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Saw that Desmund Wolfe was on Impact in 60 tonight and stuck around through a match between him and Angle that was just an absolute wrestling clinic. I think all I've ever seen of Nigel was a Danielson match or two and he was incredible in there. 

Of course, he also took a buckle bomb from Angle that had to be his tenth or so concussion. 

Oh and Taz was just as good on commentary there as he is today. Full analysis of psychology and a running list of every single hold. I remember his heel work being incredibly annoying and this wasn't that.

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IMPACT's quietly had a pretty good year.  Re-signing Tasha Steelz is good but they've shed a lot of talent this year.  Would've been nice to have seen some of these short-term rentals stick around a little longer like Jonah, the Briscoes, Taven, and even Morrisey.  Not really starting 2023 out strong with Bully Ray in the main event though.

This year's Throwback show was better than last year's.  "Dallas'a no go so good."  They never aired that show from April, did they?  They couldn't kill off Downtown Daddy Brown cause he's still alive in 2022.  I wished Giuseppe Scovelli, Sr. had done a Bill Watts on Sex Ferguson and Chad 2 Badd for leaving for lesser competition.  Speaking of Watts, he would've killed to get DJ 2Large.  Rusty Iron would've been very popular in the eighties as well.  Rip Rayzor's in jail for attempted murder.  I like how these stupid parody shows have a pretty tight continuity except for Dreamer who is just 2022 Tommy Dreamer name dropping '80s guys.  It's funny that Swinger didn't start wrestling until the late nineties but does this concept better than Dreamer who actually started in the eighties.  Rival Survival's an 8-man elimination tag team match, a completely new concept, Scovelli, Sr. just made up.  Great Rival Survival pre-match promo from Team IPWF with lots of hollering plus dangerously slinging around sharp objects.  Great Lakes Unionized Wrestling is a big man territory.  Walter Chestnut got hosed but at least IPWF's December spectacular The Bash At The Beach still took place from, I already forgot, Indiana, I think.

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Tonight's Impact was the Best of 2022 with awards

Knockout of the Year: Jordynne Grace
Moment of the Year: Josh Alexander becomes Worlds Champion
X Division Star of the Year: Speedball Mike Bailey
Men's Tag Team of the Year: The Motor City Machine Guns
Knockouts Tag Team of the Year: Death Dollz
One to Watch in 2023: Bhupinder Gujjar
Male Wrestler of the Year: Josh Alexander
Match of the Year: Josh Alexander vs. Speedball Mike Bailey (IMPACT, 12/8/22)

Matches highlighted:
Moose vs. W. Morrissey vs. Matt Cardona (Hard to Kill)
Mickie James vs. Deonna Purrazzo (Texas Deathmatch, Hard to Kill)
Moose vs. Josh Alexander (Rebellion)
Ultimate X (Slammiversary) 
Impact Originals vs. Honor No More (Slammiversary) 
Brian Myers vs. Bhupinder Gujjar (Ladder Match, IMPACT, 9/22/22)
Josh Alexander vs. Eddie Edwards (Bound for Glory)
Josh Alexander vs. Speedball Mike Bailey (IMPACT, 12/8/22)

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