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  2. Since New Day is in, I'm assuming Miz and Morrison will be too. Very low expectations for real surprise in the mens rumble, similar to the last few.
  3. The Natural


    Serena Williams knocked out of Australian Open by Wang Qiang in third round in three sets. Woah.
  4. I have a feeling Charlotte is gonna be the iron woman of the women's match. Same deal as her dad at Number 3. I mean she's not doing anything else, so they need something for her.
  5. I'll give a listen tomorrow.
  6. I only found out about it when he was on Gilbert's pid. https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/clear-vivid-with-alan-alda/e/64596620
  7. I'm unsure whether Once Upon a Time in Hollywood gets Best Picture as the Academy love movies about themselves, Hollywood or 1917 as war films do well too. Right now, I'll go with OUATIM. Parasite has a chance at playing spoiler.
  8. Today
  9. Or have a split screen of a live PPV, with the right side being the actual show and the left side a stationary cam on Vince in Gorilla. I’d pay good money to watch that. As kooky and outdated as the old man is, he’s still an absolutely fascinating human being.
  10. I wasn't even aware that he had one.
  11. You know how some people don't know they're funny? Like a shoot version of Karl Pilkington, everyone around them is creased up laughing and they stand there all confused not knowing what they said? Triple H, he's the polar opposite of that. He doesn't know he's not funny. He thinks he is in fact, hilarious. Hence those shitty comments about Paige having children she doesn't know about. And also this:
  12. Only seven male wrestlers have gone an hour in a single Royal Rumble match: 1. Daniel Bryan, 01:16:05 (GRR, 2018) 2. Rey Mysterio, 01:02:15 (2006) 3. Chris Benoit, 01:01:31 (2004) 4. Bob Backlund, 01:01:10 (1993) 5. Triple H, 01:00:15 (2006) 6. Chris Jericho, 01:00:13 (2017) 7. Ric Flair, 01:00:02 (1992) Mysterio, Benoit and Flair won their Royal Rumble matches. Flair just snuck into going over a hour by two seconds. Wonder who'll be this year's Iron Man and Iron Woman?
  13. Those count. 2013-present: Bubba Ray Dudley/DDP (2015) Rey Mysterio and Andrade (2018).
  14. I've said this elsewhere, but given the crowd reaction increasing for Hangman Page these last few weeks since they slightly tweaked his character...if the path was initially to end with Page turning heel on Omega, they are fools if they follow through with that in the immediate future. If anything, they would probably be better off turning Omega if they absolutely have to. It would give an edge back to Omega and they could call back to the feelings of doubt they played up during the early goings of AEW, and I think even workrate fans could be potentially swayed to boo Omega if they really committed to it. I think his aloof promo style wouldn't need much tweaking to adapt to being an American wrestling heel. And seriously, who would WANT to boo the guy that celebrates a title win by crowd-surfing and drinking a beer while doing it?
  15. Forget podcasts and Shoot Interviews , I think the WWE network should do a Vince McMahon Watch along. Have a sit down and watch old PPV and comment on whatever he was thinking. Every month they pick an old PPV that would be dope.
  16. Whoever gave me their pick this year, thanks. Great picture.
  17. Van Bebber. As far as sexism and homophobia in Tammy and the T-Rex, I've still only watched the end and enough to make sure the gore was in the cut that Showtime aired, but if you're watching stuff like that and the above, you might be looking in the wrong places for social consciousness. Not to excuse it, but hey.
  18. blaspheme! Good Lucha Thing is the greatest promo of the 10's!
  19. Roseanne was such a great show. Another case of real life ruining fine entertainment unless you are able to separate the person from the product. It's possible to stumble across some affordable real estate especially back in the 80s. My father made decent money but it was only one income and he was able to buy a nice piece of property because the land owner just wanted out of the area.
  20. Finally, low-effort Joker content I can appreciate!
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