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Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 9/15/22 - Dallas, TX

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*Taped for BTI: Yuya Uemura def. Raj Singh (8:39) with the flying crossbody 

Impact Wrestling - Airing September 15, 2022 from Dallas, TX

*Speedball Mike Bailey(c) def. Mascara Dorada (8:02) after Ultima Weapon to retain the X Division Championship. After the match, Kenny King attacks both men.

*Decay (Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus) def. Moose & Steve Maclin (6:36) when Taurus pinned Maclin with a rollup after miscommunication between Moose & Maclin. After the match, Sami Callihan appears on the balcony and shows videos on the tron of Moose and Maclin each saying they will screw over the other. This causes a brawl between Moose & Maclin until Sami comes down and chases them off with a barbed wire bat.

*Killer Kelly def. Alisha Edwards (2:09) via Killer Clutch submission in a squash. Tasha Steelz did commentary and confronted Kelly after the match.

*Honor No More (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis)(c) def. Josh Alexander & Rich Swann (6:57) to retain the Impact Tag Team Championships via DQ when Heath interfered and hit the Wake Up Call on Taven after Eddie Edwards hit Josh with a kendo stick behind the ref's back.

*Mickie James def. Hyan (2:34) after the MickieDDT. After the match, Gisele Shaw challenges Mickie to a match at Victory Road.

*The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) def. The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) (19:16) when Sabin pinned Anderson after Skull & Bones. After the match, both teams shook hands and hug.


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Geez! IMPACT! is loaded tonight.  And the Good Brothers are also wrestling.   AWESOME!  Mascara Dorada in the IMPACT! Zone!  Versus Speedball Mike Bailey!  I assume there will be highflying.  I'm ASSUMING.  I look at Speedball's mighty hairstyle and I remember that he is indeed Canadian.  Dorada is so good.  This match is all hard-edged and filled with chops and elbows!  Dorada hits a beautiful El Hijo Del Santo Tope from the corner.  Speedball whips out a Navarro Deathlock!  Mike Bailey IS Angelico!  BEAUTIFUL Toprope Asai Moonsault by Bailey.  Speedball is so fucking awesome.  BEAUTIFUL Top Rope Rana from Dorada!  Dorada is spectacular and shit.  Speedball hits the ULTIMATE WEAPON! For the WIN!  That was really good.  Postmatch, Kenny King attacks Speedball!  PUT THE BELT ON KENNY KING!  Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus take on Steve Maclin and Moose and this could be questionable in quality but ya gotta watch!  I have really not given a shit about Moose and Maclin versus Sami Callihan.  That wasn't long enough to be annoying and Black Taurus gets the roll-up for the win!  Alisha Edwards takes on Killer Kelly who seems to be getting the Masha Slamovich push.  Tasha Steelz is on commentary and one can only hope she goes crazy again.  Killer Kelly has a cool ass submission!  Tasha didn't go crazy but Killer Kelly versus Tasha Steelz should be good.  That was an odd video vignette about Joe Hendry.  He's good though.  Josh Alexander and Rich Swann against Matt Taven and Mike Bennett should be good.  Alexander and Swann do a wacky version of Decapitation!  They finagle Swann into assuming the roll of our face in peril!  Bennett and Taven are great old school tagteam heels. Alexander is Hogan-esque as a Face A-Fire!  Except Alexander is really good in the ring.  Swann hits a SWEET Orihara Moonsault!  Bennett and Taven are totally awesome beating the crap out of Alexander!  The finish is booked forty ways to Sunday!  That was a lot of STUFF!   That was good until the screwy finish.  Heath and Alexander are developing HEAT with each other!  Hey!  MAX THE IMPALER is wrestling Jordynne Grace!  That should be good.  Hey!  It's Mickie James against fuckin HYAN!  Hyan is from Houston and her or Davienne or Sierra are the best indie wrestlers not signed.  Hyan should DEEPLY be signed by IMPACT!  Hyan looks great in this.  Hyan will lay it in and Mickie responds by laying it in!  That was good.  Giselle Shaw will lay it in so she versus Mickie James will be good.  Ah, I think I know who wins the main event because the winner wrestles Aussie Open next week!  The Motor City Machine Guns are here to take on the Good Brothers.  I have grown weary of the Good Brothers but YOU GOTTA WATCH!  MCMGs looked fucking GREAT versus FTR at All Out and I await a straight tag match between the two.  I also look forward to FTR versus Aussie Open at New Japan Strong in the UK.  AND I look forward to Aussie open versus MCMGs next week- IF THEY WIN TONIGHT!  (tee hee!)  Luke Gallows is good- a big man who is good moving around in the ring who also has good punches.  Karl Anderson is a good tagteam heel and they are good beating on Alex Shelley, our face in peril.  I am no longer weary of the Good Brothers!  I am back on board!  Shelley Dragonscrews Anderson to TRANSITION TO OFFENSE!  MCMGs go Dragonscrew Crazy.  Shelley then applies the Figure Four to complete the Mangle The Knee theme.   Sabin applies an Indian Deathlock to continue ruining the knee of Anderson.  Nice Spinebuster by Anderson to allow the HOT TAG!  Gallows is lumberingly fun as a Robert Gibson.  Good nearfall after a convoluted finisher by the Machine Guns.  Good nearfall as the Good Brothers hit one of their finishers.  The Motor City Machine Guns WIN with one of the their confusing finishers!  That was pretty good.   Not the best episode of IMPACT! what with only one clearly really good match- Speedball vs Mascara Dorada.  Alexander/Swann vs Taven/Bennett was fine.  The main event was pretty good.  There you go.

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I love the almost weekly great Speedball matches and the whole 'everyone gunning for the X Title' deal is awesome, dig the variety. 

Killer Kelly continues to rule. High hopes for her and Tasha, two favs. Always enjoy any Tasha commentary as well. 

Solid first time ever tag main event and a nice farewell to the Good Brothers if they are indeed done, they had a nice run.

Love to see lots of new/old faces coming in. Hyped for Joe Hendry's return! Wasn't expecting that, vignette was bizarre but amusing. I was a fan of his last run so looking forward to seeing him back, Impact says he has signed. Now we got Delirious coming in, more Kazarian in Impact is always a great thing, plus Max the Impaler. Glad they are keeping Max w/ Father James Mitchell too from their NWA alliance. 

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