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Blue Dragon

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1 hour ago, Technico Support said:

Sweet counter!  And Inoki did not go up for that shit at all.  I have not watched much Inoki.  Was his work always like that?  Like his version of cooperating was "I won't fight you, but I also won't help."

There was this one match Inoki had with Vader at the Dome.  Inoki could have sandbagged him all he wanted in a Vader German Suplex.  No matter.  Inoki went up and got super killed.

To this day, one of wrestling’s most satisfying bumps.

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3 hours ago, AxB said:

The arena is physically larger for the AEW show. The WWE stage must be massive.

🎶I see the tarps in the stands/Time to find out: Where are the fans??🎶🎸

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13 hours ago, The Great ML said:

Help me out, what’s the context here?

 Beat Takeshi of All Night Nippon, and TPG (Takeshi Pro-Wrestling Corps) sent in Vader to NJPW. NJPW accepted this.

The NJPW Year End in Kokugikan 1987 card and matches were changed on the fly from Inoki to Choshu to Inoki vs Vader. Choshu and his fans were mad when that happened.  Bunch of other matches changes happened as well. Also fan riots.

Creating controversy is what NJPW used to do pre Bushiroad, to get in the media and attract the general fanbase, etc.


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