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  2. Eh, IMO the novel and the movie are more sci-fi than horror even thought The Invisible Man is counted amongst the iconic Universal Pictures monster troupe. I can live with it not being mentioned in the Horror thread.
  3. ....Um... Who are the Raw tag team champions exactly?
  4. Datto's Weak Curse chest location guide. Fuck. I didn't realize there were so many. Why do Triumph Seals have to be so much bullshit?
  5. So, just to sum up. 1. Usos clown Revival. 2. Bryan reestablishes the Smackdown tag belts as a big deal, beats Usos on Smackdown to put over the team/belts. 3. Usos beat Bryan/Rowan on PPV pre-show in a non-title match. Raw titles are not defended. 4. Revival beat Usos on Raw. Who knows where the Raw tag champs are? This is not good.
  6. I have a soft spot for Filthy due to his stuff on the F4W shows. Haven't seen much of him as a wrestler but will get an idea next week. I can get fully behind a show that has Mance and Sami driving construction equipment to the liquor store. If they somehow pulled up to one in that I would have lost my shit. And I already like Mance a ton with his love for lariats and light beer. I also really liked Daga/Tanaka a lot.
  7. Oh and yeah. I did Rumble first and those matches counted towards the Quickplay criteria in the final Invitation bounty. So I only have three matches to go instead of six. Pin your ears back, jump into Rumble, and just do the best you can. You might surprise yourself and do as well as I did.
  8. I'm an oldie who remembers that, wrestling fan since 5 or 6 years old.
  9. The six year old asked for various Disney DVDs for her birthday, including Oliver and Company. On the one hand, it's a colossal waste since these will probably be up on the streaming service. On the other, do you have any idea how hard it is to buy a kid a present in 2019? We get all the books we could possibly need at the library. We get most movies we could possibly need at the library and there's more for her to watch between on-demand and streaming than she can possibly watch (we're about 7 episodes behind on both Star vs the Forces of Evil and Big Hero Six: the series, not to mention the new She-Ra season. This after we binged some Ducktales this weekend and Tangled: the Series a few weeks ago). We're not going to watch THAT much TV, really. She's at that crunchy age where a lot of traditional board games are dull to her but the more advanced/expensive/modern collaborative ones are still a few years away. Mainly, we're going "camping" in July as a present, but it's nice to have something to unwrap. So yes, we'll get her some soon to be pointless DVDs just so we can wrap something.
  10. McG has announced he is working on a True Lies TV series for the service and he hopes he can get Arnold involved somehow
  11. The Invisible Man reboot will be out March 13, 2020 Johnny Depp is no longer involved. There is also no longer a shared Monster universe. This is a stand alone movie Starring Elisabeth Moss and Storm Reid. It is being directed by Leigh Whannell so I am almost wondering if I should have put this in the Horror thread In fact reading the story further - all the movies will now be stand-alones that are "rooted in horror"
  12. If Miz's dad isn't booked against Nic Gage, I'mma be disappointed.
  13. Me too. I am a divorcee and not a widower, but I can totally relate to Walter's character's awkwardness and fears about returning to single life. I await the inevitable episode where he starts dating a hot soccer mom who also has kids. It should be hilarious. Been there, done that. Hasn't ended yet since I am now ten years into my current relationship. We've thought about getting married but her ex-husband's retirement check really comes in handy right now.
  14. The Unicorn Walton Goggins alert Also I have never related more to a phrase than "That's all I do to my kids - drive them places and lie"
  15. At least she is fighting against typecasting by wearing that horrible G&R t-shirt.
  16. Today
  17. Broke So So much wrong with this - mainly starting with Pauley Perrette not being on NCIS
  18. I am still catching up on trailers for new Fall shows. And this ties in with the cop discussion. Can't imagine why FOX picked this up. Deputy
  19. Thanks to the upcoming holiday, it will probably be a short gaming week for me. My wifey has a *sigh* loaded social agenda of activities for our Memorial Day Weekend and we will also have to attend to her adult daughter while she is on the mend from her cosmetic surgery. We'll also have a four year old grandkid running all over hell and breakfast. At least there are plans to go see John Wick 3 in there, I'm going to do as much Gambit Prime / Reckoning as I can since I have dragged my feet on the collection of Notorious Sentry armor, suffer through three Comp matches to knock out the Invitation bounty, and then find a YouTube guide to help me locate the Ascendant Treasure chests for the weak Curse timeframe. Discomfort first, so will be heading to Competitive Crucible when I log on after grass mowing and dinner.
  20. I am not sure if this is new information but Meltzer made a comment in passing on yesterday's (????) radio show - that Double or Nothing will be a 5 hour show (Or at least it is blocked for 5 hours)
  21. I started killing worms in the Dreaming City the other day - why I don't know. OH! Because I needed to kill Hive there for my invitation. About halfway through I realized I better check to see if there is a Triumph or anything associated with it and there isn't so I stopped
  22. I’m new here. I’m not sure who you think I am but because of this paranoia inaccurate post of yours I got a good glimpse of you being an idiot.
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