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    So... this has turned out to be true. The Warriors have now officially declined the invitation to visit the White House after this morning's Steph Curry tweet by... sigh... the President of the United States.

    The Alouettes?
  4. Tim and Pete are back. With us is a great guest and even better friend Johnny P. We talk Heenan, #CWFFanfest, and the current episode of CWF Worldwide. Then Pete and Tim talk the goings ons of NXT. Then the boys finish up discussing the good, the bad, and the ugly of Progress ch 55.

    I am beyond excited that Kenny Omega is working the show here in Pittsburgh.

    Not the Denver Broncos that's for sure.

    So who signs Keap monday?
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  9. 2017 NCAAF: WEEK 4

    I'm currently annoying my friends and neigbors by rooting for Kansas over WVU (I'm a WVU alum and currently at a get-together in Morgantown with fellow friends/alums). Sorry, Mountaineers. I think you're going to win, but Kansas is outplaying you in a lot of ways today and you should be blowing that team off the map. Want my loyalty, PLAY BETTER!!
  10. Rest of 2017 Wrestling Merch Thread

    Eh, since we're fantasy booking Enzo, here's how I'd do it;
  11. 2017 NCAAF: WEEK 4

    21-0 Columbia at the half #roarlionsroar
  12. SOCCER - AUTUMN 2017

    But they won in the Energy Drink Cup this week.
  13. Rest of 2017 Wrestling Merch Thread

    He was the guerilla terrorist in the food service industry. [The Narrator looks at Enzo, who's urinating in a pot] Enzo Amore: Do not watch. I cannot go when you watch. Narrator: Apart from seasoning the lobster bisque, he farted on the meringue, sneezed on braised endive, and as for the cream of mushroom soup, well ... Enzo Amore (snickers): Go ahead. Tell 'em. Narrator: You get the idea.
  14. BONUS EVENT #2 POINT TOTAL: 1293 Parker vs. Fury (9/23/2017) - Manchester, England, United Kingdom (Manchester Arena) WBO Heavyweight Championship: Joseph Parker vs. Hughie Fury - Parker, DEC Joe Murray vs. Matty Fagan - Fagan, DEC Peter McDonagh vs. Shayne Singleton - McDonaugh, DEC Josh Wale vs. Don Broadburst - Wale, DEC Jimmy Kilrain Kelly vs. Stiliyan Kostov - Kelly, DEC BONUS EVENT #3 POINT TOTAL: 1293 HBO Boxing After Dark: Linares vs. Campbell (9/23/2017) - Inglewood, CA (The Forum) WBA World Lightweight Championship: Jorge Linares vs. Luke Campbell- Linares, TKO, R8 Romero Duno vs. Juan Pablo Sanchez - Duno, TKO, R8 Azat Hovhannisyan vs. Sergio Frias - Frias, DEC Abraham Lopez vs. Isao Gonzalo Carranza - Lopez, DEC Manuel Avila vs. Ramiro Robles - Avila, DEC EVENT #84 POINT TOTAL: 1883 Bellator 183: Henderson vs. Pitbull (9/23/2017)- San Jose, CA (SAP Center) Benson Henderson vs. Patricky Freire - Henderson, TKO, R2 Roy Nelson vs. Javy Ayala - Nelson, TKO, R1 Paul Daley vs. Lorenz Larkin - Daley, TKO, R1 Goiti Yamauchi vs. Adam Piccolotti - Piccolotti, DEC Aaron Pico vs. Justin Linn - Pico, SUB, R1 Bellator Kickboxing Welterweight Championship: Karim Ghajji vs. Raymond Daniels - Ghajji, DEC Bellator Kickboxing Featherweight Championship: Kevin Ross vs. Domenico Lomumo - Ross, DEC Bellator Kickboxing rules: Jorina Baars vs. Anke Van Gestel - Baars, DEC Bellator Kickboxing rules: Joe Schilling vs. Najib Idali - Schilling, TKO, R3 Bellator Kickboxing rules: Malaipet Sasiprapa vs. Jose Palacios -Sasiprapa, DEC
  15. 2017 NBA OFFSEASON

    ROFLZ @ OKC trading Kanter within days of his "Thunder are a FAMILY" KD rebuttal... No lie, I think the last pair of basketball sneakers i had were the Converse Grammamas...after that I did strictly shelltoes for years until I became middle-aged and fell into "whatever the cheapest shit is at DSW that's not made of that stupid runner's mesh"... Also if you rocked thee with some Karl Kanis and a sock hat at any point in like 1992 or so your Hip-Hop culture credentials are impeccable...

