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That Ultimo Guerrero vs. Rey Escorpion match was really fucking great. A couple thoughts:


Ultimo without his mask is one ugly mofo, like a cross between Finlay in his Belfast Bruiser mullet days sans facial hair and Tatanka. That mug is rough. Rey trying to make it worse for him with the shoot punches didn't help any. 


I don't know why they didn't continue with the brawling throughout the match, I guess Rey was already losing his hair and didn't want to look worse for wear or maybe Ultimo can really put you on your ass if he has to make it look good. 


Ultimo's flying hip attack is the most baller move in wrestling today. It's simple, effective, and if the camera captures it right it's perfect. It's an old guy who wants to land on something other than his knees who is sacrificing his other most necessary body part aside from his spine to fuck you up from a great, or sometimes not so great height. Shiro Koshinaka wishes he nailed it better. 


Gritting out of a package piledriver is dumb, dumb, dumb but the crowd (especially the Guerrero three that were practically in tears) made up for it. I still wanted to see Ultimo cut a lock of Rey's hair by himself and laugh in his face though.

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