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  2. I guess they saw the numbers with the over-50 crowd and decided to go for it.
  3. Look for his early 80s AWA run teaming with Martel years before Strikeforce was a thing. Their matches with the High Flyers were absolute state of the art for that time.
  4. He's done pretty well with Alexa and Charlotte. Owens too. Yes Alexa is very good, don't @ me.
  5. Now I've finished Scars, Silence and Superglue, and it's... OK. He settles a few scores here and there (who knew he hated Test and Koji Kanemoto so much?) and tells the story of his life and career, but you don't come away from it really understanding him any better than you did before. The biggest surprise is right at the start, the incident that lead Sheikh to agree to train him. He got shot in the face. By a gun, I mean. And Sheikh took a total Mr Miyagi approach to training for the first few months. But of the two, yeah, get Vader's. It is nice to see one perspective of a guy who made it to WWE and didn't give a shit though. After all the "genius Vince I finally made it" takes, Sabu isn't particularly impressed at all. I liked that.
  6. When you're guessing basketball players ages, always subtract 2. Most players good enough to make it to the NBA are good enough by the time they're 19. When you're guessing football players, it depends on position. Running backs are all young, and Quarterbacks are all old.
  7. He failed to completely fuck up Jericho. Although obviously he first met him way more than ten years ago.
  8. They were just talking about this (I think) on Cornettes drive thru show this week. They were discussing the heart punch which led to discussing Ox Baker.
  9. I don't think it's that at all. When Tito became big, it was in the early 2000s. What was happening then? People leaving pro wrestling in droves especially if WWF wasn't their thing or WWF now being the only game in town drove them away. Despite the nu-metal, broey vibe UFC had then (and began to develop year over year), they presented Tito as a superstar. He was winning fights, and they were showing him slamming Evan Tanner into oblivion. They went big on Tito and you can't say there was just a bunch of no charisma guys because BJ Penn had star written all over him. I mean someone could say size had a part in that, but Penn didn't have that aura that Tito had. They could show him braining Caol Uno all day and running out of the cage, but it just wasn't the same. If Penn was THAT guy, they would have kept him and the UFC lightweight division. Tito was perfect for that era of MMA (same with Ronda later on) and had foils (which is something every fighter needs to make their career worth something) in Randy, Ken, and Chuck. If WWE was in different place then, the first guy they would poach is Tito Ortiz and have him go to promo class with Jim Cornette in OVW. So that's where we part on that. As for Joanna, she clearly has something you can't teach. The first time she cut a promo (IIRC after the Juliana Lima fight), I knew the UFC was going to put rocket boosters on her. The cocky, foreign tweener stuff works because that's genuinely her. Everytime she has a post-fight interview, the fans respond in kind which is rare because half the time everyone is trying to gather their thoughts since they just got finished fighting another grown person inside a cage or were just recently concussed. Thus, the fans either don't really do anything or only make noise for someone going for a cheap pop (9/10 winning fighters even in enemy territory compliment the city, state, and/or country the event is in). It also helps that she has the perfect style to compliment her personality. When she was carving up Jessica Penne and then beating the brakes off Carla Esparza before that, I was thinking the UFC should trademark the Polish Hammer for her because she was only one worthy of that name who wasn't Ivan Putski. Just like Tito, when you have that aura around you and have just the right amount charisma and dominance, you are star and best case scenario, a mega star. I think what Joanna is/was lacking because she has everything else in spades is the right foil. People thought Valentina was it, but I think that's water and oil in terms of buildup especially dealing with two people whose first language isn't English. Rose would have been it, but she is really anti-social. Hence, why I felt Joanna had to hype herself up. I mean everytime they had a presser, Rose would say she isn't about talking trash and doesn't believe in it. If you put Joanna in NXT or AEW with enough training, she would hold her own. It's not like everyone in wrestling is Arn Anderson on the stick to begin with.
  10. The Outback Stakehouse scene was wild. Edi Patterson should be in everything.
  11. If he's out for decent length of time, like two or three months, they should just put the belt on Lee and go from there.
  12. Vince/WWE of the last 10 years hasn't met an amazing talent he couldn't completely fuck up yet.
  13. It was all the njpw stuff plus promoter and the upcoming suda51 extension. I have a bunch of PlayStation store codes from having a Sony rewards credit card so I used that for the Stardom pack and will use for the next one.
  14. Except on ESPN's web site, where there's been absolute radio silence about the biggest storyline of that game and the league.
  15. Because he is delusional and thinks that now that Ernie Grunfeld is gone THE REBUILD IS FINALLY HAPPENING~!
  16. I'm irrationally bothered by this social media post.
  17. I can't remember what was in the pass and what wasn't but I'm pretty sure I already bought Stardom outside of the pass.
  18. I'm thinking about doing a deep Tito dive.
  19. I hope the pc version won’t be As broken as the console versions have been lately.
  20. I'm not sure what confuses me more: him wanting to stay or them not wanting to trade him for assets and start trying to build their next good team.
  21. The funny thing about Joanna, Cejudo, Tito, and Ken being super cringeworthy is that for the most part it has worked. If any of these people were pro wrestlers who we actually expect to be able to talk fans into the building, they'd be laughingstocks, but in MMA where half the people have no charisma whatsoever, they get over. Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz really didn't like each other, which helped, but the fact that they were willing to taunt, insult, and talk shit about each other really made them stand out. The first MMA event I went to was Ortiz vs. Shamrock 2, and it was because how invested I was in that rivalry. I knew exactly how that fight was going to go, and didn't care. I just wanted to be in the building. Joanna's posing and mugging for the camera on Saturday during her introduction legit made me laugh. She has the personality of a grapefruit, but she's trying...which is more than I can say about most MMA fighters.
  22. I remember the local news reporting that My Pillow jackass got an F rating for his business practices. Four years later, he's not only still running, but probably pimping his stuff on their channel during the late hour commercials.
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