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  2. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    So tonight's episode was awesome.
  3. So, How's It Going?

    Meanwhile at Volcano National Park.... Trump and Congress can line up to suck my balls.
  4. Gian Villante is acting like he was in fight of the night instead of an early worst fight of the year candidate. The dude never looked more than non UFC caliber than he did tonight.
  5. so I'm watching this bellator 192 card. can they get some goddamn sponsors? i know I'm watching a stream (officially) but i just saw the some commercial 5x in a row

    As a former user, we think we relate to our using buddies, even if we've never met them before, on some deeper level and understand all life's mysteries. When you're sober, you realize the only thing you had in common was cocaine. I once had a guy who was kind of an acquaintance admit to me and another acquaintance that he was molested by his dad as we blew lines at like 4 AM at my parents kitchen table while they were away for a weekend. Moral of the story, stick to weed.
  7. Today

    AIW Absoultion and the Jt Lightning tournament are both great. Night 2 of the tournament has Samoa Joe vs Johnny Gargano.

    One of the craziest things to me is that Trump follows 45 ppl on twitter. One of them is Vince. He doesn't follow Linda but he follows Vince.
  10. Damn good performance by Rob Font against Almeida. Font is one of those fighters who fights better the more aggressive he gets.
  11. I don't know who could use Brian Pillman more these days: pro wrestling or my Bengals?
  12. Tom Petty

    As someone who has to take oxy every day of my life, I can only say "use as directed", that shit's no joke. I'm amazed at all the fentamyl deaths (not that people die from it, but rather as in "where are these people getting it?") I've never had it, but have been told that in most places it's hospital-use only because it's so potentially deadly. Basically, a slight overdose is enough to shut your heart down, you're dead before you're aware that you took too much.
  13. Again - wasn't defending Rosenberg or his lack of puro knowledge, just saying that he has a valid point about that potentially causing confusion among fans (which someone else has now confirmed). Wouldn't WWE change the name solely for trademark reasons anyhow? They went with "Tazz" instead of Taz due to a Warner Bros cartoon, wouldn't major motion picture character James Rhodes prevent them from using War Machine?
  14. Nintendo Switch

    The team making LABO is probably in their own bio dome secluded from the rest of the others. Making their of therapeutically medicinal plants too... must have been hard to keep the others from participating.

    I think the Lucha ones announced at the same time were like a year away. You'll want to ask Super 7 on social media, they'll probably tell you.

    I say go with Machines of War. Oh, and fuck Peter Rosenberg. He's pretty awful on The Michael Kay Show.
  17. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    Emma too.
  18. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    Will real Logan have returned by then to give her away? Will Lockheed carry the ring? will Pete Wisdom get an invitation? who will be Piotr’s best man? Kurt? - other jokes redacted in case they would be viewed religiously insensitive

    I dug Brody King on last weekend's Style Battle show. Glad to hear he continues to stand out.
  20. I'll have you know *two* of us on this board have already been confused about the War Machine/War Machine thing. But it doesn't matter - like @mattdangerously says, they're not going to be keeping that name anyway.
  21. Alhassan channeled his countryman Azumah Nelson for that one. No controversy here.
  22. Holy shit, that was ridiculous. What a punch and they were both throwing to land something exactly like that.
  23. NJPW Fantasticamania 2018

    Star Jr. wrestled with his mask in his MOUTH. I was already digging his offbeat underdog charisma. Hell of a match, I've got no issues with LIJ being rudo again.
  24. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    Kity's most interesting relationships are always with toher female characters. Her Mentor/Student relationship with Ororo, her best freidn relationship with Illyana and he potentially more than just friends relationship with Rachel. She really is the best female character that Marve hasused to explore how women interact with ech other in differen powr dynamics. James
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