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  2. I don't think that orbs are disabled in Quickplay or the other PvP modes, so you should still be able to get the Revelry Competitive triumph done in the IB if you play enough matches. Just remember to keep up your supply of Essences so that you can spam grenades along with everyone else. A 700 should be able to get a bunch of grenade kills against low lights in the IB. Ideally, they need to fix that shit before the IB because not everyone likes going into the Crucible and a lot of people depend on Gambit matches for their Revelry Competitive progress.
  3. I saw a couple of Wizened Rebukes out there last IB, so at least one or two people suffered through that bullshit. I know, isn't it great? I'm serious, it's pretty awesome if you embrace the meta. Thanks to the fizzy Revelry beverage's grenade cooldown buff, Impact mods, and Exotic Armor pieces that affect grenades, you can literally throw them constantly... I ran into some assholes running Arcstriders with the Shinobu's Vow and spamming Skip Grenades and that inspired me to counter it by running my Nightstalker with Way of the Trapper (Lockdown like a mother fucker) and spamming Voidwall Grenades. I can literally blanket an entire area with purple fire if I spam enough grenades and the AoE DoT lasts an eternity in PvP time. Very effective in helping to control the heavy spawn in favor of your team.. I don't have a Young Ahamkara's Spine, so I am not sure how it works with Tripmines, since I think they need to detonate before you can throw another, but you should get your grenade energy back almost immediately. Yep, I'll be using Thorn to smoke fools and chip away at the Mark of the Devourer triumph. I have a full set and I also have the ornament for the helmet. I usually shred gear I think I won't need, but I may at least keep the helmet with the Revelry Wings I'm kinda bummed that the ornament comes via RNG when you buy Eva's reward packages with your Revelry Essences. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out if there was a Secret Triumph involved in getting the helmet ornament,, but there doesn't appear to be a Secret Triumph associated with this event. I am two wins away from knocking out the Supremacy game mode triumph but I am also one completion shy of the Sentry Helmet weekly bounty so it's back to the Reckoning after I do some more yardwork for my mom..... if it's not pouring when I leave work for the day. I am dumb. I realized last Thursday that I have an Outlawed Collectors Helmet and not a Notorious one, so I need to do the Collect / Conquer weekly bounty next week so that I get the right helmet to complete my Notorious Collector set. The Collector set is my running around armor since it goes well with my Liar's Handshake and Gwisin Vest. I wear Notorious Reaper pieces with my Ophidia Spathe.
  4. It was a beer twofer this weekend. First off, the county liquor store near my job (one day I'll list all the weird Maryland county-by-county peculiarities W/R/T hooch), the one with the really bad beer selection, had Bell's Two Hearted, which is just bizarre. I had heard a lot of good things about it before, had it once on tap years ago and didn't get the fuss, so I decided to try it again. I looked it up and some craft beer such and such had voted it the best beer in America, so I figured it was worth it. Well again, I wasn't too impressed. It was a lot more balanced than I expected, lightly hoppy but also a little malty. It was okay but I felt like it was almost trying to be something for everyone and, in that, nothing about it really stood out. Above average and inoffensive, but not memorable. We decided to grill at the last minute yesterday so I needed more beer. Having to work today, I didn't want anything too high over 5%. The new local beer and wine place had Sierra Nevada "Sierraveza" in cans, so that was the one I went with. I didn't expect much more than a bland-ish crisp lager, hopefully one step up from Bud. I was pleasantly surprised! There's a decent malt bite to this that I was not expecting at all. Not a fan of Heifeweizens, I typically don't like that bubble gummy malt flavor, but this was just right. Delicious and probably the better of the weekend's two beers. A shocking upset. Some Mike Tyson Buster Douglas shit here.
  5. Matt Shoemaker done for the year with a torn ACL
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  7. Does anyone listen to the Eastern Lariat podcast, and if so, could you tell me how much of the CC they cover? Still behind and want to remain unspoiled.
  8. I think this was maybe my favorite episode in the whole run. I loved all of the characters just hanging out and getting to actually be human, shooting the shit, etc. It also gave us a chance to say goodbye to many of these characters who have been our favorites for one reason or another. Better to do that now than when we get to the hell of next week's episode.
  9. I think he's still in jail for beating up Christy Mack. He quit MMA to be a pron actor. The first time I gave up on Wrestling was 1988, because World of Sport got cancelled. So there wasn't any on the telly any more. Then I started watching WCW Worldwide on ITV, and 2AM Thursday nights, around 91 or 92. Got into tape trading for ECW and Japan around 94... kind of drifted into and out of being a WWE fan at times, but I've always been a Wrestling fan first and the WWE fan second, or not at all. Right now I watch Impact, MLW and Defiant, and a one hour edit of Sunday Morning RAW that I barely pay attention to. Yesterday the show started with Steph coming to the ring and introducing Shane, so I took the opportunity to do some vacuuming until they shut up.
