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  2. I remember there was an O'Haire vs Steiner World Title main event on a Nitro or Thunder maybe a few weeks before the end. He was super over and they protected him massively in the finish. Still can't believe they fucked that up.
  3. Man, this is good. This AQA gal must be a Booker T trainee cause she works STIFF~! ----------------------------------------------- More Sigiura beating the fudge out of Junta Miyawaki. Maybach and Kazma Sakamoto round out the cast -------------------------------------- IKyoko Inoue at 50 has replaced highflying with stiffness. She takes a couple of bumps that a lady her age should prolly avoid
  4. I've also been playing since XP. I think my absolute favorite was Fire Pro R and only because I had a multi-tap for the PS2 and 6 to 8 of us would get together and play that shit. It was awesome. But actually, World is pretty much tied with that just for the endless possibilities.
  5. I try to forget about Into the Unknown ever happening. Bad Religion made the right call going back to punk. IMO, they're one of if not the best punk band. Fairly straightforward rock band or not, Incubus became completely boring. I agree with you about Sugar Ray, however.
  6. I don't know. He went through a lot but if you just straight listed the number of diseases each was diagnosed with, the number of addictions each had, the number of partners killed, and the number of family members dying, dead, or kidnapped, and the number of times shot or otherwise hooked up to tubes, I think the Sipowicz list would obliterate anyone else's
  7. Interesting developments, you get Tom King carrying on Batman/Catwoman or as he writes it, Bat and Cat. This will be in a separate title for those who enjoy King's run and acts as closure. We just wait on the new creative team announcement. Do we likely get filler before #100? I prefer books on a monthly schedule than twice-monthly. This was an eventful week with rumours Tom King was off the flagship Batman book plus how he was talking up the change to Batman's status quo recently. Nobody expected this.
  8. I fucking love Batman and Robin by Grant Morrison. Morrison's 2006-2013 Batman run was terrific especially Batman and Robin.
  9. I watched a house show w a rvd vs taz main in 2001 and they were more over than taker and Kane legit
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  11. There was nothing on that show I didn't like except maybe Gresham losing.
  12. Section 16 row T for us... ... presuming we survive the craps tables to make it to the show.
  13. It was probably more like WWE knew what they were getting and didn't want to take the risk, and Taker was saying that he'd make it work.
  14. Bill Hader and John Mulaney talk about Barry and SNL sketches that didn't make the cut... James
  15. I'm pretty sure this entire board would have booked that.
  16. Yeah but it hasn't been nearly as good. Every issue of Batman/Batman & Robin by Morrison was must read. There are whole chunks of King's run that I really couldn't have cared. James
  17. Look up Raymond Daniels's KO from Bellator in Birmingham.
  18. That's the second best idea I've ever heard for a live action Akira. First remains DON'T FUCKING MAKE ONE.
  19. Earlier today at Starrcast Arn Anderson says Revival should be the WWE Tag Team Champions and he should be their manager if WWE knew what they were doing with Tag Teams. Double A then said he will try to make it happen sometime down the road (AEW). Now that would be beautiful.
  20. Especially when you should be kayfabing all the heights and weights. Every wrestler should be billed at 6'7", 302 lbs.
  21. Another solid show. Fallah and Sami had a nice match, and Fallah is really moving away from his 'comedy tag wrestler' style towards being a serious asskicker guy. Maybe moving into title contention soon? Taya and Madison managed to base their whole match over whether someone would tap out to a half crab or not. LAX vs the North had a false finish that looked like an actual finish blown call, with the commentators calling for replays and not getting them. Felt strange early on see the LAX guys going for roll-ups to try and get pins, because usually they do the thing of doing roll-ups to get opponents into position for a flying kick or cutter or something, So weed works on Rascalz like spinach works on Popeye? There's a gimmick Russo wishes he thought of. Dez' finish in the four way match was incredible. Should have replayed that too. The main event, it was what I expected. Nice nostalgia trip for the ECW arena fans, was never going to be, like, good. Sabu's valet looked a bit lost in the closing posing section.
  22. I stayed up and grabbed whatever as soon as the site went live. Night Beast Battle for the Lost Planet Liquid Sky The Suckling Grandmother's House The Corruption of Chris Miller Then woke up and realized I could get the Slaughter House Bluray with the slipcase, and got that too. There's others I want to add, but I got those two Flicker Alley discs jsut to keep me from being ridiculous on this sale. Which is like a crack head saying he bought some heroin so he didn't buy so much crack.
  23. Kind of surprised they got it set up so quickly. I'm surprised they are going back to monthly Batman. The sales aren't likely to increase so its odd to give up the extra revenue.
  24. To bad he wasn't brought in as the Positively Paige gimmick he got be at the End of his WWF run but you know they had to book everyone as dastardly heels. He would've gotten way over like RVD because the let RVD be himself. Even if they booked him to be super goofy like Booker T, Paige would have still gotten way over. & how much of that angle had to do with the fact that Undertaker had another reason to bring his wife to TV every week? She was already involved in a few angles before that. At least Debra was good in the stuff she was involved in and honestly was apart of some of Austin's best stuff during the invasion. It makes me wonder if they did get Goldberg during the invasion how would they have booked him. He would've been way over as well but you know they would've had him doing things to paint him as the heel. It would have been interesting just for the fact that you know Austin who was still on a career run of great matches and Rock who came back in the summer would've both been trying to work against him off the jump. As paranoid and political as Austin was, He and Rock would've done way better business with Goldberg than Hunter didn't because they wouldn't have purposely sabotaged him. If he came in Austin wouldn't have joined WCW and turned face sooner. It would've made more sense for Jericho to turn heel and join.
  25. I feel compelled to mention I also bought my first fully "adult" VS title. I also feel compelled to justify this to both myself and the universe by posting here the plot summary that caused me to not be able to not buy this: BLUE ICE San Francisco private eye Ted Singer has just been hired by a wealthy eccentric to find and procure an ancient and mysterious book which reportedly has the power to grant anyone who can open it the gift of eternal life and power. What he doesn't know is that the book has the power to turn any woman into a nymphomaniac,. Unknown to Ted, another group of individuals are also searching for the priceless artifact: a secret group of escaped Nazis who are hoping to use the book to take over the world... Writers out there, this is what I like. Do more of this, please. Indiana Jones V people, I'm 'specially looking at you.
  26. I'm sorry you had to have heart surgery, but glad you are doing better. . .
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