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  2. I am going to run some Gambit to finish that quest step even though it isn't the most efficient use of time just to take advantage of the bonus Infamy. I have plenty to do on the moon and in the Crucible. If the RNG gods are kind to me I should be at or above 950 by this evening
  3. I was rooting for Nationals anyway but wouldn't have had an issue if the Astros won. But given the tweets posted here that changes things for sure. Glad to see the Nats win and hope they win it all.
  4. Mayhem and Team Scorched do not support my scout rifle murder campaign for the RTK. Breakthough is also up. I actually enjoy playing the round based strategy modes like Breakthrough, Survival, and Countdown, but the matches can last forever if the teams are equally skilled or they can be frustrating squashes if you run up against a dedicated and sweaty four stack. I may just bite the bullet and suffer through four quick Mayhem matches for my Tier 1 reward gear. I should be at the crib a little later than usual, but not super late. Mom has outpatient shoulder surgery today and I have to go run some toiletries over to the assisted living facility where my dad is after I leave work for the day. I'll be up for running the strike with you if you haven't done it already by the time I log on.
  5. Again - I think you are the only person who hates Mayhem I am off today so I will be at the Arms Dealer strike by the time you get home if you want to run it together (It has matchmaking so its not a big deal if you have already run it)
  6. Oh I agree with you there. Swagger sucks, and his sucking leaves him way more vulnerable to being sucked into the woke-lefts wrath than say, AJ Styles, who gets a free pass nowadays because his talent resists such critics. When the honeymoon period is over, we will get a far better look as to who is really over and who isn't. I do think you're overselling the amount of fans that share such a demand for inclusivity though. Nonetheless, one dip in quality and the pitchforks are ready to come out.
  7. Master level Nightmare Hunts are now active. If they are like upper tier Ordeal Nightfalls, there won't be any matchmaking so I may have to LFG for a fireteam. I am assuming that the Vex Incursion will eventually have Master level and that's when we get to fight the Undying Mind. Great... All I need is more KWTD / No Matchmaking content in this game. I am on the part of the Leviathan's Breath quest where I have to run the special 900 LL Arms Dealer strike. I didn't have any problems platforming to Banshee's service entrance to find the first quest marker because I've jumped that route a couple of times to get to the Ana Bray lore and the rest of the way was easy to navigate despite my lack of Mario skills. Fucking Mayhem is on the Crucible Rotator Playlist and Match Game was one of the bad mods for Heroic Menagerie last night and I don't think those mod rotate like the ones for normal Menagerie. Why do you hate me so, Bungie? I have no idea why the fucking Vanguard Cosmetics quest takes so long to finish. It didn't take me this long to get the Crucible one done or complete the Edgewise Ritual Weapon quest. Had a couple of decent PvP runs last night. Got dropped into yet another match with five minutes to go and managed to get 8 murders and a 1.67 ER. Some asshole who tried to spawn kill me ate the business end of my Recluse. Second match I got in 18 kills with a 2.57 ER. I thought I was doing really well until I checked the D2 app and saw that the person who got the most precision kills was on the other team. He had 30 kills and 22 of them were headshots. Old School Not Forgotten is still a fucking beast.
  8. Was watching a little bit of NewLegacyInc do the career mode that everyone is talking about and I need to watch the whole thing because in the 30 minutes alone there was so much what the fuck script moments: 1. Everyone talks about the Natalya scene which was awful but the other parts are just as funny. X-Pac spending most of the conversation talking about how he was on a "all mustard diet" and that the male version was "the drizzling craps" (PG product). The male guy having a conversation with Styles saying that he hit him so hard in the jaw that he can tell if it is raining by a tingling in his jaw. Just amazing script writing 2. So I guess the two career modes characters lied to their parents that they were going to this college in Calgary or wherever this place is supposed to be. The mom seems to be worried and the only thing the dad cares about is that they use his credit card with cash back option so he can take a great vacation 3. I guess one of the goals in their WWE memory/story board or whatever they call it is a "crybaby match". Here are some glitch examples
  9. Yeah, I wasn’t a fan of that set-up for the James Storm segment. I mean it makes sense after a sec if you watched last week, but I could see somebody getting lost.
  10. I'm guessing they either didn't know or thought it was just his gimmick (I thought it was just his gimmick). Also a lot more casual fans, when the attendence drops it's going to be the more hardcore fans showing up, and they might be the folks who really don't like TERFs. (AEW does seem to have a decent-sized LGBT following) Also, when the newness wears off, folks gonna realize he's the same mediocre talent. Also next week they're adding another guy I really don't like in QT Marshall.
  11. Feel the same way, friend. Thanks for tagging me.
  12. Managerial Updates Supposedly the Cubs could hire David Ross as earlier as tomorrow (Thursday). Joe Espada remains the "backup" choice (It appears that Espada might get screwed again due to the Astros playoff pushes) Joe Girardi is the strong favorite to get the Phillies job. However, the Mets are getting a second interview with him. Someone is going to hilariously overpay him to keep him away from the other club. Oh also - the Mets supposedly have a MYSTERY CANDIDATE~! who was described as a "bombshell" (Local reporting has ruled out that that person is David Wright.) Mike Matheny is most likely getting the Royals job but supposedly they won't just "hand him the job"
  13. Vince will have replaced Lashley by this point.
  14. Today
  15. Fitting time to post this with the MCU Spider-Man talk.
  16. So CM Punk may, or may not be doing that FOX show next month. Some reports say that FOX took a pass. Observer quoted Punk in a radio interview saying “They haven’t called him back”. Show officially debuts soon, so if we haven’t heard anything yet to promote at this point, then it’s looking like it won’t happen.
  17. I'm enjoying Odell playing master manipulator in Black Lightning. The one on one between him and Tobias was fun. The way Grace kind of just walked back in to be with Anissa felt kind of lazy and cheap with the way she left and how they were building that story. Arrow was a nice episode with everyone still reeling from the end of last week. The reveal at the end was neat. Never knew much about the character's original role in comics so it will be interesting to see how all of this plays out in Crisis. Flash had some fun moments with us meeting Ralph's mother and the newest Wells. Have to say while I do like Frost getting more play this season it would be nice to see more of Caitlin. Going off of the preview for next week's it does look like Bloodwork really will be the pre-Crisis big bad which I'm happy with. The character is decent so far, but nothing I want to explore for a whole season.
  18. This show seems a little too stuffed. Two tournament, Young Bucks Vs. Best Friends, Britt Baker Vs. Jamie Hayter, Omega Vs. Janela, PAC Vs. Moxley, and a segment hyping up Jericho Vs. Cody. One of these Matches will need to be cut for time.
  19. The same crowd that were chanting ''We The People'' in unison two weeks ago?
  20. You know I’ve liked the look of some of these CG anime recently, but this I’m not into at all. Looks like a modern Mainframe show.
  21. Sounds like something the Saudi Royal family are used to.
  22. Plot twist: Mike Kanellis is the father. He asked for his release because he didn't want his secret lust for Lana to ruin his marriage with Maria. Maria's baby is also Mike's child. Mike Kanellis is revealed to have a 24 inch python and be the secret bastard son of Vince McMahon. Vince lives vicariously through Mike's on screen conquests.
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