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WrestleMania XXXVIII - 4/2 & 4/3/2022

Dolfan in NYC

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5 hours ago, The Natural said:



"When they made the deal with Logan Paul to do this angle, part of the deal was when the angle is over, he'd be a babyface. That was the idea. That was negotiated, that was negotiated in the deal," Meltzer said.  

I don't know in what world either of the Paul brothers could be a babyface, they are both massive douches, perfect heels.

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36 minutes ago, Casey said:

I wonder how the Undertaker felt seeing Logan Paul wearing a $5.2m Pokemon card to the ring.

"What the fuck is a Pikachu" would be my guess. 

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Catching up on everything here. Thought this was the best WM in years. Night 1 was legit great and night 2 was a total blast

Felt bad for Boogz getting injured as it felt like he was really catching on as of late. Solid little match while it lasted.

Drew/Corbin wasn't a real big time match but cool for Drew to make history kicking out of the End of Days and I liked that he got a feel good Mania victory. 

Miz/Logan vs. Mysterios was very good. Didn't get Miz turning on Logan for no reason at all, but I'm guessing they'll set up a singles match for next year or sometime.

Bianca/Becky was amazing. As much as I hated the SummerSlam start of this, it really came around to a wonderful story and feud blowoff. Felt like a truly earned moment for Bianca, who had been killing it from then to now with great performances consistently in a variety of matches. Felt like Becky had been hitting her stride again lately and enjoyed this run way more than her last face run. Excellent work here.

Welcome back Cody! The main moment I was looking forward to of the whole weekend, so I'm glad I picked the right night to go. Epic from the entrance on. Loved that everything about his presentation remained the same. Chills for the various pops throughout this. HUGE crowd pop for the little Stardust tease to start, that was amazing - especially later reading Cody saying one of his return requests was to never see or hear Stardust ever again. My favorite guy, happy to see him get this kind of moment. Definitely brought me back to the Shield/Rhodes classic from 2013.  Loved the commentary here with Corey referencing "Undesirable to Undeniable" right away and of course the Zelda reference. 

Really liked Charlotte/Ronda. Maybe not as great as their 2018 match but thought this was still really good, different in style but totally enjoyable. Pretty insane crowd pop for Ronda grapevines the leg in the ankle lock, like a ton of people bought that as the finish. Actual finish was unexpected, with Charlotte just hitting a boot and not even hooking the leg. Figured Ronda would go over, but glad to see Charlotte retain instead. 

Couldn't believe we got an actual legit match from Austin/Owens. Thought for sure it'd be a brawl or if anything a 5 minute match and stunner finish. Blew away expectations and was amazing to watch. 

Night 2 started out similarly match-wise with two solid shorter matches. Great to see Triple H get one more epic WrestleMania entrance to go out on. 

Absolutely loved Knoxville/Zayn. Everything I hoped this match would be. I hated Zayn's face work and find him much more tolerable as a heel, so this was my favorite match of his ever. Match was super fun, a blast to watch. Perfect comedy match.

Wasn't really feeling Edge's sudden abrupt heel turn, just like his last one that didn't last in 2010, but thought his entrance/presentation here really worked well and I'm digging it now with the new music. Similarly wasn't really feeling Priest's abrupt turn but feel like he & Edge together should be good stuff. New Day getting squashed in 2 minutes felt like a waste. 

Loved McAfee/Theory after having no real expectation going in to it. McAfee's entrance was a highlight, awesome that he got some legit theme music. Never thought much of Theory but this was the most I've enjoyed him too, his Stunner sell being my favorite thing he's done. Marked out for Vince/McAfee actually happening after all like the original rumors were. Vince doing a Rock at 32, removing his clothes to reveal his ring gear underneath was the best. Post-match was fantastic fun. Austin vs McMahon one last time in 2022. Like others said, Cole was great. Enjoyed the commentary all the way through really.

Roman/Brock felt the same as their last few and the finish felt kind of flat for the 'Biggest Match in History' as I thought it would take more to keep Brock down. Looking forward to Cody eventually challenging for the gold. If he's not next, I'm guessing it's Drew which will be pretty good stuff too. 

Overall two great nights of Mania and hopefully leads to a renewed string of good shows to come. 

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Snowflakes via Meltz:

The Usos vs Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs   *1⁄2

Drew McIntyre vs Happy Corbin   ** ¾ 

Logan Paul & The Miz vs Rey & Dominick Mysterio   *** 1⁄2

Bianca Belair vs Becky Lynch    **** 1⁄2

Cody Rhodes vs Seth Rollins     **** 1⁄2 - **** ¾ 

Charlotte Flair vs Ronda Rousey    **

Stone Cold vs Owens     *** 1⁄2


RKBro vs Street Profits vs Alpha Academy    **** ¼ 

Bobby vs Omos   1⁄2*

Zayn vs Knoxville   NO RATING

Women’s Tag Title    ** 1⁄2

Edge vs AJ    *** ¾

Sheamus / Ridge vs New Day    ¼*

Pat vs Austin  *** ¾ 

Vince vs Pat   -**

Roman vs Brock     *** ¼



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