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  2. Just beat God of War III for the first time on PS3. The game is incredibly great and there are parts near the end that I can see showing up in God of War (2018).
  3. Well, now I’m sad I went to bed after UGA/ND.
  4. Stardom knows their audience in @D.Z, so they have to keep their booking strong.
  5. Run in a few as well? Play defense?
  6. Running With The Devil starring Nic FUCKIN' Cage and Laurence FUCKIN' Fishburne
  7. Today
  8. I mean Cody’s recent big singles matches are essentially that, and the fans are on the babyfaces side for the story, as well as reacting positively to the matches. So to say you can’t get fans to react to that is wrong. You just got to set the chess pieces correctly on the board to earn it. You want to blame somebody? Blame Vince’s storytelling style that leaves gaps for fans to be able to side with the heels. A style of storytelling he’s loved to use for years. It’s now more obvious with wrestlers chasing after seven star matches, and implementing a million finisher kick outs, with guys acting out “Oh my god, he kicked out” reactions.
  9. Six stars instead of visceral justice through simulated violence?
  10. Wild show overall, enjoyed it a lot.
  11. I don't know, if it was injury why they would be all silent about it?
  12. What is it you think the fans want, that is ruining wrestling? Because I would have said 'Good matches' and therefore the blame would be on any promotion that is unwilling or unable to put good matches on. If you think the fans buy tickets just to be on telly and act like dicks, then yeah, that's on them. Although the TV production style that says when you go to a crowd shot, you don't do a long shot, you do a close up on one fan member of the universe, that does encourage the ringsiders to think that they can go there and get themselves over. In entertainment, you don't always get the fans you want, but you pretty much do get the fans you deserve.
  13. I can say this with a straight face: the fans are the problem. The difference isn't in suspension of disbelief but instead what fans in 1983 wanted relative to fans in 2019. Wrestlers react accordingly.
  14. This is made all the more absurd by Janela being just a tad more physically intimidating than Marko Stunt.
  15. Kerry and Lawler doing the mirror image babyface shtick was great.
  16. Watched Dune the other night for the first time. I absolutely hated it with a passion. I could not understand what the fuck was happening. Wait... Scratch that. I did understand one thing. At the beginning when Virginia Madsen is explaining the world she says something like “The Spice lets you travel to distant worlds while standing still”. After she said that, I was like “Okay, Book Writer + Acid = Dune”. The movies costumes, and practical effects did look fantastic at least. I’ve forgiven many Sci-Fi films because of how gorgeous they look(Prometheus, portions of Blade Runner), but I didn’t like anything outside of the visuals. The characters, the plot, the acting, etc... All that was a slog to watch. I hope Denis Villaneuve can bring to what he did to my favorite movie this decade, Blade Runner 2049, and make this watchable.
  17. Probably a dull list to most here - I'd probably say Ishii is a reliable old stager who delivers (and Japan has a lot but he is king amonst them), Kota Ibushi is about to hit the star level his talent demands, Shingo Takagi is probably going to break through in a non-parent company in Japan faster than Sanada because he's just that good, and probably Okada to round it off. I realise this is NJPW heavy but they have a lot of extremely good wrestlers (Tanahashi will always have my heart, I became a big EVIL fan this year, and I think my friend Neil is right about Jay White) though there are a lot of super talents across Japan (I like Ben-K, Kitamiya, N Nomura, Zeus, Shuji Ishikawa, and Kohei Sato a lot). Outside of Japan I'd have trouble forming a list as I don't see a whole lot (busy, not snobbery) but I like what I see of late from Cody, the Lucha Brothers, Pete Dunne, Drew Gulak, Cavernario, and a few others.
  18. Xavier lost a heartbreaker on the road in Pittsburgh 26 - 21. Entirely my fault as I missed two field goals in 25 mph wind which would have made the difference. A few losses were strung together against the likes of Notre Dame, West Virginia, and Syracuse. Someone else, too. The Musketeers managed to beat UConn and we just beat Louisville 38-35 with a last second field goal. Briggs rushed for 3 scores and my best offensive player, WR Mike Morton, caught some huge passes for over 150 yards. So we’re sitting at 4-6 with Cincinnati and Idaho left to play. Funnily enough Pittsburgh is the last of the unbeatens as they are 9-0 and ranked 9th in the country. Those field goal misses irk me whenever I check the rankings. Oklahoma just moved up to #1 after beating previously unbeaten Texas Tech and Miami is # 2. Michigan just lost a stunner to Indiana and tumbled down the rankings. In-season recruiting I secured a commitment from a 4 star Strong Safety and have a 4 star QB Charlie Jackson frim Decatur, IN and a 4 star RB Kyle Robinson from Ohio visiting campus for the Idaho game who I hope to get commits from. David Ealey, a 4 star CB who had given me a soft verbal after a visit and who Xavier was at the top of his list forever just flipped and committed to Michigan so I lost out on him. My CB’s suck so that is a blow.
  19. No idea where it will go from here, but apparently the rights to A Nightmare on Elm Street have reverted to Wes Craven's estate.
  20. I only discovered last night that you can fast travel to your vehicle. I am an idiot
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