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56 minutes ago, cwoy2j said:

What would the Meat/PMS thing be classified as? He was basically their sub.

The best thing we got out of the PMS faction, was this graphic error from Raw Is Owen...


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3 hours ago, Blue Dragon said:


This was like a refreshing wrestling sorbet, after all the social media and BDSM speculation, just some good ol' man-on-man action in the middle of the ring, daddy, with the sexual connotations the way we used to like them: SUBTEXTUAL.

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16 hours ago, Blue Dragon said:

Remember in the old days when the Million Dollar Man and other wrestlers did their post match stuff like inserting things in peoples mouths?




Man I thought that was Mutoh for a second.

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Michele Falempin and Inca Viracocha with a slick exchange:


Just amazing time from Jo Gonzales on this spot. I can't even imagine the sort of body control and practiced precision you'd need for this.


(And I'm still having problems embedding from gifs.com but I think I got this on the edit. I'm a little saddened that none of the usual suspects tweeted out the Panamanian ref foul spot from Page 1 even if it's ok that no one did the headscissors escape at the top of page 3. People need to see that ref foul)


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4 minutes ago, thee Reverend Axl Future said:

Also good for Sammartino losing it and breaking down on commentary, well, for him at least. Moral: don't keep lit cigars in your pocket.

I refuse to reject the Gomez Addams approach!



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On 4/8/2022 at 4:25 PM, cwoy2j said:


There were 2 WWE weddings over the weekend (Because the weekend after Mania is typically off) . The one from above was Carmella & Corey Graves. This one, I believe, was Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera.


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