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  2. I tuned him out after about 30 seconds. It's how I used to get through the Bray Wyatt monologues.
  3. By far the creepiest of Rowan's masks: The John Wayne Gacy Mask I feel like Rowan's masks, or maybe just the Gacy mask should be hanging on a wall in the background of the Firefly Funhouse.
  4. Deadline is the 28th, though I need to check because I think I might have everyone already except maybe one. If you haven't decided which of your options you want to go with, I'll do it for you when the picks close.
  5. Caught the highlights of the Manchester Derby and United's defense is still terrible, De Gea continues to prove he's exceedingly overrated and Bernardo Silva looked incredible on attack.
  6. When was the deadline for picks? If we gave you options, when are you picking which to use?
  7. Because Vince never had the talent to be a successful movie producer no matter how much he always wanted to be. But anyway, the title of that movie just reminded me of this EDIT: HOLY FUCK HOW DO I KNOW ABOUT THIS MOVIE BUT I'VE NEVER SEEN IT?!?!
  8. I have hope for the Rucka and Fraction Lois and Jimmy books. Not much else there at the moment.
  9. Please, those are mild compared to what I could come up with. The one I decided against involved flexi-straws. I'll just leave it at that.
  10. Given the two posts you left up, I shudder to imagine what this was.
  11. I wish we had gotten a full shot of Shayna's Slayer shirt. Just one more reason why Shayna Baszler is awesome.
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  13. Pittsburgh wasn’t part of the Cleveland/Buffalo territory/NWF that Pedro Martinez controlled, they were their own thing and recognized the WWWF champion since Bruno owned part of the office. Martinez bought the Pittsburgh office in 1972 and used local guys, some Cleveland guys with Bruno on top at Civic Arena shows, the spot shows used just the local guys. Martinez bailed sometime in 1973, Bruno and the local promoters ran things until the area became part of the Capitol/WWWF circuit in 1974 when Bruno got the belt back.
  14. Rockets beat the Jazz because of a clutch *** defensive *** play by Harden. what a world.
  15. Ryker/Carrillo was nice enough while it lasted. The post match angle was neat as well though its a shame it was shot twice at the show. You can kind of tell with how the crowd reacted. War Raiders vs. Street Profits was good. Candice/Kacy vs. Aliyah/Bourne was solid. Aliyah and Bourne are serviceable heels and turning into a nice team. Dug the short interview/attack segment with Io & the Horsewomen. Mia Yim's segment trying to build herself up again for Shayna was decent enough. Dug the faceoff between Riddle and Cole along with how it played into Strong/Gargano. Strong/Gargano was pretty good.
  16. Wasn't all there mentally for Ligero/Ohno until the last 4 minutes, but I liked what I saw. KLR/Xia Li was decent though it feels like Ray is holding back a bit every time she wrestles. MM vs. Andrews/Webster was good fun.
  17. On the contrary, I think that the fact they don't have any real main eventers actually HELPS them with Kenny, not hurts them. One of the core things it seems like AEW has to build around as a core concept is "We have Kenny Omega. He's argued to be the single best wrestler on the planet today. Watch us and you'll see how awesome that he is." A roster with no real main eventers means that you can build up Kenny Omega to the casual fans who may have heard he was really good but don't really KNOW yet by having Omega work with everyone on the roster and (assuming he has the ability) pull everyone to the match of their life, which will succeed on two accounts: 1) Show everyone who's new to the AEW roster "Kenny Omega is really, really talented at this pro wrestling thing", and 2) Show everyone who KNOWS the Elite "You wondered why we signed this unknown instead of that indy star/WWE castoff? THAT'S WHY."
  18. As long as he wasn't completely gassed by the time he got to the mound........
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