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The Ringer Matches of the Week

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I'm watching the Yuta/Thatcher match right now.  I love that Yuta goes on offense by channeling Gene and Ole Anderson and starts destroying Thatcher's shoulder.

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I am shocked and delighted that a Marafuji match made Phil's list. I have only seen the ending but two different friends raved to me about the match. In both cases, they said roughly (and less elegantly) what Phil says in the Ringer article: That Kingston brought the inner 90s All Japan out of Marufuji.

I was also glad to read that Owens was allowed to shine in Canada.

I look forward to and enjoy these listicles every week! I am sure I'm not the only one.



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I am pretty surprised a Marufuji match made my list too! He really wrestled a paired down style which was pretty compelling, and Kingston was clearly super motivated too. Thanks for the nice words, this really is a dream gig for me, so I am happy folks are enjoying it.

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