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  2. I think the gimmick would have been fine on a Clash, just like Battlebowl. But as Starrcade, it was a poor decision.
  3. King of the Ring '93 is one of my favorite events ever. But I feel you.
  4. I thought he had some weird Thom Yorke action going on with one of his eyes in that video. Makes sense now.
  5. On Pay-Per-View, especially. Live indie wrestling thrives on them; I've booked so many, and also been booked in so many, and every one has been a hit.
  6. Waits for wrestlers and fans alike to hate on Becky for telling no lies.
  7. WWE sent out "sources" to try to paint these two as unprofessional but Dave comes through and confirms as most of us knew, this was just the latest in the ongoing fuck circus that is Vince McMahon and creative. They never keep a promise, ever. They are EXTREMELY unprofessional and Vince himself is senile and out of his fucking mind. Some of the posters here owe Banks an apology
  8. Thank you Dolfan. This hasn't been a good day so far, so I could use a few laughs.
  9. If they want to turn Tyrion into a people's champ, they're gonna need to work fast. Mistrusted. Widely known as a king- and kin-slayer. Fuck ugly (as written in the books; not passing judgement on Dinklage).
  10. A man from the North played a Stark. WCW missed out, Winter was coming.
  11. You make good points. Personally, I felt the Bludgeon Brothers outfits exposed Harper as being less a "monster" and more just a tall and skinny dude...who was getting skinnier and skinnier every month. His "Big Rig" gear worked more to his build and added to the mystique of this kinda ratty, disheveled big man that could fucking move. Could he have had a Cactus Jack type of run...the grimy nut that instilled fear more for his persona than his build? Probably. Ultimately his injuries held him back. Rowan has that look the WWE likes in their heels. He's big, he's burly. He's got a weird face/beard combo. If he wrestled 40 years ago he'd have made a fortune working MSG against Bruno and he'd be in the HOF and we'd trundle his matches out as THIS IS WHAT A HOSS LOOKS LIKE! Although Harper would've been the Killer Kowalski type and made just as much money in a similar era, so...yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just my two cents.
  12. In another weird quirk - the Falcons won't play a game outdoors until Week 11
  13. Just bring my thoughts to this thread: If I'm Disney, I'm building the post-Endgame series toward Avengers vs. X-Men, maybe via Secret Wars, 1980s style. Or, hell, Squadron Supreme (shit, Avengers vs. ersatz Justice League, on screen ... could you imagine?) Oh, and Captain America films going forward should feature the Serpent Society.
  14. But, But, everything they do has a sinister underlying purpose! That's what I've been led to believe!
  15. Control the flow of information. Prevent leaks. Talent doesn't need to know everything to do their job. They might not have decided who was moving. Etc. Lots of non-crazy explanations.
  16. "Back, and to the left. Back, and to the left."
  17. Owen wrestled his own brother on TV, but his brother pretended to be someone else? Amazing. EDIT: And he played a fucking STARK? In 1991, about the same time a certain guy started publishing a series of novels he'll never finish?!?! Interesting.
  18. It's also not a "shift" to correct because Nattie "was out of position". It was a drift because she didn't jump off square, likely because of the superflous spin jump from the second rope.
  19. Though it is on Thursday so it is a short week I mean I get it when they do it for East Coast teams going to LA (or the San Fran/Oakland combo) or West Coast teams doing the NY double shot (or NY/Philly) but for the East Coast teams to be doing it is weird. But this is also what happens when both NY teams suck
  20. When players learn to hit against the shift, it will disappear.
  21. Alright, that’s it. Come on out Jamie Kennedy. You X’d me real good.
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