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  2. For bands or artists who had a sudden drastic change of image, sound, or both. Like this:
  3. Three point technique..if do right, no can defence.
  4. The Attitude Era was WW.'s nadir in terms of quality. Nowadays they have good to great matches undercut by terrible writing. Back then the matches AND writing were terrible.
  5. Unlikely. They share no language. Dothraki speak Dothraki, Grey Worm speaks Low Valyrian and the common tongue of Westeros.
  6. I really liked Daga vs Tanaka, except for the magical healing leg damage sections. Where one minute you can barely stand, and certainly can't run, and then suddenly you can flying kick. But it was good. Swann vs Pillman the Second was pretty good, but it wasn't a patch on Swann vs Elgin from Friday's Impact. Couldn't get into the opener though. Felt like I'd already seen it done better. Generic brawl, with a sudden "I went to a fight and a game of Hockey broke out" spot during the adverts.
  7. But you can sew two wings on a pork chop if you have too
  8. I played them all. I like the Masa Funaki one.
  9. For the most part I like the Finale. I think everyone ended up where they needed to be. The season just needed an extra episode of Mad Queen Dany, a more satisfying end for the Lannisters and more details about what the Unsullied/Dothraki were doing without a dominant leader. Would the Dothraki Horde really just settle down and accept Grey Worm as leader? On a greedy note I would have had Jon ask Tormund something like "Where do we go now?" only for Tormund to laugh and shout "You know nothin Jon Snow!" as the last line of the series.
  10. I assume you mean inanimate objects winning the belt because other the Heavymetalweight Title is just the Hardcore Title.
  11. John Wick Is the greatest American action franchise of all-time.
  12. If you wonder why I'm cynical about the sport now- this is the example for why in a nutshell: That was terrible, but it had to happen. Part of making everyone mean something is to realize that eventually, you get to a point where they all want them to be the World Champ and no matter who you pick, the rest will be devastated. You end up with- for example, WWE making Seth Rollins the face of the company. Rollins is good, but that's it. Only a few fans get excited for Rollins...but he'd be in a large amount of fans' top 5 and the vast majority of fans' top 10. Rather than the choice the WWE fans LOVE, he's the choice the vast majority of WWE fans can LIVE WITH...and when you're choosing the top star based on "He's not my favorite guy, but I can live with this", you won't get people EXCITED.
  13. Fucking right! Parker will show him who really has the horse meat, baby. Page thinks he has all the answers until The Colonel tells him that wasn't a bullrope around his neck this whole time. Even when he flew to Japan. And that's it flacid.
  14. That puts John Wick 3 about $14-$15 million ahead of opening weekend numbers for John Wick 2. If the drop rate is similar it should end up around $108-$110 million over 4 weeks, a little under the $117 million I picked for my tiebreaker. Guess I'll do my part and go and see it tomorrow to bump it another $7.00.
  15. I'll tell you what they should do about Page's match, baby! Have Page issue an open challenge via the internet machine and then while he's in the ring waiting for his opponent, an SUV rolls into the arena and out pops COLONEL ROBERT PARKER! The Colonel introduces his new charge, "The Wild-Eyed Southern Boy" Tracy Smothers who tells the audience that if anybody chants "Tracy Sucks" then everybody dies! He charges into the ring and gets superkicked immediately but when Page goes for the cover, the Colonel says that's not his opponent and opens the door to the SUV and out pops "The Cowboy" James Storm who charges into the ring, ducks a superkick and delivers one of his own and as he goes for the cover Page small packages him but the Colonel yells to stop counting cause Storm's not his opponent either and opens the SUV and out pops the savage strong man with the swag Jake Hager who charges into the ring and takes Page to a cul-de-sac's worth of suplexes and pulls off his killer cowboy boot and locks on an ankle lock and then the Colonel says it's time for Page to meet his opponent for the evening and out of the driver's side exits BUNKHOUSE BUCK who takes Page's boot and immediately whacks him in the head with it giving Page a DQ victory but The Stud Stable don't seem fazed by the lose and keep beating the shit out of Page and end up hogtying him and throw him in the SUV and take off down the strip where they end up at that wedding chapel where the Colonel almost married Sherri Martel. They throw Page out in front and they all put on bow ties and put one over Page's mouth like a gag. When the minister asks which one of them is going to be marrying Page, Missy Hyatt exits the SUV and walks to the back of the SUV and opens the door where the Stud Stable pull out a tied up Burnard The Business Bear. Hyatt puts a wedding veil on Burnard's head and The Stud Stable forcibly nod Page and Burnard's heads up and down for the vows and then force them to kiss to seal the deal. Then Missy Hyatt pulls Page's wedding gift out of her Gucci purse, a pack of condoms cause even though it's his honeymoon he probably doesn't want to go "bear" back with Burnard cause she's heard that the kind of business Burnard is into is risky business, baby. Then they pull a wedding cake out of the SUV, it's a big SUV alright. LUXURY! And they smash Page's face in it and call him "fatty" and then roll away laughing and laughing as Burnard attempts to console his new husband. Why did The Stud Stable engage in this heinous plan? How will Adam Page avenge himself while dealing with the damn numbers game? What kind of STDs does Burnard have? And most importantly how will The Stud Stable's RAP (Replacement Above Pac) numbers be scored? All these questions and more will probably never be answered cause they'll just use someone like Shawn Spears as PAC's replacement.
  16. Even then, that got to be too much. So many people meant something that the only one on one singles match you got at WrestleMania 2000 was Terri vs The Kat. I was there live. It was cool to see all your favorites, but I still hate 90% of non-elimination multi-man matches to this day (even though the main was an elimination match).
  17. He and Penta have had quite a few cancellations that may or may not been dodgy, have they not?
  18. Yeah. Lester, at 40 something, married a stripper. He ain't tortured.
  19. I appreciate what they're doing and I've found it to be incredibly effective. I just hope that they don't go overboard to the point it's blatantly exploiting real emotions and financial constraints like a trashy game show. I thought they handled the PAC/Page stuff as well as possible beyond a clear apology that they wouldn't be delivering the match the way they promised. So, yeah, if they're in full on denial/protectionist mode, this was the way to do it other than just tacking the match on to the end of the episode. Love Page's running gag of technology magic. I wonder how much a VCR drawer would've run for in the '90s. edit: AND ANOTHER THING!... ... Uh... I don't like Kenny Omega with the shorter hair. I'm guessing it and the silver fits in with whatever entrance costume he has planned but I'd take the trashy extensions and braid over this shit. And, yes, it matters! OH AND ANOTHER ANOTHER THING. Why no Shaq footage?! Hangman attending the fucking TNT presser with the Space Jam water bottle was hilarious tho.
  20. I thought the finale itself was pretty satisfying. I think they obviously skipped a lot of narrative and character steps over the last two years (season 7 was pretty easily my least favorite) but it all mostly wound up in the right places.
  21. I think most of us had already entered acceptance stage.
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