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  2. 1. Nobody 2. Lyanna, Tyrion, Arya, The Hound, Sam 3. Melisondre - "I have to die in this strange country, just like you," 4. The Night King since I am hoping against hope that Jon and Dany make it to the end.
  3. This franchise started off being about a band of cargo thieves and now it has James Bond-esque protagonists and bad guys with super powers. I love how they just embraced the absurdity and made movies that are fun to watch.
  4. Well the triumph specifically states that you have to generate orbs of light while under the influence of the Revelry buff, so hopefully that counts for normal orbs as well as the precision shot ones. I will cast a few supers in Gambit this afternoon to test that theory. I need to finish knocking out the weekly challenge for normal Gambit anyway. if it works, I will be spamming a lot of Supers and using Masterwork Weapons in Vanilla Gambit until I complete the triumph.
  5. I have sent in a sliding scale of three picks. I am thinking I will bonus review some of my favorite Korean sword epics starting with Musa and Bichunmoo if I can convince my brother to send them back to me. Mother fucker has nearly half of my good shit.
  6. Count me in as one of the guys who dropped out after Benoit and came back in 2012 with Summer of Punk II. Funny enough, it wasn't Punk that did it even though I saw him on my first ROH show and liked him on WWECW. I'd been lurking here the whole time, and playing EWR and stuff, but on a week to week basis that was it for me for a while. I'd check in once in a blue moon if I read there was some good stuff happening (Jericho/Michaels 2008, some of Takers WM matches) but I pretty much gave up on any WWE until one day my mom texted me. She doesn't watch wrestling, but has a great memory for guys I loved as a kid (since of course she was the one spending all that dough on merch, toys, autograph signings etc) so she writes "(Real name) you should put on channel 38 - Kevin Nash coming out to ring listening to N.W.O. music - not sure what it means !! Xoxo" Aaaaand I've been back since.
  7. I stopped watching during the Heel Michael Cole era cause that just took all the fun out of watching and I could find better things to do with my time than watch a show that actively told me I was a nerd/dumb for enjoying it. The Summer of Punk got me interested for a lil but but when Punk came back after being gone for a week and then HHH inserting himself into the story I was pretty much back out until Byran's ascension and also the initial Wyatt Family vignettes helped too. I stopped watching again last fall as a cumulative of issues with the refusal to cancel the Saudi Arabia show (cause, you know, they murdered a journalist) being the point where I said I just cannot support this any longer. I somewhat keep up with it through the board to see how guys I like(d) watching are doing but don't know if or when I'dd go back again. Now I just keep up with NJPW (have NJPW world) and will watch other things here and there. Might get Stardom's service pretty soon.
  8. NG + Sekiro, and I’m still loving this game. But I gotta say, if they are going to do DLC, I’d really love if they added a Boss Rush mode. Some of these bosses are so fun to fight against(I’m looking at you horse riding General).
  9. If you don't want to get political, I'll spoiler this. I stopped watching WWE in January of 2017. I watch PWG, been a fan since 2010, buying their DVDs when they come out, though I worry about their future as indy guys are being snapped up like crazy. I watch New Japan on AXS, and that's about it.
  10. Random thought: at this point, I think Angela is probably a more marketable commodity to Disney/Marvel than Miracleman is.
  11. With sound: Masked CM Punk w/ The Straight Edge Society vs. Big Show
  12. It isn't getting fixed period. It said in their post that it will be turned off for the rest of the event.
  13. During 1990/1991, when Vince turned the Gulf War into an angle. I happened to be be a part of that entire conflict and while we didn't have a TV the Stars and Stripes newspaper would write reviews the entire angle and controversy surrounding it. It wasn't an angle to me and it felt dirty and exploitative as fuck. So I quit the WWE full on and only watched WCW up until around late 98.
  14. Today
  15. I think my review of Rama vs. The Assassin from The Raid 2 from my Badass Fight Scenes In Badass Action Movies post series was eaten by the previous board crash.
  16. I'm in the same boat which is why I am bummed about orbs being disabled in Gambit. Hopefully it gets fixed before Reset because GrenadeFest is going to extend into the IB and opportunities for headshot kills will be even more scare, especially since I will be using Thorn most of the time and will hope that I get more headshot kills than DoT kills while working on the Mark of the Devourer triumph
  17. I am dangerously close to sending a DM to someone here and cussing them out beyond belief. Rare is it for me to say this, but I really loathe that motherfucker. Always got something smarmy to say, despite my often ignoring him. Always got to make fun of folks who see things differently. What is the point of being on a message board if I got to worry about him being a jerk? Absolute shitfuck.
  18. News upon News surrounding Hakuho. The dominant Yokozuna has apparently handed in a request to denounce his Mongolian citizenship. The general (and logical) assumption was that Hakuho wants to obtain Japanese citizenship. His goal seems to be to remain in Sumo after his retirement and form a Hakuho stable. Exceptional Yokozunae tend to get the right to keep the name after retirement (Takanohana being the last example), but they - like everyone else - also need to have Japanese citizenship to stay in Sumo after retirement. Japan doesn't allow dual citizenship, so no option for Hakuho. Pretty much no comments from the man himself so far, but there have been rumours that he aims to get Japanese citizenship in time to perform his Yokozuna ring entrance at the 2020 Olympic games' opening ceremony. After the Death of Hakuho's father last year many voices were heard claiming the biggest obstacle to Hakuho becoming Japanese was gone. Seems like these voices weren't far off. I wonder if the most recent incidents played a part aswell.
