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2022 AJPW Champion Carnival


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3 hours ago, sevendaughters said:

CC final was fine. Good crowd helped but I wasn't mega into it. They should just let Jake Lee kill the kid.

Problem is that Jake is very much "not it" and Yuma might very well be, despite his smaller size. I think Jake is solid and he's still growing more comfortable with playing a heel but he's still very lacking in charisma and a bit bland unfortunately 

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7 hours ago, Thomas Bugg said:

Sooooo best matches in the tournament to check out? I don't mean to be lazy or anything, but I just sat through the entire goddamn BOSJ

My top 3 matches are 10/4 Nomura vs Aoyagi, 29/4 Miyahara vs Aoyagi & the finals

Others also worth catching 

9/4 Irie vs Ishikawa, 11/4 Ashino vs T-Hawk, 13/4 Irie vs Lee, 13/4 Miyahara vs Nomura, 24/4 Irie vs Ashino

There's obviously more good matches but those are the ones I have rated highest 

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