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Saturday Dynamite - 10/23/2021


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17 hours ago, Technico Support said:


God dammit JR please pay attention to the booking.  So they promote Shida/Deeb and JR says "Shida flat out got outwrestled in their match."  Now I can't remember specifics, but wasn't Deeb especially heelish in that bout and took shortcuts?  So then they show Shida jumping Deeb from behind.  That, combined with JR's dumb commentary, makes Shida a heel who jumped someone who beat her fair.  Ross needs some producing.



I'm actually hoping this is where its going for Shida, slow heel turn. Lost to Deeb on what was supposed to be a celebration of her getting 50 wins, lost to Brit in her first title defense with fans. He attacking people should be her eventually being crazy Bob backlund

13 hours ago, Goodear said:

Ogogo hasn't wrestled since so I think putting him over Cody would have been the error. 

For what its worth Ogogo had to have another eye surgery, so who knows if they would have had plans for him.

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17 hours ago, JLowe said:

One final thing: how may TBS title tournament matches are going to be on TNT? If you're going to call it the TBS title (and I understand it's a secondary Women's title), then the matches should be on TBS.

All of the tournament matches will be on TNT, but the finals take place on the first Dynamite in January when they move to TBS. That's why they're stretching this thing out, having one match a week from the tournament basically.

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On 10/24/2021 at 10:32 PM, christopher.annino said:

Shit, now I want Colin Robinson at ringside with the glowing blue eyes anytime fans aren't getting the booking they want... Like maybe during Cody's matches...

Liking that What We Do in the Shadows reference. Mine from Laszlo: Bat! Nadja is my favourite character. Waiting on S3 in the UK.

Danielson getting over different finishes, found Kingston's eyepoke to Archer funny, glad Archer is okay after THAT Moonsault.

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