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  2. who do you think or would like to see, the surprise or legend entrants be? Mark Henry and the Hurricane
  3. Bought this magnet from Danhausen, but the fun part is that he mailed it in a Christmas card. Definitely more nice than evil. He also appears to have sent it from his home, so I guess I'll go ahead and be penpals with Danhausen now.
  4. Reggie Bennett bumps like a freak for some cool judo takedowns
  5. Yesterday
  6. Looking at some of the scenes in the trailer, this season is going to bleed into Episode III, which will provide some interesting other POV's that weren't present during that movie. I definitely picked out 2 scenes that are straight from RotS and another one that has to occur during the movie. And I'm not going to complain about more Ahsoka, who might've been the only Saga era Jedi to actually "get it".
  7. It was pretty bad, all I remember from it was the son was a conservative and Joey Stivic(Gloria & Mike’s son) shows up to see the old house and eats all their food.
  8. I don't disagree with any of this but your last point. The Punjabi Prison match went so far into WTF territory with the Khali lumber-in finish and the Singhs taking tons of big boy bumps that it actually veered into being fun. I recognize that's a kinda weird opinion though.
  9. Spoilered for size, but this is official MiSu merch and is basically saying I HAVE A MASSIVE HOG It's like Suzuki sama we know
  10. I would argue that if racing games are in, and it appears they are, then Micro Machines should be considered for entry. For me, every bit as important to that "frantic" feeling in arcade racers as RC Pro Am / Rock n Roll Racing or Championship Sprint / Ivan Stewart's Off Road. And it can be a series entry or most of the games very easily stand on their own. I am a huge fan of all of the entries, but V3 for the PS1 holds a very special place in my heart for allowing me to use that stupid boomerang multitap and play 8 player, 4 controller multiplayer. Also, how in the fuck do we have this list of 64 and MVP 2005 isn't on it? Until my GameCube memory card got corrupted by the Wii Connect 24 overheating problem, I kept playing through the entire Dynasty mode, which ran for 120 seasons. What a fucking great baseball game. I'd probably go with Bases Loaded vs. RBI, but both of those games got pushed aside in my house for the official MLB NES game.
  11. "Like a button on a fur coat"
  12. Since they probably couldn't put Slapdick up there, I wish they would have put "Still Somehow Married to Lois Schiavone's Crazy Alcoholic, Fox News Watching Ass" as one of Tony's bullet points just for WHW listeners.
  13. Fenix appeared to get injured in the match; it may not have been the planned finish.
  14. Any YouTube recommendations on T-Hawk. I like what I’ve seen in aew and locally at an indie, but I feel like I’ve yet to see a break out performance. I really like Lindaman. And completely agree on the legendary Cima. Stoked to hear Archer’s in talks. He’s been excellent this past year in New Japan.
  15. Public social media outing people as sociopaths might be its only real value to the world. People just can't resist touching that element on the stove.
  16. No hate from me. Him and the rest of the Giants ending the Patriots perfect season is one of the most memorable Super Bowl moments ever. I still don't know how he wasn't tackled.
  17. All but about a half a dozen franchises would trade their Qb's from the same period to have Eli instead. . . .
  18. Y’all can hate him all you want. That man was my QB for literally the entire time I have been a Dad and because of him I got to enjoy two championships that I NEVER would have predicted I love the goofy ass son of a bitch
  19. Man everyone is gonna leave Suzuki Gun including Suzuki
  20. Burnley win at Old Trafford for the first time since 1962.
  21. Guess he's not waiting 'til Friday?
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