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Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 5/26/22

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*Taped for BTI: Laredo Kid def. Black Taurus (w/ Crazzy Steve) (7:50) after the Spanish Fly

Impact Wrestling - Airing May 26, 2022 from Kissimmee, FL

*Trey Miguel def. Alex Shelley (12:18) with a rollup to qualify for the X Division Championship Ultimate X at Slammiversary

*Masha Slamovich def. Havok (w/ Rosemary) (1:29) in a squash after the Snow Plow

*Jordynne Grace def. Chelsea Green (11:57) with the Grace Driver

*Chris Sabin vs. Frankie Kazarian went to a no contest (10:18) when Honor No More interfered and laid out both men.

*W. Morrissey & Bhupinder Gujjar def. Raj Singh & Shera (5:05) when Gujjar pinned Singh after the 2nd rope spear. 

*Violent by Design (Eric Young, Deaner, & Joe Doering) def. Josh Alexander & The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) (18:10) when Young pinned Mark with the Piledriver after hitting him with his hockey mask.


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I cannot IMAGINE anything being better than this on IMPACT! proper.  Laredo Kid and Black Taurus just fucking BRING IT in this match.  Black Taurus bumps like a maniac.  Laredo Kid bumps like a maniac.  MANIACS!  Great great great match.


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Good matches tonight. Laredo and Taurus definitely went all out for BTI. Trey/Shelley was very good as would be expected.  Was shocked that Masha squashed Havok like any other local talent, but she looked great in victory. Jordynne/Chelsea was very good with some really nice sequences throughout. Loved Sabin/Kazarian whlie it lasted, big fan of their old 03 feud. Solid main event tag and some more good looking stuff set up for next week.

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Sorry I'm late.  Teenagers to drive around.  Alex Shelley is on a gigantic resurgence.  Trey Miguel wrestles Strange Style.  Shelley used to flip and flop and thigh slap kick like Miguel.  Now he beats on the highflier and is landed on.  Shelley is all American Dragon-like in his ass beating now, which is really great.  He spindles Miguel's knee and works it into a modified LaBelle Lock that is pretty great, making Miguel hit the ropes.  Miguel sells the knee like a champ, well like an X Division champ- as in he doesn't sell it consistently.  This match is good because Alex Shelley lays down a good foundation.  Miguel hits a lot of Strange Style.  They start beating on each other and this is good.  Miguel and Shelley do a GREAT roll up sequence and Trey Miguel wins with a wacky roll up.  Miguel does some goofy things but he is a truly athletic oddball.  Alex Shelley is fucking awesome.  I guess the Briscoes are getting their win back from the Good Brothers.  Masha Slamovich is wrestling Havok!  It's not a squash!  Oh, it was more of a slightly competitive squash.  Havok goes up for a Northern Lights Bomb!  That was technically a first match in IMPACT! so I'll take it.  I assume she goes up against Rosemary next.  That should be good.  Rich Swann against Matt Cardona will be good.  Rich Swann against Matthew Rehwoldt would be good.  God, Jordynne Grace is laying it in tonight.  Chelsea Greene leans into it and is neato on offense.  Grace TRANSITIONS~! to offense with a SWEET Spinebuster.  Grace looks great in this.  Exciting nearfalls!  Even more exciting nearfalls as Chelsea hits a finisher for two!  GRACE DRIVER for the win!  That was good.  That was the best Jordynne Grace has ever looked, that I've seen.  Chelsea Greene hangs with the stiffness and that makes her awesome.  Chris Sabin takes on Frankie Kazarian who is busy cosplaying the Reservoir Dogs in AEW, so it's kinda weird that he's here.  I can't imagine this being anything but good.  Kazarian is so good and Sabin is so good.  Sabin has been like Alex Shelley and being really old school and American Dragon-eque too, lately.  So they should have promoted it as Frankie Kazarian comes in to face the ace of IMPACT!  This is good though.  Kazarian looks great in this.  Great Superplex by Sabin that Kazarian takes like death.  They do the Pillman/Bagwell double crossbody! And Honor No More runs in and that's no way to finish this match.  Sheesh.  Bhupinder Gujjar!  He's tagging with W Morrisey for reasons I don't quite understand but I am rolling with since I dig Gujjar and Morrisey is IMPACT! WARDLOW~!  GET A SECONDARY TAG BELT AND PUT THEM ON THEM!  I assume this is all to elevate Gujjar.  Gujjar is the Konosuke Takeshita of IMPACT!  Morrisey has a nice elbow drop- so maybe Morrisey is awesome.  Raj Singh and Sheera are good,  beating on our face in peril. Bhupinder Gujjar. Morrisey is GREAT on the apron.  He's fun tagging in and setting up Gujjar's second rope spear!  YAY!  NEW STAR!  The Briscoes are in the main event tagging with Josh Alexander and I'm excited!  Joe Doering is wearing a sexy fur coat.  Yes, I am the first man in America to sexualize Joe Doering.  I'll stand by it.  He is a handsome man.  I assume Cody Deaner will fulfill his DESTINY and be pinned.  Or Honor No More will run in.  Until then,  DEVELOP SIX MAN TITLES AND PUT THEM ON THE BRISCOES AND JOSH ALEXANDER!   Mark Briscoe is a guy I used to think wasn;t very good, mostly because Jay Briscoe is right there the whole time, but I've noticed how good he is since the FTR match.  Great Lunatic dives by Alexander and the Briscoes- which Mark hits the most beautiful dive.   Jay Briscoe and Eric Young are MAGIC together.  Maybe Eric Young is the Dax Harwood of IMPACT!  Cody Deaner is fun in this match, as he closes in on his.... DESTINY.  The Briscoes are on the apron, confused because neither are the face in peril- as they try to SHOWBOAT Eric Young as some kind of threat to Josh Alexander.  Deaner kicks out the Dudley Death Drop!  They do a bunch of stuff!  DEANER IS READY TO GET PINNED!  And he hits Mark with a mask!  Young hits a SWEET Piledriver on mark and he gets a pin.  Before going and losing to Josh Alexander by way of a far more awesome piledriver.  That was great.  Great episode of IMPACT! except for the finish of the Sabin/Kazarian match.  You should watch IMPACT!  It's good wrestling.

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