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  2. Almas will be fine because he is on Smackdown and the 2 top guys on Smackdown are superworkers who are going to want to work with him. How loaded is this roster right now? I fast forwarded so little this week. Whew. AJ and D Bry on top. No Shield guys. Joe! JOE!!!!! They can only fuck that up so much. I'm more hyped about next week than I was for WM. Joe/Bryan for the fist time in WWE!!!!!! I might need to watch that ROH title match from midnight express reunion in preparation.
  3. hammerva


    Watching the Mauro Ranallo documentary on Showtime and regardless of what you think about him as an announcer, his mullet when he was a teenager in All Star Wrestling around 1986-1987 is definitely top 5 of wrestling. I mean this is Cole twins level
  4. sabremike

    2018 NBA Playoffs: SEMIFINALS

    I think I may have said this before, but if LeBron was a Knick they would be playing the Celtics in a game 7 in a few days.
  5. I have no idea what to think about this David Rickels vs Michael Venom Page fight. I have been sick of Rickels for years as I just don't think he is that good but has a goofy gimmick that people seem to like. MVP has this incredible reputation of being great but I don't know if I have ever see him against a legit challenger. All this fight is Page just dancing around embarrassing Rickels getting a few good shots in. Then hit clocks him and busts him open bad and he just fucking quit. I mean maybe he has a broken nose or something but it looked like he was just sick of Page's goofiness and just had it
  6. Casey

    MAY 2018 TV THREAD

    Summer 2018, per the AV Club (confirmed by Adult Swim).
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  8. RolandTHTG

    2018 NBA Playoffs: SEMIFINALS

  9. Brian Fowler

    2018 NBA Playoffs: SEMIFINALS

    LeBron Fucking James, ladies and gentlemen
  10. Casey

    So, How's It Going?

    All this talk about kidney stones makes me grateful to only have knee pain.
  11. BrianS81177

    MLB 2018 - MAY

    Because it's been like a month since Jerry DiPoto made a trade, the Mariners acquired Alex Colome and Denard Span (along with 4.75 million bucks) from the Rays for Andrew Moore and Tommy Romero. I like the deal a lot. They can easily cover Span's salary due to the money they're saving while Cano is on suspension, and they need the OF depth right now. Colome/Diaz in the 8th and 9th innings should be a nasty combination.
  12. Log


    Post. It's two hours of Fett being digested by the sarlacc.
  13. Maybe they should look outside the BP ROGUES GALLERY for the next movie. Tchalla vs Kraven, perhaps?
  14. Beech27

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    I don’t think anyone anywhere is better than Kento at the eternal babyface formula of taking and coming back from a beating; and I’d never have guessed Marafuji would evolve into this level of methodical, hard striking ass kicker. I know walking into an All Japan ring and firing off goddamn Kawada kicks is incredibly unsubtle, but he earned the reference, and it worked for me. The whole thing did. Pretty much everything I want in a heavyweight title match.
  15. Victator


    Have suplex will travel.
  16. i would love the Disney/Fox deal to go through and the Namor situation cleared up with Universal, just so we could potentially get a movie based on Brubaker's "the Marvels Project". i know this will never happen, but i loved that series so much and i would freaking love a WWII piece with the origins of the Marvel Universe getting some play. the Jim Hammond Human Torch is criminally underused, and that applies to all media.
  17. Nice Guy Eddie

    2018 DOCUMENTARY Thread

    I've got this on right now, along with the Yankees/Angels game.
  18. OSJ


    I think all are located in the State of Euphoria.
  19. They're doing some stuff with Malice in August too:
  20. matt925


    In the observer update today it says the main event for 7/1 wwe show in Tokyo will be Styles vs Nakamura vs Bryan vs Samoa Joe. No mention of it being broadcast or not.
  21. Contentious C

    The Great DVDVR Online Gaming Name Thread

    Steam: athinreverse Switch: SW-6785-8705-9291 PSN: MrJerkface42 (Yes, I named this after my cat. Yes, he is named after me.)
  22. Ryan


    It reads likes the world's weirdest Markov chain.
  23. Niners Fan in CT

    2018 NBA Playoffs: SEMIFINALS

  24. Contentious C


    I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my graphics card from a Geforce 780 to a 1080 (hooray gainful employment!). Now my goddamned TV is my biggest bottleneck for quality. And even if the random crashing issue I've been having isn't fixed by the replacement (though it probably is fixed), I have this to carry forward whenever I can drop the next big wad of sweaty money on a new mobo/CPU/memory combo. Also, Arkham Knight is HUGE. I'm on hour 2 of downloading it. Woof. They should have advertised it as being bundled with a laundry and book-reading simulator demo. Because I am crushing those.
  25. He hasn't created many new ones, but I like the two big ones and how he used other characters. Honestly, I kind of want to Achebe from Priest's run used. Its been a while, but I recall liking him a decent bit when I was reading the run several years ago. It also reminds me about my disappointment in them using White Wolf for Bucky. It would have been nice to see Hunter used.
  26. With the WWE Network dropping new footage every Thursday, we are going to be reviewing the best unearthed gems every Friday, both from the Network and the internet at large, this week MattD and I reviewed, Piper vs. Valentine, Simmons vs. Vader and a newly released 1988 Tijuana El Hijo Del Santo mask match http://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2018/05/new-footage-fridays-vader-santo-piper.html
  27. West Newbury Bad Boy

    2018 Summer Blockbuster Movie Pool

    All downhill from here.
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