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The 2022 NBA Playoffs

Dolfan in NYC

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It was a strange Finals series. Last weekend, Golden State desperately needed to win a game to avoid a 3-1 hole, and then they ended up winning the next three. In the end, Golden State's defense got the better of Boston's offense. I know a lot of people are saying Boston needs a proper point guard, and it's probably true, but let's not forge that Smart being inserted as the point guard was the catalyst for Boston's rise. I guess when you lose the way Boston did it exposes a whole raft of problems, but on top of how poor they were in the clutch, they seemed gassed after such a long post season. I don't think the short rotation and heavy minutes helped in the final three games. It's hard to say whether they'll be back again in the Finals since they weren't supposed to be there in the first place. I thought it was interesting how other teams that made it to the Finals with a young duo (Houston in '86, Orlando in '95 and OKC in '12) never made it back again. Everyone's getting carried away saying Golden State will repeat, but I think the chips would have to fall their way again for it to happen. I honestly felt like they were lucky to duck the Suns and the Bucks this year.

Here's hoping Kawhi comes back strong next season. 

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