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MLB 2022 - 2nd Half

Dolfan in NYC

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8 hours ago, Dolfan in NYC said:

And then that fucking piece of shit Stanton hits a walk off grand slam.  

Because I am a terrible person, I deeply enjoy how much this truly irritated you

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 Rays teammates Yandy Diaz and Randy Arozarena had an altercation after a 4-0 loss to the Houston Astros on Monday, partially prompting Tampa Bay manager Kevin Cash to bench both players Tuesday in a 5-0 defeat to Houston.

Arozarena told reporters Wednesday night that there was no physical contact with Diaz and that there were some little things they needed to address. He said things are good between the pair.

"I think these players, we owe it to them to keep what goes on in the clubhouse in the clubhouse," Cash said before Wednesday night's game with Houston. "I'm not going to confirm, deny, whatever, but, I'm very confident we're past everything."

Arozarena, a breakout star of the 2020 postseason who won American League Rookie of the Year in 2021, was in Wednesday's lineup. Diaz was out again because of a left shoulder injury that has impacted him recently.

"His left shoulder has been barking at him a little bit on the finish of his swing," Cash said.

Tampa Bay entered Wednesday a half-game ahead of Seattle for the second of three AL wild cards.

Arozarena was seen watching Tuesday's game from the Rays' bullpen.

"I didn't know he was in the bullpen, but I couldn't care less where he was," Cash said. "If I would need him to hit, I'm sure he would have ran down pretty quick."

The altercation was initially reported by Zac Blobner and Tom Krasniqi of the Rays' flagship radio station, WDAE.


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With last night's win - the Yankees have officially clinched a playoff berth

The St Louis Cardinals and Cleveland Guardians have 7.5 and 7 game leads in their divisions (respectively)

In the weird post-lockout schedule changes - the Cards finish the season with 6 against the Pirates and the Guardians finish with 6 against the Royals

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On 6/13/2022 at 8:48 AM, RIPPA said:

To follow up on this - John Angelos is the current Chairman and CEO of the Os

Louis Angelos is the one suing and, unsurprisingly, one of the things Louis said was that John was going to do was move the team to Tennessee

So John released a statement this morning that was basically the Orioles will leave Baltimore over his dead body.

(https://www.thebaltimorebanner.com/lawsuit-alleges-son-of-peter-angelos-sought-to-wrest-control-of-orioles-from-brother - this is a really good recap of the entire lawsuit)

I do like that one of the things Louis is pissed about is that Brady Anderson of all people was fired

To loop all the way back to this

Per the Athletic - the Angelos family hired Goldman Sachs months ago to asses everything if they were going to consider selling. This might have been what prompted John to file his lawsuit.

However - the legal fight between the family has put a hold on everything.

Unsurprisingly, no sale will happen (if they go that route) until the legal wrangling is done

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the whole Judge/AppleTV thing sorta gives me the impression that the way people got used to watching certain things remains their preferred way to watch those events

so, if you started watching the Yankees on WPIX, you prefer free TV, and if you started watching them on cable, you might not totally like switching your routine to watch it through streaming

there's sort of this dynamic that cable is dead, but free broadcast TV isn't.. when if cable's dead, broadcast TV is also dead or almost there, which leaves us with streaming!

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