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  2. so i saw this image on CBR and it interested me enough to read some dumb article about most menacing Power Rangers villains or something. The article wasn't that great, but i HAD to know where this came from. i've now spent the last couple hours reading BOOM's Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers series from 2016 written by Kyle Higgins. I gotta say, i'm really enjoying it. The series somehow keeps the wide-eyed wonder of the live action '90s show while also touching on some (slightly) deeper themes that really works. I'm about 2/3 of the way through this run and am only stopping because my Kindle ran out of battery. There are worse ways to waste an afternoon.
  3. yeah, Grayson is awesome. COIE is historically important and i've always enjoyed it. Infinite Crisis i really loved when it came out, but i'm a sucker for alternate reality stuff so YMMV. Identity Crisis is OKish for a self-contained story, but don't use your brain while reading or you may experience severe pain and anguish. i can't speak to the dollar value of this stuff, but 3 of the 4 are pretty great reads, and even the fourth is a fun experience. i say you did pretty well.
  4. Sorry, for them, I mean Benioff and Weiss, and did they figure it out due to online fan theories beforehand?
  5. I really did figure it out the first time through, so, yeah, it's not hard to find. I felt really proud of myself until I found out everyone already knew
  6. Are you asking about readers or Benioff and Weiss? As far as readers go, I think they figured it out. Once you know, you'll find that it is pretty much spelled out for you in the books. It is almost too obvious in a reread. I think the first time through it is easy to miss because you don't know to look for it, but Ned thinks about it a lot in the first book. The people who are super into these books overanalyze every single word, I'm sure they figured it out. Benioff and Weiss may have figured it out, but I bet they found it on the internet.
  7. If Sid were slightly younger and healthier, I'd have no problem with Sid being a veteran monster heel in AEW.
  8. I think that Weiss and Benioff told it at one point.
  9. OK. I cite that's possible But, is this a true story or a fan urban legend?
  10. The story goes that when they approached him about optioning the series, he asked them who Jon's parents were as a test
  11. Are you suggesting the fans figured out that answer for them and Martin didn't just tell them the answer?
  12. Well that ends that speculation.
  13. Don't worry. It wasn't until the show came out and made it explicit that I realized 1 of the 3 from the AGOT prologue technically survived it
  14. You've just passed this feeling of stupidity on to me. Well done.
  15. Sid. Sid wins with three power bombs, then dumps Page off the stretcher after the match.
  16. Right. I mean, theoretically there is probably another 2,000 pages to go in this series, so who knows. Speaking of being dense... I read all five books without ever consciously realizing that the new POV character in every prologue and epilogue was going to die at the end of it. Like, I read them all and noticed all their deaths, but didn't put together that everyone was doomed until I saw it mentioned somewhere online and just went "oh my God I'm dumb"
  17. Yep. Standard GRRM unlucky prologue jobber
  18. Since you mention it, is there something about Pate I might have missed? As far as I could tell, he was just a cat who got mixed up in some shady stuff and got dead because of it.
  19. It's a faceless man. Pate's description of The Alchemist's face in AFFC matches the new face Arya sees Jaqen adopt after he clears his debt with her in ACOK (curly black hair, fat cheeks, a scar) so it is widely presumed to be Jaqen (or at least the same Faceless Man who was Jaqen when Arya met him) that'll take a new book [that we're never gonna get]
  20. "No one." Of course. Duh. I'm a dummy. Was it ever made clear what they were after? Or is that one of the many threads Martin left dangling?
  21. Well, I think the Infinity Crisis omnibus alone has a $100 or $150 price tag. So you definitely got a good price. I'm not a huge fan of IC itself, but the omnibus is loaded with stories I love. Grayson is a really good book.
  22. Presumably a Faceless Man, probably Jaqen or someone else using the same face
  23. Jake Hager. Hager wins with submission ankle lock because of the injury Page sold in England vs PAC.
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