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  2. Shit, maybe somehow the Money In The Bank briefcase gets the title at some point! Extra drama for next year's ppv! Side note, one of close buddies and his wife went to that one Beyond Wrestling Americana show where the audience somehow ended up with a brief title reign. Dude is so proud of it and I'm proud to have a friend who's formerly a DDT champion
  3. I can’t buy that a leaderless Greyworm and Dothraki tribe would’ve taken Jon prisoner either.
  4. Exactly. If I don't see Britt Baker bust out the Leatherface spike nail toothbrush of death I'm going to want a refund.
  5. I’m reminded of Laurence Olivier’s famous “It’s called acting quip” when measures are taken to ensure a real performance. (Quite the contradiction in terms.) Mostly I’m reminded because Clarke just said D&D told her to think of Dany as Lawrence of Arabia—a would be savior who is doomed by that very complex. If I wanted to play devil’s advocate—I don’t!—I’d note that maybe Dany snapping justifies a sudden change in acting perspective. (And, better fan theories aside, we are told by the writers that she did basically go over the edge in that one moment.)
  6. I think if you do Diggle/Lantern, you do it as his goodbye. Like, the last you see of him is getting the ring and going off to join the Lantern Corps. I'm not super familiar with Leviathan, since most of my comics knowledge ends at like 2006, but I like them doing these types of threats on Supergirl. I think that's why I liked this season so much, because her battle wasn't one she could punch her way out of. It was a politic and public opinion battle.
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  8. Lester ain’t tortured. He didn’t get everything he wanted out of the job, but he has a healthy home life and a fruitful hobby. He’s fine.
  9. Why is Shawn single and ready to mingle as a referee...
  10. 8 hours?? Of weightlifting and agility drills??
  11. I never understand this line of reasoning. Firstly, they would've had to do the same amount of moves no matter who won the match. The wrestlers knew Lesnar was coming out to win, yet they still chose to do all the high risk manoeuvres. Secondly, it's not real. They're actors performing in roles. They act out the story that the company wants to tell that night. Do you think actors in other productions get bent out of shape because of what is scripted to happen? Endgame spoiler as an example No, because they're actors telling a story and that's what the story called for. I quoted you but I'm not having a go at you specifically because I see it all the time on here. Between wrestling and Game of Thrones (not necessarily on here, I haven't entered the thread), I'm bewildered lately as to how worked up people get in reacting to storyline decisions in fictional worlds.
  12. Pittsburgh-area(mostly studio wrestling days) wrestler Charles Martoni passed at age 82. https://triblive.com/local/pittsburgh-allegheny/long-time-allegheny-county-councilman-former-pro-wrestler-charles-martoni-dies/
  13. Dammit, I was gonna go there, but yeah, I'm all for the WildCard Title being the Heavymetalweight belt. Even more so if a table gets a reign.
  14. 24/7 will only be good if they completely rip off DDTs Heavymetalweight championship so you get ALLLLLLLL the good social media attention.
  15. The artform of pro wrestling is almost entirely based on the theme of retributive violence. I want color in the opener. I want dudes blading their chins even if they don't wear a mask. I want the play-by-play guys gigging themselves if they yell too loud. I'm thirsty for it. Be my oasis, Son of Dusty.
  16. Even with that, Goldberg in the Invasion would inevitably be a problem, because of how close Goldberg's look and style were. If WWE would make it a point "okay, Booker T has to fight, and lose to, The Rock", I think WWF would have made it a point in that same contract "We'll guarantee in writing you'll be a main event level guy, but only if you guarantee in writing, you WILL lose to Steve Austin."
  17. Thinking about it, Lester Freamon might be more tortured that McNulty. He spent years of his career basically sat in a cupboard and ordered not to work - to the point that when the Major Crimes Unit first started, he was so cynical and apathetic that he spent weeks not getting involved with the case at all, just sitting at his desk making Dollhouse furniture. And when he eventually gets back in the game, he only has the MCU for a couple of years before he gets fired from the police entirely.
  18. Exactly. You can make a shitty wrestling show with a TV-MA rating (witness XPW TV as an example there.) You can make a great wrestling show with as low as a TV-Y7 rating (Saturday Morning Slam was incredibly fun.) The TV rating doesn't make a good show, the writing does- and with how WWE does on TV-PG, a lot of going to TV-14 seems just like it's going to the "FUCK PG!!! BRING BACK DA ATTITUDE ERA!!!!111oneoneoneeleveneleven" crowd.
  19. Relax. TV-14 ratings gives AEW a chance to be different than WWE which is the only way they can survive and possibly thrive. I got WWE & AEW fanboys going after me after every comment I make. I just want some competition to WWE so it will improve their product. It might not happen though..AEW might be a flop right out of the gate. We shall see.
  20. TV-14 can be great when it's done right. TV-PG can be great when it's done right. I'll say this much, I do like having the possibility of some juice but I also don't need it to be Starrcade '83.
  21. I watched the ppv and ignored mostly all of it from a story standpoint and watched it just a straight wrestling card and I was mostly entertained. I really wanted to see Andrade and Dana win. Loved Bayley winning especially when she ran up the ladder and Mandy was like "ah shit". That was an amazing ending. Later in the night I was literally yelling "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DEBATING...CASH THE DAMN THING IN" when she was having doubts about doing it. It's good she can emote that kind of reaction, not many people in that company can. I figured Brock would interfere in Seth's match. Him winning the MITB was a nifty little surprise. But who cares about all that. ELIAS WENT ELECTRIC. His late 60's Dylan era is going to be amazing.
  22. Lucha Underground was TV-14 and it didn't do them any good ratings wise. WHERE WERE ALL YOU MOTHERFUCKERS THEN But hey, they got to say shit and fuck and people fucking got murdered on a regular basis both figuratively and in a literal sense (within kayfabe). These are all fun things.
  23. "Macho Man" Randy Savage passed away 8 years ago today
  24. Dammit. Okay so about this new "Wild Card" title.. Does that mean it could be defended on social media also? YouTube? etc? They should integrate matches that take place at truck stops, bars and hotels.
  25. It could be great news for the older fanbase AEW is trying to attain. Remember, the Attitude Era was under TV-14 ratings.
  26. You have missed the last couple of pages haven't you?
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