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  2. I was shocked to read about this And good lord thank you for THIS. We had to learn that fucking song in music class at school. I'd rather have been waterboarded. As I posted in the horror thread I had a blast rewatching this recently. However I remember the sequel being better (despite that goddamn song) and wish some channel would play it this month.
  3. Take this for what it is worth since WrestleVotes is right about as much as it is wrong
  4. For a split second I thought "D.X." was actually being played by Sean Waltman.
  5. Yes They also said there is more to announce And for visual learners
  6. Speaking of... Best episode in forever.
  7. They seriously tweeted those ONE AT A FUCKING TIME?!
  8. Here is the complete list of launch titles (reminder - it is in chronological order)
  9. My main exposure to these movies was video boxes before seeing them on TV. When I was in kindergarden I would run around tormenting girls pretending to be "Freddy Cougar" all because I saw the cover of part 2 at the gas station or possibly saw a commercial on TV, who knows.
  10. Okay - the career mode stuff is so trash that I actually want to play it now
  11. AEW Dark and NWA Powerrr are going to be weekly viewing for me on Tuesdays. Don't expect much out of Sonny/Sabian/Librarian, it's fine but the promo Librarian cuts beforehand is pretty good cheap heat stuff. I don't know if it'll make air.
  12. Impact has been on AXS on Tuesday, but it's all reruns. This Tuesday is Slammiversary from 2017. It is double funny that they would pixellate Santos' face but do a super tight closeup of busted open Bonnar (how did that happen anyway, a clash of heads?). Like it zoomed in once, and that wasn't close enough so it zoomed in closer.
  13. The thing that I found weird is the Impact actually pixelated Melissa Santos getting piledrived by Sami in a photo. Like of all the things that happened on the show this is something you need a warning on? I thought Impact was on AXS for the last 2 weeks on Tuesdays. I don't know how long they will show the Pursuit shows on a Friday night. Since I don't get AXS (thanks Cox communications) it has been helpful
  14. Shit, man, me too. With Dark and Dynamite there's now two nights to get excited over and it just feels so damn good. Strange for sure considering it's been quite awhile. But very good all the same. Considering they save the promos for Youtube I would hope that if they show it in a video package they put a watermark showing the Youtube channel it's on. A friend of mine is new to it all and she didn't know about either channel (has since been corrected) So while there's a lot of die-hards that know about them it'd be nice for new fans to know where to go to. EDIT: The stats that LoneWolf linked to are amazing. I would absolutely love to see that be an official thing if only for big matches. It covers the sports aspect they want and is fascinating to read.
  15. Tessa is fuckin 1989 Flair of WOW. Reyes has been perfectly fine in the three or four matches I've sen her have in WOW and in Tokyo Joshi, but Tessa made her look like a fucking killer. The rest of the episode was really fun.
  16. This weeks main event was perfectly fine. PJ Black is growing on me. I assume they back to the fun 6 and 8 man matches next week.
  17. Figures I may lose because Devin Bush decided to get 10 points in the first two minutes of the game. Fucking Chargers.
  18. When is Impact switching over to AXS permanently? I forgot these Pursuit shows keep recording until I went to erase some stuff off the DVR. Real sleazy show. Strippers wrestling, rats in the crowd, juiced up ex-MMA guys (yeah, Bonnar isn't on it too, gimme a break), female announcers getting bottles busted over their head and piledriven. Stay Classy TNA. EDIT: As if that wasn't enough they added extra juice (heh) with showing the old clip of Christopher Daniels falling on his face from ten feet above the ring, just to add "talent endangerment" to the proceedings
  19. Today
  20. I wonder who the all male version of Charlie's Angels would be. Henry Golding Michael B. Jordan Tom Holland Catherine Zeta Jones as Charlie.
  21. The funnier thing to me is that was one of the last things in Ring of Honor that people saw of Tennile Dashwood. Then all of the sudden she leaves the company and is taken out by Bully Ray. Not saying she left Ring of Honor because of that match but you can tell she was disgusted by that. She can't get away from that stripper no matter how hard she tries
  22. Ah, was wondering if that is what you meant. I should have known.
  23. THE ADDAMS FAMILY (Sonnenfeld, 1991) IMDB : ROTTEN TOMATOES (63/66) SELECTED BY: @Ultimo Necro I hadn’t thought about this movie in god knows how long, but I seen the trailer for the new animated Addams Family and thought I would go back and rewatch it. I really enjoyed it and the nostalgia kick took me back to Halloweens of yesteryear. Also, Raul Julia is phenomenal in it. REVIEWED BY: RIPPA I wanted to be all smart and post this review in conjunction with the new animated Addams Family movie that just hit theaters. I am not smart and forgot to do that on Friday so here we are on Monday after the new movie was savaged by critics but didn’t really well with movie goers. Hey! That sounds familiar. Okay – let’s get this out of the way first. The plot of the movie is absolute dog shit. OH! AMENSIA! OH! LET’S INTRODUCE GRIFTERS! OH! IT’S ME ALL ALONG! Get the fuck out of here with all of that. I mean the cast sure as fuck brings this to watchability (it really helps that Raul Julia and Christopher Lloyd are two of my all time faves). I mean Angelica Houston was nominated for a Golden Globe for fuck’s sake. God Bless them all. (I almost started to rant about Julia was the King of dragging shit to enjoyablility whether it wanted to go there or not but then I would start crying again over the Street Fighter story.) To be fair - I have a soft spot for the "villain starts to like his victim" trope with Fester and the kids. And honestly, the entire movie could have been the Addamses trying to have normal jobs. I would have been all for that. I was a sophomore/junior in High School when this movie came out so I was in a weird limbo in terms of an audience. Not young enough to think this was the new big thing. Old enough to have grown up on the original TV show but not old enough to have nostalgia to want to race out to the theater to see it. For me – this manifests in just constantly comparing the TV show cast to the movie cast and that Carolyn Jones was probably my first on screen crush and then later learning that she died in 1983 at the age of 53 of colon cancer. And I am crying anyway. God Dammit. Well there is no real way to transition out of my tears so… Barry Sonnenfeld really was in over his head in his first directorial gig. You could argue that Sonnenfeld was always in over his head in any of his movies (His IMDB page is fucking bleak.) He was only directing because Tim Burton bailed and, funnily, that probably was for the best. Could you imagine Helena Bonham Carter playing Morticia? Actually it is really easy to imagine. It just wouldn’t have been good. But yeah – when you need Christina Ricci to tell you that you need to change the ending maybe stick to being the Cinematographer. Production was a shit show but the movie did well. Plus it didn’t have the fucking MC Hammer theme. So that’s a win.
  24. I mean, it's great they're making a retro PS2 game and all...
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