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Double or Nothing IV - 5/29/2022

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4 minutes ago, Kevin Wilson said:

8 PM to 2 AM.

Is that also part of the joke? Asking for a father with a bed time.

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50 minutes ago, Pete said:

Because there's never been a situation in wrestling where someone got to the arena as a surprise just before their match. *jack-off motions*

My prediction: they bring out Wardlow with the ref. Bell rings, they start the 10-count and show the entranceway, only for MJF to run through the crowd and jump Wardlow while he's looking in that direction. 

if they had established that the Wardlow security were masked, then one of them could reveal himself as MJF

hey, isn't there's a masked cameraman who just sorta does his thing?

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15 minutes ago, Curt McGirt said:

So when does this shit start again?

I think the Buy In starts at 6 (central time, sup). I’m not sure about the actual show. You gonna derp on the discord?

I should respond to a question like that because I’m a slow typed and it gets answered ages ago. 

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it's been long enough since 1992, some woman could do a "He was mine before he was yours" storyline these days, right?

While wrestling might not literally need another Ric Flair, it would be sorta fun if there was some woman's wrestler who was really good and her interviews were basically the female version of classic Ric Flair promos.

Okay, maybe some people would frown upon promos where a woman talked about how many guys rode her space mountain. So not every detail carries over.

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