  19. I only need to finish bounties and Crucible orbs of light and I am done with Revelry That is the only problem with GrenadeFest 2019 - it is a lot harder to get precision kills (which are the only orbs that count) when everything is on fire. I am working from home today so outside of doing the new bounties this afternoon - I gotta catch up and completing FP and Gambit stuff.
  20. I don't think that orbs are disabled in Quickplay or the other PvP modes, so you should still be able to get the Revelry Competitive triumph done in the IB if you play enough matches. Just remember to keep up your supply of Essences so that you can spam grenades along with everyone else. A 700 should be able to get a bunch of grenade kills against low lights in the IB and like I said before, everyone will be exploiting this until the end of the event so you may as well do it too. Ideally, they need to fix that shit before the IB because not everyone likes going into the Crucible and a lot of people depend on Gambit matches for their Revelry Competitive progress.
  21. I saw a couple of Wizened Rebukes out there last IB, so at least one or two people suffered through that bullshit. I know, isn't it great? I'm serious, it's pretty awesome if you embrace the meta. Thanks to the fizzy Revelry beverage's grenade cooldown buff, Impact mods, and Exotic Armor pieces that affect grenades, you can literally throw them constantly... I ran into some assholes running Arcstriders with the Shinobu's Vow and spamming Skip Grenades and that inspired me to counter it by running my Nightstalker with Way of the Wraith and spamming Voidwall Grenades. I can literally bathe an entire area in purple fire if I lob enough grenades. Not only does this help with area control, but my Outlawed Collector helmet has Ashes to Assets so I get Super Energy when I get a Grenade Kills and that lends itself to more frequent Spectral Blades runs that are made more annoying to my foes thanks to my Gwisin Vest. In one match I nearly had a double digit Super kill count. I normally average four kills per match with my Super, but this time I almost had ten kills thanks to Ashes to Asset grenade kills and the orbs generated by other players. That is almost game breaking. I don't have a Young Ahamkara's Spine, so I am not sure how it works with Tripmines, since I think they need to detonate before you can throw another, but you should get your grenade energy back almost immediately. Players are going to keep doing this until the end of the Revelry so you may as well join in. Yep, I'll be using Thorn to smoke fools and chip away at the Mark of the Devourer triumph. I have a full set and I also have the ornament for the helmet. I usually shred gear I think I won't need, but I may at least keep the helmet with the Revelry Wings I'm kinda bummed that the ornament comes via RNG when you buy Eva's reward packages with your Revelry Essences. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out if there was a Secret Triumph involved in getting the helmet ornament,, but there doesn't appear to be a Secret Triumph associated with this event. I am two wins away from knocking out the Supremacy game mode triumph but I am also one completion shy of the Sentry Helmet weekly bounty so it's back to the Reckoning after I do some more yardwork for my mom..... if it's not pouring when I leave work for the day. I am dumb. I realized last Thursday that I have an Outlawed Collectors Helmet and not a Notorious one, so I need to do the Collect / Conquer weekly bounty next week so that I get the right helmet to complete my Notorious Collector set. The Collector set is my running around armor since it goes well with my Liar's Handshake and Gwisin Vest. I wear Notorious Reaper pieces with my Ophidia Spathe.
  22. It was a beer twofer this weekend. First off, the county liquor store near my job (one day I'll list all the weird Maryland county-by-county peculiarities W/R/T hooch), the one with the really bad beer selection, had Bell's Two Hearted, which is just bizarre. I had heard a lot of good things about it before, had it once on tap years ago and didn't get the fuss, so I decided to try it again. I looked it up and some craft beer such and such had voted it the best beer in America, so I figured it was worth it. Well again, I wasn't too impressed. It was a lot more balanced than I expected, lightly hoppy but also a little malty. It was okay but I felt like it was almost trying to be something for everyone and, in that, nothing about it really stood out. Above average and inoffensive, but not memorable. We decided to grill at the last minute yesterday so I needed more beer. Having to work today, I didn't want anything too high over 5%. The new local beer and wine place had Sierra Nevada "Sierraveza" in cans, so that was the one I went with. I didn't expect much more than a bland-ish crisp lager, hopefully one step up from Bud. I was pleasantly surprised! There's a decent malt bite to this that I was not expecting at all. Not a fan of Heifeweizens, I typically don't like that bubble gummy malt flavor, but this was just right. Delicious and probably the better of the weekend's two beers. A shocking upset. Some Mike Tyson Buster Douglas shit here.
  23. Matt Shoemaker done for the year with a torn ACL
  24. Does anyone listen to the Eastern Lariat podcast, and if so, could you tell me how much of the CC they cover? Still behind and want to remain unspoiled.
  25. I think this was maybe my favorite episode in the whole run. I loved all of the characters just hanging out and getting to actually be human, shooting the shit, etc. It also gave us a chance to say goodbye to many of these characters who have been our favorites for one reason or another. Better to do that now than when we get to the hell of next week's episode.
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