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Dynamite - 3/16/2022 - St. Patrick's Day Slam


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For some reason 3/16 feels like a date that has pro wrestling connections. 

Will Dynamite be Stunning this week? Will it leave us all Stone Cold?

Oh! Right! St Paddy's Day.

Far as I know, only 4 matches have been announced so far:

T'under Rosa vs DMD IN A STEEL CAGE for the AEW Women's Championship.

I imagine there will be blood. Britt Baker has a competition in her. She wants no-one else to succeed. She hates most people. There are times when she looks at people and sees nothing to like. But who will drink whose milkshake? Either way it should be one gotdamn helluva show.

Bay Bay and reDRagon vs Confident Champion Cowboy, Jungle Lad, and The Educated Dinosaurus

(it's not a six-man match. It's a one-dinosaur, four-man, and a bay bay match)

I am anticipating a whole lot of the goodness, here. I wonder what's next with the Young Bucks and The Dark Order vis-a-vis the ongoing Adam on Adam violence saga.

Wardlow vs 1 Gold Scorpio for the TNT Title:

Will MJF cost Wardlow the match? Will there be some unforseen twist? Will Ethan or ATT get involved? Might it just be a straight-up speed vs power match? I'm gonna be at the clinic getting my Pfizer booster shot. I am going to have to do my best to avoid spoilers.

Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley vs Wheeler Yuta and Chuck Taylor. 

I am still in that stage of being all giddy that Dragon and Mox are going to be teaming up, with William F. Regal in their corner. It's almost too much.

Will Orangehausen be there, too? How will that work?

Anyway, with four matches announced and two days to go, there's loads of time for us to ask for "Hook and Lee vs Hobbs and Starks, please!" type of awesome extra toppings...



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If we are putting out the vibes then I'd like Ethan Page to hit an Ego's Edge on this show. Run back the Christian match (because Christian will absolutely make Page look good) and give Page a couple of minutes to just cosplay Razor.

I think Rosa takes the title.

Do the Bucks 'turn' here and cost Adam Cole? I could see them stringing this along until Omega is ready to come back and then doing a tribute to Cole's last night in ROH.

If we are getting a Keith Lee/Team Taz interaction (I would assume it'll be saved for Rampage) then Lee needs to get one back on Hobbs. How long until Mia Yim turns up? I could see Starks costing Lee during this series and Mia turning up with a swift kick in the bollocks to even the odds. Where does HOOK stand in all of this?

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Because the thread was started a day early, I spent half of yesterday convinced it was Wednesday not Tuesday. And between that, and the Americans changing their clocks already when we haven't, it's really been throwing me off.

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