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Dolfan in NYC

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Right, agree. This is wasted outrage. Who cares. It's just another Vince-ism. Is someone like Veer really a SUPERSTAR? No. But that's not literal. That's just the label they use instead of wrestler. And their label for former superstars that used to work for them (but hasn't been put in their HOF) is LEGEND. You know how Vince is about language. Probably thinks "former WWE superstar" makes it seem like they lost it and no one should care anymore. But god damn pal everyone pays attention to a legend.

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On 1/20/2022 at 3:53 PM, NoFistsJustFlips said:

Oh shit. I just noticed you're from Houston, Texas. Bruce Prichard is from Houston, Texas.

I insulted Bruce Prichard. You said I insulted you.

Did you... did you just out yourself as Bruce Prichard?

It all makes sense now 😮

Edited to add : I wanted to end this on a lighter note, so that's why I added this dumb joke. I'm done now lol.

Did someone say Houston?

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I mentioned this on Twitter, but Summer Rae between her work on the Early FCW/NXT episodes, Total Divas and character work on the main roster helped get a lot of women watching WWE, not an insignificant thing!

Also, WWE Legend at this point is basically a former employee that the office doesn't hate at that moment.

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3 hours ago, Gorman said:

If everyone is a Superstar, it's not too big of a stretch for all former Superstars to be Legends.

exactly.  Superstar means wrestler, Legend means alumni.  Just like Medical Facility means hospital and Title Opportunity means championship bout.

read the instruction manual that shipped with your VinnyMac Decoder Ring, it's all there.

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