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The Ringer Matches of the Week

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Holy shit!  I get on The Ringer this morning, and not only do I see a new wrestling column, it's got Phil Fucking Schneider in the byline.  Congrats, Phil!  I look forward to seeing more from you on there.

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I was hoping your listicle of great ROH matches might lead to a regular gig on The Ringer. Happy to see it has.

Now: It might be a bit early to go completely off-piste with your match selections, and it likely won't be the best match that AEW puts out this week (an argument could be made that it was only, like, the third or fourth-best YouTube match this week)...


One of the things I really love about AEW is how they can get us to care about damned near every wrestler on their roster and it's likely that no match will ever better exemplify that than Fuego Del Sol vs Serpentico (with Dr. Luther) on Dark.

Kind of like how there might have been better WWE TV matches the week Koko B Ware had that 3-minute match with Barry Horowitz on Challenge but that match still stands out in our minds (and was therefore the very first match posted in the squash matches thread).

I mean, these are arguably the two lowest guys on the totem pole in AEW but I feel like I know what to expect from both of them, and I like - and look forward to - watching both of them, and there were call-backs and twists based on what we've learned about their characters and have seen in past matches. Nothing too obnoxious or obvious, just fun stuff like how it was easy to predict that Luther would eat two topés in a row, but still satisfying when it happened. 

I think a write-up of that match might be a really good opportunity to talk about some of what makes AEW unique and special and why some of us love that promotion so much. 

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I'm not a big Lucha guy, but Flamita was dope in this and when Vikingo sold the leg, it made some of the sloppiness of his spots (the slam from the inverted DDT position after the twisting plancha to the floor) look more story-based than his general chaos. Not sure why Flamita rushed to roll into the ring from the stage after Vikingo's 450 to the outside and the cross armbreaker segment was pretty bad, but very enjoyable overall.


EDIT: Almost forgot Flamita's frog splash, which was really, really impactful. Choice stuff there.

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