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  2. That was quite a fine episode of NXT. Velveteen-Buddy was a very nice TV title match. Dream is going to be fucking hyper over when he gets time on the main roster, it's going to be terrifying. Gargano with the NXT Title is just weird. As Jack said on 30 Rock, "It's like seeing a dog wearing clothes." I mean, I know this is the big culmination of his years long quest(TM, Titan Sports)... but it's just so odd seeing him as champ. Fun of him to push all of Cole's buttons at once by challenging Roddy instead of him. Shayna's such an evil bitch, it's terrific. She needs to never, ever be a face. Although, when she loses this time, it should be to move up. And I don't think that should happen before the post-SummerSlam timeframe. Frankly, I'm glad Lacey got called up instead of her, let Lacey get crushed by Becky and leave Shayna down on NXT as the "dish best served cold."
  3. The idea of Nelson Royal as NWA Jr Heavyweight champion in 1978 was too funny given he was also the champ in 1988 as well
  4. Still kind of surprised at how close the two are though it was nice to learn why in the vid.
  5. There's a PSN flash sale. Highlights include The Division 2, Life is Strange ch2, and $20 AssCreed:Odyssey.
  6. Yeah, sorry to say it never felt like you were in any danger of winning. Nothing about your play seemed bad, just a lack of urgency, even after Jordy Hiwula gave us the lead. The needless red card just compounded matters. Hopefully you bounce back at the first attempt. I know our year in League 2 was the most fun I've had as a Cov fan, hope you guys get the same luck.
  7. This really started back at WrestleMania 32 where Sasha was clearly the most over and most marketable person in the match and they gave Charlotte the win. That should have been Sasha's crowning moment. But Vince being Vince he is completely out of touch about what sells. WWE overall struck gold with the new television contracts and that is going to keep them healthy from a financial standpoint well into the next decade. It's the nature of the current TV climate. What happens after that is anyone's guess. I could tell you right now XFL is going to fail again and will be a huge waste of money. Vince's biggest problem is just like CM Punk said. He'd rather lose money or make way less trying to be right and doing things his way instead of learning from previous mistakes and listening to people who know better than he does.
  8. I find it quite hilarious that Jared Dudley might have saved the Sixers season. It shouldn’t take being shitted on by a fat benchwarmer to get going, but Ben Simmons is awake now. These last two games have been the best team defense performance out of the Sixers all year, and this last one was without their best defender. It starts with Simmons, but even JJ Redick of all people is fighting through screens. The defensive upside of a team anchored by Embiid with Simmons and Butler on the wings is championship level legit. Haven’t seen it all year really, but it’s for sure the highest of ceilings..
  9. Turns out forcing Harden right by playing damn near behind him is much harder to pull off without Eric Bledsoe.
  10. I'd be more than happy with a Murphy/Balor program for the IC title.
  11. I dropped $50 on UWF DVDs so I could finish off the blog in my signature, feel free to have a read about a very good UWF show to open 1990.
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  13. Could be Youtube. My 8 year old son is now obsessed and spends a bunch of time watching Youtube clips and learns about the Attitude era and wrestling history that way. The only problem is he's a bit of a know-it-all so I have to fill in the gaps when comes to tell me something he thinks he knows and that I don't
  14. This set has the best flavor of all time. The way they were to bring out the story with all of these cards is nothing short of remarkable. They did a very impressive job. This card in particular just makes me hear the YUB NUB song from Return of the Jedi:
  15. Kazuo Koike has passed. n top of writing Lone Wolf & Cub, Crying Freeman, Hannape Bazooka (with Go Nagai) and countless others he also helped train such mangaka as Rumiko Takahashi and Hokuto No Ken artist Tetsuo Hara! Koike and Minkey Punchh in the same week.. .damn that hits hard! James
  16. I really don't even care about wrestling but New Day makes me happy.
  17. According to sources, he has a history with his student. Allegedly, he was talking shit to Diogenes months beforehand while passing the gym in addition to badmouthing him at the other gym. If you know the split with your trainer was less than amicable and that most of the guys are crazy about allegiance, the last thing you should do is antagonize him. This goes especially if he is a nutty ex Rudimar Fedrigo guy who still believes in loyalty like that. Should he have beat him up like it was 2003 or 2004 when more trainers and fighters where ravenous about dudes switching teams? Probably not since this guy is a nobody. As you can see he let this guy gets a little too under his skin. Diogenes is a sixty years old and probably shouldn't be having street fights. However, if this guy went out of his way to taunt Diogenes, it's hard to feel all that sorry for him.
  18. I agree to a point. With few exceptions like Luger, wrestlers become wrestlers because they’re obsessed with wrestling. And as many have said, if you’re goal isn’t to be world champ maybe you should reconsider what you’re doing. To have that kind of drive and to taste that success while your two buddies (Charlotte and Becky) are actually achieving it must be incredibly frustrating, even if you’re fully aware of how Vince works. You’re chances aren’t even a crapshoot because those are at least random and VKM’s thought process is an algorithm no scientist will ever solve. I’m not saying they should care about their position on the card above, say, their status as contractors but they do because it’s something they can at least affect a little bit through hard work. If that hard work adds up to having the rug pulled out from under you, then yeah, what’s the point?
  19. 6 nights... 6 fucking nights it took me to beat the final boss of Sekiro!
  20. For anybody that still plays Smash Brothers Ultimate Joker came out for DLC and you now can create levels to share. So far it's a pretty neat system though I wish you could add items like the boxing ring from Punch Out into it. Have found some pretty interesting stuff to download which has added some replayability to the game.
  21. I’ll add to the love for Dream/Murphy. It’ll be interesting to see how Buddy fits on SDL. I thought he might work better as the biggest cruiserweight and having a power advantage but he hung just as well with Velveteen. Wish we could’ve seen Murphy feud with Rey Misterio as a way to establish him on the main roster, although they could run Murphy/Ali again too. And what else can be said about Velveteen Dream? He’s always entertaining and works a style that’s sustainable. It’s a shame we have so little faith in main roster booking or I’d say we’re witnessing the beginning stages of a HoF level run. Unfortunately, it could go sideways so easily and it wouldn’t even be Dream’s fault. Stoked for Shayna and Io to rip it up too.
  22. I'd like to check that out, the library in my city just got into this cool state wide program where they'll order books for you from elsewhere. I don't know shit about STL wrestling outside of what was in that Bob Costas Wrestling at the Chase doc that came out maybe 99, 2000
  23. The dude is a work. He knows exactly what his audience wants to hear, and that's commentary of the "old man yells at cloud" variety. The majority of his listeners believe wrestling hasn't been good since Crockett went out of business, so that's what he caters to. Like with Prichard, I just can't deal with a podcast where the guy is so obviously lying or working. Jesus Christ that's disgusting. I wonder if it really was fear of not being able to get good food at certain times of the day or if he's one really picky eaters, like picky to the point of OCD. I once had a friend whose palate was so dull and unsophisticated and unadventurous that, on a trip to NEW YORK, he insisted on Olive Garden. I wonder if Cornette is like that.
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