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  2. Hey, I didn't realize ZZ Top was on the second day. In that case that would be the one I'd go to if you had to hold a gun to my head and make me. I could throw shit at Ghost, too!
  3. We managed to kill one of them the first time we tried it - fuck if I remember HOW we killed it though
  4. There are films on notable people's IMDB pages that were wrapped three or four years ago that are either being just released by Lionsgate Premiere, A24, etc. or still listed as "completed" with no other information. Therefore, I am going to say more than we would think.
  5. Stastny had more of a role in Pavelski being hurt than Eakin, sure. Probably should've been him who actually gotten penalized (I mean I wanted both of them to go but I'm clearly biased) I suspect part of it was getting caught up in the moment/calling the result, and possibly overcorrecting for several non-calls of rough hits earlier in the game/series [of course I'm going to think that, though]. But then I've also seen people cite rules provisions that seem to state that they're supposed to call the result when it comes to Crosschecking. Did seem rather hotly debated on the social media last night, though, and you're far from alone in thinking it shouldn't have been 5+game on Eakin.
  6. Considering the shit that gets released in some shape or form, when something get's dubbed "Unreleasable" you wonder just how big of a piece of shit it is. I say this having been on a set for 3 days for a movie that was so fucking terrible that NO ONE bought it for release, even direct to DVD (which is funny because the writers/director/stars were acting like they were making Citizen Kane the entire time). So even then, I wonder how many movies a year get made and never bought by any distribution company.
  7. Well, I want Max Cady Wyatt back, so I can have reason to drop my Bray Wyatt Promo Impressions at the ppv viewing parties. Always against Randy Horton.
  8. Hollywood will not give up on the Young Adult genre even if it's no longer cost effective.
  9. Okay, but I'm not sure if those named knights are the ones that count towards your Purification Ritual. I think the nigh unkillable ones that chase you around an area are the ones you need.
  10. Get other people who were fucked and file a class action lawsuit. You think Frank Mir has something better to do than get more gaudy, bad tattoos? There has to be at least five or six of these guys. Also, you don't think MLW ain't paying him the big bucks?! Jim Cornette's drive thru burger budget has to be in the 100k range at least. No, he's just another drug cheat. He has move on with life at some point. He got caught and looked like a guy who can no longer fight against Deron Winn. If he was fucked, he should be able to prove he got fucked. Yet, it's another "I don't know how this got in my system" story. Okay, then. It's nothing we can do with that.
  11. That Bad Dreams/Visiting Hours double is a probable slam dunk for me, even though I finally found the former film through surreptitious means. Anybody got a bill to lend me for the Herzog set?
  12. The only acceptable "bullpen car" should be entering on a chopper to Rollin'.
  13. UFC's a multibillion dollar company backed by another multibillion dollar company. Tom Lawlor's primary careers now are podcast host and independent professional wrestler. What exactly makes you think he can afford that? The guy got fucked and has a right to complain. You don't like it? Don't pay attention and keep throwing money at these companies.
  14. Guess it's time to revive this one for today: coming up at 12:30 Central is The Corpse Vanishes, followed by Terror Is A Man, The Brain That Wouldn't Die, and Young Frankenstein. Night and the City is on late after North by Northwest and is a noir about a wrestling promoter so I might as well mention that too...
  15. Yeah, that's something I struggle with and it ends up making me feel like a piece of shit for quite awhile (like it did yesterday) I should have listened to my gut and not posted but what's done is done.
  16. Couldn't he take legal action? Anything but bitch incessantly about it years after the fact.
  17. Yeah, Greatjon is dead. Smalljon told Ramsay something like, "I'd have killed him myself if he hadn't died on his own."
  18. Ruby just jobbed to Dana Brooke on main event. Not looking so great...
  19. Today
  20. I watched day~! 12~! of the Champion Carnival~! Thoughts: Yoshitatsu and Sam Adonis definitely had a match that I haven't completely forgotten already Your enjoyment of Dylan James vs Okabayashi will depend entirely on how much you enjoy two beefbags pounding on each other for an extended period of time. I was very much behind it for about 20 minutes but it got a bit too chaotic and clumsy in the last stretch. Okabayashi has really weird lariats, I'm now noticing. Maybe it's because of his little T-Rex arms or his short stature, but he hooks his arms up a lot and ends up smacking his opponent in the face. E.g. he smacked James in the eye, causing it to swell up and bleed. The two killed time with lots of chops to the chest, like they were Tenryu/Hashimoto or Kobashi/Sasaki. Though they're not those guys. At a few points it was an obvious stalling strategy, but if you're gonna stall, I'd rather see these two chop each other than trade rest holds. Why does Okabayashi do a torture rack? He literally gets choked out of it every time. OK I was happy to see Redman in the ring again, but then he was all like "I slappy slappy my thigh, which means you run at it for no reason and I step over you, and you will be perplexed! Wooooo, BritWres!" and my old hatred flared up. Suwama must like Redman because the back suplex he does that's usually a headdrop was a much safer shoulder drop. Hashimoto is really deceptive, in that, like Sai, his look makes you except something more. Something better. How can a dude that looks like an anime samurai and/or Mortal Combat fighter be so fucking tepid in the ring? Can you imagine being Nomura, and having an absolute banger against Miyahara, and Akiyama is like "you are one of the new Four Pillars of Heaven," and fans love you, and then Uncle Jun is back and he's like "BTW you're jobbing to Daichi Fucking Hashimoto, try not to make it look like shit"? And then Gianni Valetta had his best match ever. His hero's journey from terribleness to mediocrity continues apace! Complete and Objective Match Rankings:
  21. Title changes I’ve seen; i can only remember one, but I was at the Georgia Dome the night Goldberg went over Hogan. Up to that point, best day of my life.
  22. RIPPA


    Not that he couldn't "drop weight" but in a kayfabe sense - they list English at 215 lbs
  23. He can still be pissed about being fucked by USADA and iced by UFC before being cut.
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