  10. Cheers, @Execproducer. I do need to see the Landover Maryland match.
  11. She showed as much as was shown in the first Mass Effect game. Which led to this:
  12. Went ahead and bought that Hellraiser boxset that @piranesi mentioned, even though I don’t have a region free blu-ray player (yet). Too good of a deal to pass up, especially when I saw prices listed other places that weren’t having a sale. Ended up going down a rabbit hole and found a few other movies I’d like to get ahold of as well, but I won’t do that until I have a region free player.
  13. Yeah she showed none. That article just words it in a very vague and unclear way
  14. She's 22, so yes. It's just weird because she's been playing this character since she was a tween.
  15. This actually doesn't surprise me. She is at an age now where she would probably rather not be looked at like she is still a child despite her appearance so she probably saw this as a chance to make people realize that.
  16. Catching up.. I think that was Ambrose best promo tonight from his entire time in WWE. Also, Bayley and Ember over huge tonight I think the Bayley boo birds are contained to smarky cities. Also, I love the announcers being right on top of the ring.
  17. Apparently no on the body double, according to the interview with EW they published a few minutes after the episode aired.
  18. It was odd.. I assumed they used a body double though. Tormund had me rolling this entire episode. I enjoyed the bits with The Hound and Beric too. So many awesome little character moments. I mentioned Grey Worm and Missandei. Snow's speech about his true self to Dany was good. I laughed at Beric about the Umbers going "they fight for the Night King now" all nonchalant lol
  19. 2007. Had nothing to do with Benoit. John Cena's near 2 year stranglehold on the world championship, and WWE's insistence on putting him over EVERYBODY EVERY TIME, yet constantly portraying him as the underdog. the failure of ECW 2.0 also played into it, as i was ready to quit until they announced ECW would be starting up again. It got me to hang on a while longer, and it sucked ass. Went to WrestleMania 23 in Detroit, and really felt like i didn't even care what happened anymore. i will still watch the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania each year. for the next couple years after 2007, it would just get me upset that they weren't changing course to fit what i wanted to see. After that, it's general apathy for the stuffing instead of potatoes in general. i watch and get drunk during the show, because i really don't give a shit about who wins/who's getting pushed/what the fans want. i use Mania as my annual check-in time, see that it's still not for me, and check out until the next year. I still love pro wrestling. I plan on giving AEW my regular viewing habits, at least to begin with, and i follow Billy Corgan's NWA as much as is reasonable (as they don't have any semblance of a tv show). I've been using the time to go back and watch older wrestling sequentially in real time, and i feel like i get WAY more enjoyment out of it vs. current WWE stuff.
  20. Miracle win for San Jose. Vegas dominated the entire 3rd, the OT, and the 2nd OT, get a power play...and still lose. On a 35ft wrist shot.
  21. Can we also add to this the "...they renamed War Machine literally a year ago in NXT, and people whined about them becoming War Raiders too, even though WWE had two incredibly good reasons to change their name [if the Marvel character didn't do it, the MMA asshole would]. It's not like this is some time-honored name that WWE ruined- it's not even the name on the indies." I've only given up on WWE a couple times (around 1995 for reasons I'm really not sure why until 1998), and then 2001-03 because I didn't have cable at college) , but if I did it'd be in large part for the "the fans got everything they could possibly want at Wrestlemania, and they're such cartoonishly unbelievable ingrates that the name of a lowercard tag team is enough to wipe all of that to 'what've you done for me lately?' bullshit and does nothing more than prove the smarks will only truly be happy when they have something they can complain about."
  22. I loved tonight's episode. So many little payoffs before the people we've grown to love go off to die. Jon being stupid and revealing what he did to Dany when he did was so not surprising and was so damn stupid. He is definitely the son of Ned Stark, blood or not. I'm thinking we get at least a good 3-4 big deaths by the end of the next episode. Grey Worm is definitely not making it. He seems to be on the front lines, is Black, and made the sensible speech about getting away from this bullshit when its all said and done. Feels like Jorah could go either way. I don't think he makes it in the end, but he doesn't have to bite it in this particular battle. Either Brienne or Jamie gets taken out next episode. Won't be both, but one of them ain't making it after that lovely knighting scene. Gendry ain't making it since he and Arya finally got together.
  23. Apparently they left it up to Massie Williams how much flesh she would show (given that her contract was signed when she was eleven, it didn't contain any nudity clauses) Joe Dempsie said it was really weird given he's almost a decade older and has known her since she was 11 or 12. Which, yeah. And I don't think we have any idea how long someone can still be revived.
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