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Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 9/22/22 - Dallas, TX

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*Taped for BTI: Gisele Shaw def. Hyan (6:19) after the running knee. Mickie James did commentary

Impact Wrestling - Airing September 22, 2022 from Dallas, TX

*Brian Myers(c) def. Bhupinder Gujjar (11:59) in a Ladder Match to retain the Digital Media Championship after taping Gujjar's feet to the ladder.

*Jordynne Grace def. Zicky Dice (w/ Johnny Swinger) (0:48) with the Grace Driver in a squash.

*Black Taurus def. Laredo Kid, Alex Zayne, Trey Miguel, & Mia Yim (11:49) after Destination Hellhole on Zayne.

*Heath def. PCO (9:17) in a Street Fight after the Wake Up Call on a pile of steel chairs. During the match, Honor No More tried to interfere but Josh Alexander & Rich Swann ran them off.

*The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) def. Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher) (15:35) when Sabin pinned Davis after Skull & Bones to become #1 contenders to the tag team titles.

*Scott D'Amore hosted the contract signing for Callihan vs. Maclin vs. Moose in Barbed Wire Massacre at Victory Road, noting that Impact doesn't want to be liable for what happens in this match. Moose & Maclin end up attacking Sami and busting him open. Moose turns and spears Maclin. Moose tries to spear Sami through a table but he moves and Moose goes through. Sami piledrives Moose and then signs the contract with his blood.


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Sorry I'm late!  All kinds of stuff happening where I had to eat several times with different children at different places!  PIG OUT!  Bhupinder Gujjar, the Konosuke Takeshita of IMPACT! is in a ladder match against Brian Myers for the strap!  I call Gujjar the Takeshita of IMPACT! because in seven years, he will be main eventing in the US.  At three years in the BIZ, he has all the physical tools to be gigantic in Pro Wrestling.  Myers is making Gujjar look like a million bucks.  Gujjar makes with the HARDWAY!  This match is good!  Great Side Suplex off the top of the ladder by Myers.  Gujjar is already a good sympathetic babyface and his comeback is fun!  Nice powerbomb onto a ladder by Myers.  Bhupinder Gujjar is bumping like a psycho in this match.  LOWBLOW BY MYERS!  MYERS TAPES BHUPINDERS LEG TO THE LADDER AND WINS!  That was good.  Jordynne Grace beats the crap out of Zicky Dice.  Was that Masha Slamovich's actual voice on that video thingy on Max the Impaler?  If so, she is the John Fucenda of IMPACT!  Oh Jesus, a five way.  The downside of IMPACT! is that they have a lot of these shitty indietastic matches.  Laredo Kid and Black Taurus was neato.  Mia Yim is possibly the best wrestler in IMPACT! so she is good in this.  Alex Zayne is really good and could use some wins.  Same for Laredo Kid.  Zayne does many preposterous things in this match.  NICE Skyytwister Press To Nowhere by Laredo Kid!  HEY! Black Taurus gets the win!  If I were Scott D'Amore, I would push Black Taurus to the moon because he is such a GREAT rudo and makes everyone he wrestles look like a million bucks.  Plus he basically saved Bandido's ability to walk at Flair's Last Match.  HEATH wrestles PCO!  The eternal question-  HOW WILL PCO DESTROY HIMSELF?  First big bump is a Backdrop on the ramp.  I assume PCO is going to DIE after being thrown from the stage into the thousand chairs PCO THREW ON THE FLOOR!  PCO IS OUT OF HIS MOTHERFUCKING MIND!  This match is fucking great.  AND the THIRD RIDICULOUS BUMP is off the toprope onto a pile of chairs!  PCO is a complete lunatic.  I back his play one hundred percent.  (Shower. Squeaky.)  AWESOME!  THE AUSSIE OPEN!  Against the MOTOR CITY MACHINE GUNS!  This should be good.  Kyle Fletcher is great SHINING UP the MCMGs!  Mark Davis is the Dax Harwood of the Aussie Open.  I watched a singles match of Mark Davis from England this week and Davis versus Harwood would be pretty awesome.  Machine Guns fly off the apron onto Aussie Open.  Aussie Open crush the McMgs together and we get on with the Southern tagness of this match.  They do a three tag Delated Vertical Suplex on our Face In Peril, Alex Shelley!  Sabin is our house afire!  Aussie Open are so awesome as bumping heels.  Kyle Fletcher cuts off Sabin with a NASTY Michinoku Driver.  GREAT nearfall on Aussie Open's Pendulum Razor's Edge. Motor City Machine Guns hit one of their nine part finishers and get the pin!  That was good.  I love that MCMGs are in the sphere of FTR and this could set up MCMGs versus FTR at some point.  That was a good episode of the IMPACT!  

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Myers/Gujjar was a blast, great blowoff to a decently long rivalry in the midcard. Myers' powerbomb on the ladder outside looked great. 5 way was a fun spotfest, as was PCO/Heath. Great main event from MCMG/Aussie Open.. the Machine Guns against Bennett & Taven should make for an excellent BFG tag. Real solid closing segment to set up the Victory Road main event, thought Maclin delivered a super solid promo there, looking forward to that overall card.

I believe in Joe Hendry! 

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