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36 minutes ago, Rev Ray said:

I would say the screw driver and he'll smasher were supposed to be powerbombs.




Cool!  I can repost them on Powerbomb Day!

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23 minutes ago, odessasteps said:

Where does the Michinoku Driver / Wagner Driver fit ? 

I think it depends somewhat on who does it, but I would generally call it a slam whereas the Fire Thunder Driver would be the piledriver version, same relationship as the Falcon Arrow to the Steiner Screwdriver.

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Busa had a headrop version of the Falcon Arrow though, so take that for what it worth

How have we come this far with no love for Bam Bam?


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Giving a good piledriver is all about using your core to maintain a 90 degree angle on impact. Falling back on a piledriver is some weak shit. Yeah, Orndorff might be the best.

Sneaky good piledriver guy: Lex Luger

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1 hour ago, nate said:

Wasn't there a guy (in Japan?) who used to do a tombstone where he put the opponent's head in his jocks?

Yeah, Danshoku Dino

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