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  2. You could be right. I don't recall him getting this much hate earlier in his singles career.
  3. Now? When have people (here especially) ever liked Dolph? When he was in the Spirit Squad?
  4. Happy birthday to an all time great, Bryan Danielson.
  5. First time I went to check out Stardom World since they re-vamped the site. Now seem to have even less content from the earlier years than before. Anyone know the scoop?
  6. Today
  7. Why do people hate Dolph Ziggler now? Not that he's my favorite worker ever, but is he basically seen now as WWE's Davey Richards? Still thought that 3-way with Bryan Kofi and Zayn on SDL was awesome and probably my favorite match of Kofi's title run so far.
  8. By virtue of having Dolph Ziggler, Smackdown is now the worst show that WWE has to offer. May god have mercy on their souls.
  9. And it was pretty terrible then. Kofi has been having some of the best matches of his career lately, but... Yikes at this.
  10. And the best action movie of 2021 is... Edit: oh shit, M:I 7 is July of 2021 as well, so there's competition.
  11. That's one of my favourite comedy matches ever, the hug it out match on RAW in September 2012. I believe it was in Chicago. The crowd chanted "hug it out" and you could hear loud laughs when Daniel Bryan says "I hugged you, you didn't hug me!"
  12. On that same note, it's a shame Hugo Weaving has decided he's too good to be in things that are cool.
  13. I'm pretty sure I said this after Chapter 2 as well, but I really hope they get Carrie Anne Moss in the next one.
  14. Yeah, I posted about that (sans the video). I'm not surprised Spears is in AEW, and it's something everyone thought would happen (but bashed the idea of because "WWE cast-off"). But he's in a match on the pre-show, which is... a slight upgrade from what he was doing in WWE. So nothing has really changed, not like they're pushing him to the top of the card. He's in that match to make the newer talent look good, which is the reason they wanted Tyler Breeze too. @matt925 I'm pretty sure Dana Massie is in charge of the merch. Maybe she has a team behind her now, but she's the head of that division.
  15. That’s the only one of the individual shirts that I really like. Not sure who is designing them but I’m not crazy about any of them, except hers is really cool. Thinking about that blue arena exclusive shirt I thought might have Japanese writing, perhaps it’s an owe shirt? That might make more sense. But if it’s related to the ladies tag match and looks good I’ll grab it.
  16. why does Bran need a Master of Whispers when no one could possibly do that job any better than Bran himself? Honestly I anticipated he'd end up as the World's Greatest Spymaster to whoever ended up King, rather than the actual king [did suspect House Stark would end up in charge, but as more of a team in charge of everything than 3 individuals ruling separate chunks. A Time For Wolves and what not.]
  17. I don't care about him all that much but I do like how they are doing these videos. The production is nice.
  18. Alternatively, if you're struggling to come to grips with the passage of time, definitely do not think about this.
  19. This is fun. Natalie Markova kicks wee French lass Camille Grignon in the face a whole lot. ---------------------------- Eh, how about this from Beaumont, TX. I love Heater Monroe. -------------------------- Jesus, I wish the 80s NWA had thought of this belt. Lee Scott would come out every week trying to unload this belt on Cougar Jay. or Snake Brown.
  20. No. I'm an idiot because I haven't found time to catch the latest one yet. Even after Chapter 2, Keanu has to rank high on the all time American action star list. Between these, Matrix, and Point Break, he's sitting on a bunch of stone classics. No, I don't rate Speed and never will.
  21. He really did. It was the last thing I'd expect. At the rate they were going, I'm surprised Arya with the sunglasses didn't make it into the show.
  22. Seeing the trajectory of his last few flims' RT scores suggests some potential wisdom and stepping around that particular trap. Also, you ought to get around to both of those flicks since you so clearly want to. Maybe Hateful Eight gets you on the Goggins bandwagon with the rest of us, and Death Proof is short and light by Tarantino standards.
  23. Right. Supporting cast wasn't there to hit their open looks and it allowed the Raps to focus mostly on Giannis. They'll make those shots at home.
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