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  2. Sammy wasn't that well known at the time either, was he? And he was still wearing the panda head to the ring so it was kinda hard to take him seriously. Question: Is QT Marshall a friend of Cody's or something? He's gotten more of a rub than jtts normally get and Melter mentioned his name over the weekend. Apparently, he helped put together the Stadium Stampede match
  3. Sabian needs a makeover, and personality change bad. His heel starter gear has zero potential.
  4. Sabian was relatively unknown at the time. They really tried hard to get him over with the win over Sammy and the draw with Hangman. It...did not work.
  5. If Ortiz is Wyle E. Coyote, then Sammy is Daffy Duck. You can pin him, submit him, decapitate him, run him over, and spike his neck off a three story fall. The guy is still a star when it’s all said, and done.
  6. One thing about Juvi, that dude was always way over with the crowd in WCW. Even in throwaway cruiserweight matches he would get the crowd into it.
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  8. I think Pete and I (separately ) are the only two board regulars who were at the show. (Not sure if @MushroomJones still frequents here or not)
  9. BATB 96 was the first PPV I had ordered since WMVI. My friends and I had moved away from wrestling for a while. I happened to catch the Nitro where Hall debuted, and started watching again. So, we were all intrigued who the third man was going to be (my friend who never really watched wrestling called it as being Hogan) and decided to watch the show at my house. We were still kind of getting settled and chatting and stuff when the Rey/Psicosis match started. A couple minutes in, we were transfixed on the match and losing our minds over the shit they were pulling off. Hell, even my dad stopped in the room and couldn't look away. He's always hated wrestling. You are so right that it was like something from another planet. An hour later, we were still trying to figure out what we'd just seen.
  10. Your 2019 BOSJ Final on Free Match Monday:
  11. UPDATE: A couple of minor updates today. Firstly, for those interested, I've added two extra footage types to the key in the first post, "newsreel clips with subtitles" and "silent newsreel clips with subtitles". And secondly, I've made a change next to "Argentina" in the list of countries in the same post as the key. I'd put in error that there is survivng "silent newsreel clips", it's actually "silent newsreel clips with subtitles" that exist.
  12. I was reminded more of Zucker Abrahams Zucker, but Warner Bros is a good comparison too. Just one insane creative idea after another coming at you so quickly... Definitely a nice, entertaining break from the pretty grim recent reality.
  13. I watched it again tonight. I wish the Jags mascot had been unmasked as Pineapple Pete.
  14. I have Leif so no luck in that front But if you need Hyacinth or Mums - let me know. Also nothing like having "Catch an Oar Fish" be one of your morning tasks
  15. I have Saharah today. turnips are 92. if anyone gets Flick today, Le me know. I caught 11 scorpions last night and want to cash them out,
  16. They better be called Shawn NIKEals, or else... (I won't accept "copyright issues" or "different Brand" as a counter-argument!)
  17. The knee injury was real. Now the severity of it...yeah, that can be questioned.
  18. I forget how explicit they were about it, but the idea was that he got converted in jail.
  19. To hell with golf. When I hit a ball I want some other poor bastard to chase after it.
  20. Still hard to believe David was only 25 when he died, one of the most fiery babyfaces ever. You know the world was at his feet when Harley Race wanted to do the honours for him
  21. That reminds me that Murphy grabbed one of my open plots (he bought it sight unseen) I already hate him as he is an asshole. I mean I don’t like Louie but to show up on the island and immediately start shit talking him takes a special kinda set
  22. The highlight of this weeks episode was the out-take from the Kane and Undertaker promo. Incredibly funny!
  23. Welp just found out there still is an expense to run the venue we own of over 5,000 dollars a show. It's still a huge benefit to run for our big events, but that sucks. I might create another venue that can hold 1,000 as well as a cheap homebased. But yeah, not awesome. The good news is the venue is 100% importance and a hotbed.
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