Only other films I remember with such demand were The Dark Knight (2008), The Dark Knight Rises (2012), The Avengers (2012), Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and this.
  12. I love Ali, the design isn't bad at all, but chasing the light is something that my cats do when they're bored.
  13. Hats off to Lou Williams, Montrezl Harrell, Patrick Beverley and the rest of the Clippers they are MEN. Making the Warriors look soft and foolish. If Kawhi goes there this Summer that is going to be a team to watch. Also, Doc Rivers is still one of the best coaches around. Also hats off to Pop and the Spurs. Heading into a game 7 with Denver. Pop is the GOAT.
  14. I just wish the image was on the front so motherfuckers could say shit to my face.
  15. The Banner undusting is in many ways more interesting than the obvious collapse in civilisation that would likely result from the Thanos dusting. I guess Spiderman FFH will touch upon this a bit but I'm curious to what extent they use the fallout of trillions of beings reappearing to move into Phase 4.
  16. I've talked about being a caretaker for my 91 year old grandmother, and my biological father's recent heart attack. Now, my mother has a hard lump on her leg. She went to a dermatologist to have it checked out and they took a biopsy to hopefully rule out any cancer. I also mentioned my family history of cancer in the Roman thread when he announced his. Her and my step-father were supposed to go to the Bahamas in mid-May, but they've cancelled. They did buy insurance for it, so they're getting the money back, but that's minor in the big picture. I'm scared to death. Yes, I'll be 39 in November, but I still don't know what I'd do without my mother. We've always been very close with me being the only child and her a single mother. Some might say I was a "mama's boy", but those were the circumstances. Her and my step-father got married when I was 16. My mother has been there for me no matter what mistakes I've made. She's been there for me after two suicide attempts, a drinking problem, cocaine addiction, and a failed engagement. She understands the depression and anxiety I deal with because she also suffers from them. She's been supportive with all the issues I've had relating to my father over the years. She knows that despite the flaws, her son is a compassionate, caring, and genuinely good person. I think I'd be lost without her. I don't how I would take care of yia yia on my own. I don't know how much more I can take.
  17. Quick book reading question: with the recent passing of Gene Wolfe I've seen a lot of people pushing for others to read The Book of the New Sun but I've been a bit more curious about Peace due to the bits I've heard about it (plus I read TBOTNS a couple years back). I'm curious if anyone here has read it and if so if they'd consider it a worthwhile read or if it was just an earlier "lesser" work. I know very little of the genre and you folks seem to generally know what's up.
  18. Can the refs go a single fucking game without something super annoying? It's gonna be called a goal, move on.
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