    I seriously don't get why ROH books Bullet Club to be heels. None of them really care enough to act like heels, and the crowds treat them like faces. They can still be heels in NJPW while being faces in ROH. The way things are now, anything they're involved in in ROH is barely watchable.
  17. I just ran two silvers with the Batarian Vanguard and came in first both times, and the team of randoms was pretty dalm good. Shocked me - that shit never happens. Anyway, finally able to afford another Disappointment Pack and all I got out of it was an assault rifle, which I hate. The only reason I'm mentioning it is because it was called the Sweeper, and it reminded of something I need to share. Despite Melraz's strict love of country music, he DOES know the words to Nelly's "Country Grammar" and will rap it for you if asked. Hearing him sing "Streeeeeet sweeeeeper baaaaaaby, cocked ready to let it gooooo, shimmy shimmy coco whaaaaaat" is something you all need in your lives. And now I'm gonna go sign up for witness protection because he'll be on the Harley on his way up here to kill my ass in a few minutes.
  18. 2017 NBA OFFSEASON

  19. 2017 NBA OFFSEASON

    Chinese Mormons demand Jimmer Fredette.
  20. 2017 NBA OFFSEASON

    Jesus H. Christ. Fuck the Knicks. Fuck the Thunder. It'll be hilarious when all three leave OKC next year. And I don't know how good this superteam will be if Westbrook never passes to George or Melo.
  21. KANE running for MAYOR in TENNESSEE

    They missed a golden opportunity to name his opponent "Peter Rose'. Knox County needs better booking. Wait... .wha?
  22. 2017 NBA OFFSEASON

    it literally took me 15 minutes to find the tweet showing me that news lost in the sea of nonsense the hobgoblin unleashed. But anyway - just so no one thinks Oyaji is making it up
  23. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    My first experiment with edit mode:
  24. The Gadgetry Thread

    I may have to snag one of those come Prime Day next year, provided there's a VRV app. My 5-year-old iPad Retina has been on its last legs for a year now, and literally all I use it for is Comixology and watching anime in bed.
  25. 2017 NBA OFFSEASON

    Melo to OKC for Kanter, McDermott, and a pick. The west, man... The west.
  26. I wonder what is their plan for all of their amateur wrestling prospects because they have five or six not named Aaron Pico. It seems like they wanted to make it this big thing, but they just kinda give them fights when they can. It's weird to have them on the smaller cards and then have Pico on the "stacked" cards. In boxing, a promoter usually has the best prospects all grouped together and maybe the best of the crop would get the preferential spotlight as like a co-main event spot in a 10 rounder (or 12 rounder title eliminator if they made it that far). You can have a Aaron Pico on the main card but you might as well throw Tyrell Fortune (and his brother), Jarod Trice, Joey Davis, Romero Cotton, etc on the undercard. Hell, you can still squeeze in the local bums to sell tickets and some female bouts in there. It's not like Bellator gives a damn about having an infinite number of prelims anyway. They have all these wrestlers with legit credentials but I don't think 90% of the people who actually watch or might watch Bellator know that these dudes are in the promotion if they didn't catch random clips here and there. And the other 10% probably couldn't pick most of those dudes out of a crowd at gunpoint. It's like they feel they have to choose whether they fight on the small cards no one watches and the cards people probably will watch. If you only run a card per month, those guys should be at least on every other card if not multiple consecutive cards to get experience. The way Bellator does it now is very ass backwards.
  27. On WOR, Big Dave said Floslam rushed into the deal foolishly, giving WWN 24 hours to agree. While both sides seem like they're in the wrong, maybe don't set unnecessary and unreasonable deadlines on significant deals? And do your due diligence.
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